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Tony’s Corner for April/May 2019

Hey pilots,

Another great month of flying has passed. I would like to remind everyone that this time of year we have shifting winds from east to west, so please fly the appropriate pattern. We have a new wind sock up so determining witch way the wind is coming from shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re not comfortable looking at the wind sock during flight, then fly the same pattern as everyone else flying. We had a mid-air crash last week. There were only 2 pilots in the air and they were flying opposing patterns which is exciting, dangerous and expensive. Please be mindful of your fellow pilots and which direction the pattern is. Ultimately it’s your responsibility to keep your flight uneventful. 
Just a friendly reminder to close and lock the gate when you are the last one leaving the site. We had a couple individuals try to use our site as a dumping ground. Fortunately, we did have a responsible member address the situation and the situation was cleared up with no incident.

Secondly, we had a member flying his quadcopter out of bounds, this is unacceptable. The flying boundaries at our site are to keep the public safe and also to give us a place to do what we like to do, and that’s fly RC. The member has been identified and if this continues we will have no other recourse than to suspend or terminate membership. As a club member you should know better than to fly out of bounds. We will not let the selfishness of one individual jeopardize a club of 300 that do fly within our boundaries. There are a lot of other places around the county if you want to go fly with no limits. Due to the proximity to the airport our site has limits. Please be respectful of your fellow pilots and fly within our boundaries. Don’t be that guy that has the club shut down because you wanted to fly out of bounds. 

I respect and appreciate all of you and I wanted to thank all of you for a relatively drama free club. I look forward to continuing this great trend we have. I hope next month will be just as fun flying as this last one.  

Tony Blackhurst.

April’s Event – Altitude Quest

This month’s Club Event:
Saturday April 27, 10:00am

Altitude Quest!

One of our easiest games to play,

Simply spin the game spinner to get an altitude target,
then take off and try to fly your plane
as close to that altitude as possible.

 We use the JollyLogic Altimeter One device
to see how close you get!
$150 in Prizes awarded, 1st through 5th place.

 Monthly Meeting, and Hot Dog Lunch served afterward.


There will be a Broom & Blower sweep down
of the field just prior.
Bring brooms, blowers & flat-nose shovels.

Safety Report for April 2109

By Steve Neu

As a long time club member and your safety officer I get concerned when I see members taking a cavalier attitude in handling their electric powered models. People need to be aware that many of their “toy planes” have more power than the average lawn mower and can do similar damage to flesh with their spinning props. With the battery connected the only thing between you and a running motor are a couple microns of silicon and some computer code.

Some suggestions in no particular order are:
1) Treat a model with a battery plugged in (Armed) and propeller installed as loaded gun—stay behind the prop and don’t point it towards others—also stay out of the arc of the prop rotation.
2) Keep your friends, curious kids and the public at a safe distance when the model is ‘armed’.
3) Do the final ‘arming’ of the model only when you are at the fence line and are ready to taxi or launch your model
4) Never “taxi” your model in the pit area at any time—for multicopters that means no takeoffs from the pit area.
5) Turn off the RC system before bringing the model through the pit area after flying

In closing, please be careful and try to not get distracted when getting your model ready for flight—in my experience a large percentage of safety errors occur when you are working on your plane and talking with your friends—people really don’t multitask very well!

Stay safe!

Electroglide Report for April 2019

Electroglide Report for April 20th, 2019

We had one fun Electroglide this month, beautiful weather and plenty of lift. The predicted weather was supposed to be partly cloudy with a south west wind of 12 mph and 67 degrees. What we had was partly cloudy with north west winds at 7 mph and enough sunlight shinning to create wonderful thermals.

At around 9:40 a.m., Dennis La Berge had his Radian up looking for potential lift. He found it just under 100 feet altitude and slightly north of our runway. The sun had been shining for a time, the winds were very light, so the thermal must have been generated by all the vegetation at our flying area. Hey, go green.

First launch was at 10 a.m. and ten aircraft took to the skies. Most of us headed to the western edge of our flight area. We didn’t have to search long as we quickly found solid lift. At least eight aircraft were working a very broad lift when a full-sized helicopter came roaring through from the west. We all had to drop altitude quickly and it was decided to restart the first launch.

The wind had started to pick up, and by the time we relaunched, the lift was no longer in the same spot.

Arthur Markiewicz had the long flight of four minutes plus a 20-point landing. Scott Vance came in second for that launch at 3:46 with a 10-point landing and Dennis La Berge had a flight of 3:17 plus a 30-point landing. I managed a 20-point landing and Alex Sutton picked up a 10-point landing.

Second launch happened two minutes after Arthur’s Radian touched down and the lift had returned. Flight times jumped with the longest recorded by Arthur at 9:36 with a 20-point landing. Next was Stephen Treger at 9:30 plus a 30-point landing and coming in third was Scott at 9:12 and a 20-point landing. Dennis also picked up a 20-point landing.

Third launch had only Arthur finding the lift with a flight time of 9:13 and a 20-point landing. Scott had the second longest flight at 4:54 with a 10-point landing and Dennis came in third at 4:41 with a 20-point landing.

Forth and final launch was much more fun with five gliders staying aloft beyond nine minutes. Arthur had the long flight at 9:50 and a 30-point landing. New to Electroglide, Eric Byrd had a very good flight of 9:48 plus a 30-point landing and Alex Sutton had a flight of 9:43 minutes with a 20-point landing. Dennis picked up a 30-point landing and Scott had a 10-point landing.

The weather gave us great flying conditions that was enjoyed by all. Landing conditions however were a bit tricky, so it was nice to see many pilots scoring extra points by landing in the target circles.

Thanks to Frank Sutton for providing wonderful pictures of the event.

Next Electroglide is scheduled for May 18th 10 a.m. first launch.

See you there,


BOD Minutes for April 2019

Board of Directors Meeting

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

Meeting starts at 7:17 pm

For this month’s meeting we talked about Jim becoming the liaison for the rotorplex.  We thank you for stepping up.   Two wind socks were bought to replace and or ad to the field.

We are also working on an article for the AMA magazine.  As the second largest district and 4th largest club, with 289 members, we should have more articles and mentions in the AMA magazine.

The bathroom lock keeps going missing.  We approved a GPS tracking system to follow its whereabouts.  Just kidding, we are going to install a chain.  Long enough to bring inside for those of us who have seen too many prank videos.

We approved fixing 3 tables.  Please do not sit on the tables.

We also talked about the AMA rules about instructing your non-AMA friends at the field.  If you have a buddy box and or are standing next to your friend and you are the Pilot in Command, you are allowed to let your friend take the controls.  However, if your friend is going to be the Pilot in Command you cannot share your AMA with him or her.  There is an AMA workaround.  Look into getting an AMA IP instructor ad-on.

We also discussed putting some of the clubs money in an interest earning account, instead of just sitting in a checking account.

We are on budget with everything this year, and to be even better. we have volunteered George to handle the raffle sales this year.  Personal or virtual, George will take your money and handle all the logistics.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

We the Board of Directors thank you, the members for making this the great club it is.

Your Humble Secretary,

Ken Dresser

An MQ-9 Story Pt.3 – Motor Mount

By Bob Kreutzer

I mounted the motor finally!

I did it the hard way so if you want to do it your way it might be best. I did get the motor and spinner mounted well enough as an assembly so the result is flyable.

I used a 3d printed spinner thanks to ‘donandthereasa’ at rcgroups. Thanks! It took some work to get it to run true but it’s worth it. The spun aluminum finish took me 3 times to even get it to this point. (still needs another try)

The tricky part was making the motor spacer. Some nice person reported that this plane needed some right thrust. (imagine that…)  So I put a tapered aluminum spacer plate between the fiberglass mount and the spinner. Matching up the thrust offset of the aluminum spacer and the motor spacer took a lot of time to get it right. The M3 x 16 screws are hard to get.

A different view. Note the long M3 x 16 mounting screws.

Pretty “tucked-in” mounting on this little motor!

If I recall I used a Cobra 3520 from Lucien at Innov8tiveDesigns.com. Nice quality motor in my opinion. That nice motor is mounted on the EXACT opposite of the nose of the aircraft. So, the weight of the battery must be accounted for in the weight-and-balance sheet. I found a 4S 2200 MaH battery to balance about right. Light motor, light battery.

The lead-in picture is the back side of a motor mount stand used for  servicing.  It was bizarre enough that I found it interesting.  (but that’s me…)

Weedwackers Armed Forces Day Scale Fly-In

On Saturday, May 18th, the Weedwackers are hosting our Armed Forces Day Scale Fly-In

In addition to our regular gathering of scale models and enjoying a BBQ, the club is offering a few items from the estate of our late club president Ben Newkirk.
All are welcome! Pilots must have current AMA membership.

Visitors should know that we’ve removed that tall eucalyptus tree at the field, so the landing pattern is clear!!

8:00-9:00 AM Check in
9:00 AM—1:00 PM Flying
11:00 (approx.) – LUNCH
$10 Landing Fee
$5 for Lunch (participating pilots eat FREE!)
Scale and Semi-Scale models welcome—ARFs too!
Check our web site and Facebook page for auction details.
A rain date is set for the following Saturday, May 25th if needed.

We’ll have awards for Best Civilian, Best Military, Peoples Choice and Judges Choice.
We’ll have an Open Raffle for all attendees with a total purse of $500, and a special raffle for participating pilots for a brand new OS FS-52S 4-stroke engine!

Pass the word! Come out and join us!

Roger Long Estate Sale

Huge RC Estate Sale!
Saturday April 27th, 9am.
Items from the Roger Long Estate
30+ Built planes, Mostly Electric
40+ Glow Engines, Most are New
60+ Small Electric Motors
30+ Collector Kits (old)
Servos, Tools, Wheels, Props, Hardware, Balsa, Coverings, etc.

Super low prices!  Everything MUST GO.
1195 Agate, San Diego, CA 92109
Arrive early, you may need to walk a little for parking.  Do not block driveways.

Click HERE to see some of the items for sale.

Chairman’s Corner for March/April 2019

Well, we finally managed a few decently dry weeks. I believe we were all ready! Last weekend every table was full both Saturday and Sunday! With that many fliers at the field, there was bound to be a couple of “Whammies” and while I hate to see a plane go down, the pilots were in good spirits just being at the field for a change.

The recent rains have started a weed explosion in the outer field area. This will bring hundreds of people out in the next few weeks to take pictures with the “flowers”. Please do not harass them, and please stay well away from them with your flying machines – both fixed and rotary winged. Dennis has been doing manual weed control ( THANKS DENNIS!! ), and Jim has been using the approved herbicide to keep the weeds from encroaching on the field and pit area. Please give them space while working as we appreciate their volunteer activities.

With the accelerated growth in the field, we can expect a higher risk as the year progresses. Last weekend a couple of people were showing off their extinguishers with pride until I pointed out that the gage indicated no pressure. Please take a look at your safety gear and ensure it is in the condition you expect.

The field itself is in good, compact condition. I am going to call another sweep day on the 23rd in an attempt to get the sand off. Our last couple of attempts were thwarted by the rain and wet sand. Please bring a broom and maybe a few folks can bring shovels and we will make the field even better. I am still asking all pilots that belly land to remove all skegs/pins/protrusions from the bottom of their planes to keep from busting up the nice surface. Most of you have removed these items, but if you are approached and asked, please understand that we are looking out for the continued enjoyment of us all.

On February 25th the new FAA Interim Final Rule went into effect requiring all drone and model airplane pilots to register ( if they had not previously ) with the FAA at https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#  and to display their registration number visibly on the exterior of all of their aircraft. If you registered in 2015, and did not ask for a refund when offered, that number is good until 2020. New registration costs $5.00 and is good for 3 years. The AMA is onboard with this requirement.

Some of you know that Carlos Mercado suffered a work related injury last month. I went to visit him a few weekends ago along with Frank and Alex Sutton to give him a get well card and a framed Photo that Frank had provided. Carlos is in good spirits considering his injury, and his doctors have reason to believe he will make nearly a full recovery. His family is starting a GOFUNDME page in the hopes to assist with some of his medical requirements and I will forward that information when it comes to me.

My monthly statements:

Always Lock the gate upon exiting if you are the last member on site.

Fly the prevailing pattern – if you don’t know – ask!

Look both ways and loudly call out when stepping onto the runway for any reason.

We are always in need of plastic chairs and used carpet on site.

This month’s Fun Fly event will be the POKER FLY. Expect to sweep the field around 9:30, Fun fly starts at 10:00 and club meeting followed by hot dog lunch before 12:00.  Have a great month!


President’s Corner for March/April 2019

Hey Pilots, 

Another great month of flying down. The weather is more accommodating and looks to be done with rain for the season. So a big thank you to all for staying off the field when it did rain. Your efforts helped to maintain a solid flying surface. We are planing to have another sweep day this month to get the last of the sand and loose rocks off the top. 
We are currently at 275 members which is just a few less than this time last year. We thank you for being a key part of our club. Without you this club wouldn’t be as great as it is. 
We are getting more keys made. So if you are a new member and don’t have a key yet, or lost your key, they will be available for 3$ each. Also, the gate is to be closed by the last member leaving. It helps to keep the non-authorized people off our site. As most of you know we have had some vandalism in the past few months. Most recently the lock on the porta potty was Broken off. I know we can’t keep everyone out, but keeping the gate closed will greatly decrease the amount of vandalism. We will be adding a sign at the gate to remind us all to close the gate when you are the last to leave the site. 
As we start heading into the warmer months of summer please remember to bring water with you, dehydration can be a very serious event.  Having drinking water with you will keep you safe from a potential problem. Also, sunscreen is a good idea when spending time out in our field. 
Last but not least our field will be drying out over the next few months. So please bring a fire extinguisher and have it readily available for the unforeseen event that will require one. The best defense is a good offense. So think proactively about what could happen and be prepared for anything. Fire extinguishers are a great way to keep a crash form becoming a bigger issue. 
And remember the most important thing Have a great time flying. 
Respectfully yours
Tony Blackhurst.