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Electroglide Report for August 2017

By Scott Vance


This month’s Electroglide found us flying in overcast skies and light wind from the west with a temperature of 70 degrees. No one was expecting any lift in the usual spots, boy were we all surprised.


First launch at 09:30 found 6 Radians and one Easy Star climbing out to the west. To our great surprise, 3 pilots found lift and plenty of it. Roger Ball came in at first place with a 9:45 with a 10 point landing. I came in with a 9:40 and a 20 point landing. Tom Erickson came in third with a 9:15 and a 20 point landing. Rich picked up the lucky dog and a 20 point landing for 48 points.


The second launch had 5 Radians and one Easy Star heading to the west looking for lift. Fred had to drop out do to aircraft issues. Flight times were shorter, lift was harder to find. Roger came in first again with a 6:36 and a 10 point landing. I came in a 6:32 also with a 10 point landing. Tom came in at 6:09 with a 20 point landing. Jon Graber captured the lucky dog and a 10 point landing for 58 points.


Launch number three had 6 Radians as Dennis LaBerg joined the party late. The wind picked up to 4-5 mph and the lift was there out to the west. At the eight minute mark, 4 pilots were high to the west and slowly began to head toward the field. As the clock counted down to the 9:45 mark, pilots were beginning to make their move and things got crowded around the landing circle. Roger got down at 9:56; I got down at 9:52. George Sullivan and Dennis missed the time limit and landed after the 10 minute buzzer. In our scramble to get down, landing points went out the window as none of the high timers had any landing points. Jon Graber captured the lucky dog and a 10 point landing for 36 points.


The fourth launch found flight times typical for an overcast day with minimal lift to be found. I had the longest flight with a 4:40. Roger came in with a 4:27 and 20 landing points. Tom came in with a 4:20 to round out the top 3. Jon Graber captured the lucky dog again for 16 points.


Winners for the day: Roger Ball with a total of 220 points, I had 216 points and Tom came in third with 179 points. Jon Graber flying in the Easy Star class had 140 points with 3 lucky dog landings.


Jeff should be back next month to resume control of Electroglide, hope to see a bigger crowd of pilots next month. The September Electroglide will take place on the 16th.

Electroglide Report for July 2017


The second launch had us all heading to the west, as high as we could get in the 20 seconds before motor shut off. The lift was there, brought to us by the breeze across Sea World. Flight times now jumped, the shortest time was Roger Ball’s 6:16, earning a maxed out 60 Lucky Dog points. Jim Bonnardel, flying the Radian Pro and Tom Erickson flying a standard Radian, battled it out towards the ten-minute time limit. Tom came in at 9:19 for first place, Jim a close second at 9:14 with a 20-point bonus landing. Really good flying guys. Scott Vance came in third at 7:53 with a 10-point landing. Dennis LaBerg also scored a 20-landing.


Can We

Can We Have a Club Chiropractor?


Third launch showed the lift was still available. I had a flight time of 9:29 plus a 20-point landing. Scott came in second with 9:02 with a 20-point landing. Dennis came in third at 8:30 with a 10-point landing. Fun stuff!


Jim Approach

Jim on Approach


The fourth and final launch was into a stronger breeze that seemed to be effecting the lift patterns. Flight times reflected this with Jim earning the longest flight at 6:37, also with a 20-point landing. Scott came in second at 6:02, I earned third place at 5:37. Roger also picked up a 20-point landing on this round.



Jim-It’s still sliding


Winners for the day: Jim Bonnardel, flying in the open class had a point total of 238. All the other aircraft flown were in the Radian class. I had the highest point total at 233. Scott Vance came in second at 224, Dennis LaBerg came in third at 202.


Jim Well

Jim-Well it’s Still Worth 10 Points


I would like to point out that in the first launch, I had the shortest flight at 3:36 which earned me the Lucky Dog award. That award which when added to a 20-point landing bonus gave me a competitive 64 points for the first round. One does not need to be able to fly their glider a long time. Points are awarded for flight time and the target landings. Because of the Lucky Dog award for the first aircraft back on the runway, the flight points are doubled. Park your airplane in the target circle and you can pick up an additional 10, 20 or 30 points.



Jim, Jeff, Roger & Tim Heading Up


Come join us next month, the third Saturday. It really is fun and it makes you a better pilot.


The August Electroglide will take place on the 19th. I will be on vacation but Scott Vance will be hosting the event.







 Roger-A Light Touch of Down Elevator



Roger yes


Electroglide Results for May 2017

By Jeff Struthers,


It was a tough Electroglide this month what with the Beach to Bay Marathon restricting access to our field until 10:00 and the strong winds from the North West.


Lindbergh Field was reporting winds of 8 to 10 mph during our competition, it sure felt stronger at our field.

First launch happened at about 10:40 and six aircraft took to the sky. Jon Graber, flying an Easy Star 2 got it high and held it there for the longest flight at 5:43. Scott Vance had the next longest flight time at 4:36 and scored an extra 20-points on his landing.


Second launch saw a bit stronger winds with only four aircraft flight ready. Roger Ball had the long flight at 4:50 with a 20-point landing. Scott Vance came in second at 3:50 and earning a 10-point landing. Those were the only extra landing credits earned.


Third launch found the wind was the only lift out there. Five aircraft were pointed North West at various altitudes, slowly descending while being blown in a South-East direction. The only way to stay north of our runway was to dive a bit and gain some airspeed. Scott Vance had the longest flight at 3:20. Also managing to stay near the target circles, scoring 20 points on landing. Roger Ball came in next at 3:12 with a 10-point landing.


Fourth and final launch saw the same windy conditions but we were getting the hang of it. Scott Vance again had the longest flight at 4:41 and a 20-point landing. Roger Ball came in at 3:52, I came in at 3:27. Stephen Treger scored the only other landing bonus with 10-points.


George Sullivan flew his DJI Mavic during the competition and recorded some video of us trying to land in the target circles. Notice the club’s wind sock.


Yes, the wind made it tough. It also made us learn to fly better. Don’t Spill the Beans, Bomb Drop, Pop Wing and Quad Copter racing, any competition that pushes us has the effect of making us better pilots.


The next Electroglide will be held on June 17th at 9:30.


Until then,



Here is a You Tube link that contains video of a portion of the competition. Club member George Sullivan recorded the video from a DJI Quad-copter.


Electroglide Report for April 2017



 Lucky Dog again


Second launch had short flight times as well. The longest time aloft again going to Steve and Tom at 2:50 and 2:32 respectively. Only Tom picked up a landing credit (20-points), for that round .


For the Third launch only Tom Erickson found the lift, staying aloft for 3:35 and scoring a 30-point landing credit. Rich Rogers had the second longest flight at 2:25 and picked up a 10-point landing credit. Fred Daugherty, flying for 2:08 picked up a 20-point landing. Stephen Treger flew for 2:11 and scored a 10-point landing.



 Fred, Stephen and Rich


Fourth and final launch found Tom Erickson above and alone from all the rest. With a flight time of 4:40 his closest competitor was Fred Daugherty at 3:20. Fred being the only pilot of that round earning a landing credit, 20-points.



30 points for Tom


Winner of the day is Tom Erickson with total points of 137. Second place goes to Fred Daugherty at 85 points. Third place is Stephen Treger at 79 points. Kudos for the day go to Tom for finding lift when others could not and Jim for keeping at it when the motor in his aircraft was so weak.



Going for extra points


Next Electroglide is scheduled for May 20th. Until then let’s fix our airplanes, practice and hope for lift.


Electroglide Report for March 2017



EG 2




The first launch looked great as 7 aircraft took to the sky. Flight times were short, with most coming back down within 4 minutes. Roger Ball got the long flight working some ridge lift above the boat ramp, coming down at 7:38 with a 10 landing. Skip Babbitt got the Lucky Dog award at 1:10 and picked up a 30-point landing credit. Fred Daugherty and Jim Bonnardel also scored 30 point landings. Steve Gobel and Scott Vance picked up 20 point landings.


EG 3

 Jim Launching


The second launch again had short flight times with only two pilots going over 4 minutes aloft. Roger Ball at 4:58 and Jim Bonnardel at 4:27. Roger Ball and Fred Daugherty both picked 10 point landing credits.


EG 4



Third launch again had short flight times with only Roger Ball exceeding 4 minutes with a flight time of 5:50 and extra a credit landing of 10 points. Jim Bonnardel and Scott Vance both earned 20 point landings. Steve Gobel and Fred Daugherty also picked up 10 point landings.


EG 5

Lucky Dog Skipp


The fourth and final launch found all new conditions. We had lift and the flight times jumped. All flight times were above 5 minutes with Fred Daugherty first down and getting the Lucky Dog at 5:05. The longest flight went to Scott Vance at 8:45 with a 30 point landing. Jim Bonnardel, flying on one working aileron, came in second with 8:01 flight time and also picked up a 30-point landing. 10 point landings were earned by Skip, Roger and Tom Erickson.


EG 6

Roger on Long Flight


Winners for the day were Roger Ball at 197 points, Jim Bonnardel at 187 points and Skip Babbit with 177 points. Yes, I checked the math. 1st, 2nd and 3rd are separated by 10 points each. That’s got to be a first.


eg 7

T – 10 Seconds


It was a enjoyable start for the Electroglide and we all had a good time, again proving that the clubs contests are a fun and challenging way to enjoy our hobby. Next Electroglide is scheduled for April 15th.


See you there,



eg 8

 Fred, Roger, Scott, Jim & Steve