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June’s Event: Bomb Drop

It’s that time again. Come out for the second Bomb Drop of 2019 on June 22 at 10am. Also if you have any payload releases on your plane you’re encouraged to bring them for some target practice before and after the regular event.  Click the pic for pics from the last Bomb Drop event.

Jet Day

May’s Club Event is:

Jet Day


Assuming the field dries out in time we will be having Jet Day on Saturday the 25th. Bring them if you got them! Between 10 AM and Noon the main runway will be reserved for jets only. Carl and Eric are making a plan on how to award the monthly prizes. Following the fun fly there will be a club meeting at the field and the customary hot dog lunch. Hope to see you there!!

[ ] Smooth scale take off

[ ] Scale turn from take off

[ ] Smooth level flight. Maintain altitude.

[ ] Aileron roll.

[ ] Scan your area of patrol. A smooth high G turn like blue angels for example.

[ ] Perform a round loop. The rounder the better.

[ ] Low high speed pass. Below  flagpole from end to end smoothly gets extra points. Hitting the ground loses points and hurts airplanes.

Will be giving out Gift Certificates.
Sincerely, Carl Cox

PopWing Rainout

Frank sent in this image of those intrepid model fliers who braved the elements to come out and stand under covering only to watch the drizzle come down.  Nice to see Carlos!

April’s Event – Altitude Quest

This month’s Club Event:
Saturday April 27, 10:00am

Altitude Quest!

One of our easiest games to play,

Simply spin the game spinner to get an altitude target,
then take off and try to fly your plane
as close to that altitude as possible.

 We use the JollyLogic Altimeter One device
to see how close you get!
$150 in Prizes awarded, 1st through 5th place.

 Monthly Meeting, and Hot Dog Lunch served afterward.


There will be a Broom & Blower sweep down
of the field just prior.
Bring brooms, blowers & flat-nose shovels.

Electroglide Report for October 2017



EG 2

Photo by Randy Wynant


EG 3

Electroglide Pilot meeting 


We closed out the competition for the year with a pretty nice day last Saturday. Sunshine and a light breeze coming across Sea World’s parking lot gave us some rising air.


First launch had six Radians and one Easy Star heading westward to catch the lift. It was there that five aircraft stayed aloft beyond eight minutes, with Roger Ball’s flight coming down at 9:48. New member to the Electroglide, young Alex Sutton, flew a great 9:38 time and picked up a 10-point landing. I had a 30-point landing, Dennis La Berge had a 20 point and George Sullivan had the other 10-point landing. A fun round for all.


Second launch proved more difficult to find the lift. Longest flight was Dennis at 8:16, Alex came back at 7:37, and the rest of us were in the 6 minutes or below. Rich Rogers, Jon Graber and I all had 20 point-landings. Roger picked up a 10-point landing.

Third launch had us all skunked. Myself and Alex had the long flights of 3:34 each. Dennis, Roger and myself had 20-point landings. Alex and Jon had 10-point landings.


Fourth and final launch was in pretty much the same conditions. The long flight was recorded by Roger at 4:01. The rest of us were in the 3 and 2-minute flights. Jon and I had 20-point landings. Dennis had a 10-point landing.


Winner for the day was Dennis La Berge with 296 total points. I came in second at 234 and Roger Ball was third at 177.


We had a brief ceremony and raffle to close out the year. The years point totals for first, second and third place were handed out to Roger Ball (1267 pts.). Scott Vance (1220 pts.) and myself (788 pts.).


Thanks to the club for sponsoring the trophies and raffle checks from our favorite local hobby shop.


The Electroglide will be on vacation for the next two months. 2018’s season starts on January 20th. Look for the new start time of 10 a.m. as we see if we can catch more favorable westerly wind conditions.






EG 5

 Calling raffle winner


EG 6

Prize for Dennis


EG 7

Prize for George

2015 Freeze Fly

Those hearty soles who braved the harsh San Diego winter to come out and show Mother Nature that even frigid 65 degree weather cannot keep them from flying.


Freeze Fly 2105



Pictures from the 2014 Holiday Banquet


Thanks to Tim Attawy for arranging the use of his church’s beautiful banquest room.  The food was great and so was the BBQ.  Click the pic for more pics.



Rotor Days at the Bay Report


The multicopter events were hosted and run by Jim Bonnardel and Mike Morgan .


Events included an “altitude quest” run by Jim, where the pilot spun a roulette wheel with the resulting number —up to 399 was the target altitude in feet for the pilot to fly to (of course you know we have to stay below 400 feet ). A small recording device normally used in model rockets was used to record the peak altitude and the pilot getting closest to the number they spun won a nice case for their multicopter from GoPro.  Mike Morgan ran a pylon race for the more daring fliers.


Ray Nemovi ran several helicopter events which included “hang time” where the pilot would take the heli up as high as they dared  in 8 seconds then cut the motor power and autorotate down to a landing—the longest duration was the winner. Ray also ran a “drag race” which provided an exciting event for pilots and spectators. The task is pretty much as you would expect—with the helicopters at a standing start they would launch themselves down the length of the runway with the time being measured—and the shortest time being the winner. The big 700 sized helicopters dominated the event.


In addition to the usual  hard core 3D helicopters there were some very nice scale machines. Mike Morgan brought out some new multicopters that are able to do loops and rolls!  


We had support from the following companies who donated products for use as prizes:


Align Helicopters
Castle Creations
GoPro Cases  (Jim Bonnardel)
Multicopter Concepts (Mike Morgan)
Heli Direct
NeuMotors (Steve Neu)
Discount Hobby Warehouse


A few pilots waited for darkness on Saturday night to show off their skills at flying at night using both on board LED lighting systems as well as ground based spotlights. At least a couple multicopters bit the dust while wearing Halloween costumes.


Sunday was wide open flying with no events scheduled. At noon Frank and Mike ran the raffle for those in attendance. There was a great selection of both multicopter and heli stuff up for grabs. Most in attendance won at least one item—some 4 or more!


The fliers that attended had a great time with lots of flying and fun. SEFSD will likely make this a annual event. The event was made successful and enjoyable with help from a number of our local fliers and members. In no particular order the event was made possible by the following people: Frank Gagllardi, Mike Morgan, Jim Bonnardel , Ray Nemovi, and Steve Neu, Ray Fulks and Paul Guidice.

Indoor Flying for October

Hoops Mike 1

“Rimshot” Mike with the stuck on the backboard blues.


Hoops Mike 2

“Hoops” Mike retrieving a foul shot.


Neil Truck 1

Neil with the cleverest indoor flyer I’ve seen.  This one had a short flight.  Be there next time to see it fly all around the gym.


Neil Truck 2

The motor setup just in case you thought he was trying to fool you.


New Guys

New guys Paul and Emerson.  They had a lot of fun.


Her are some pics sent in by Wayne:

Steve with his wife Cheryl in the back




Neil's Truck


MUStick & T-28 Race Results for August

The Good was the venue provided by the Weedwackers……….a 350′ course worked well……..
The Bad was the idea of a ground start.
The Ugly was the results of the ground start……….
When I flew F1 the a/c went off based on their lap times with the slowest leaving 1st. Thus avoiding an Indy 500 start!
We will try it again in the future……with some mods’ installed.
There will be no Sept. race…….Some of us need time to re-group and re-build!
The next and last race of the 2011 season will be on Oct 23rd at Miramar. The event lock combo’ is 7777. LOCK THE GATE BEHIND YOU…..
We will at that race discuss a possible December dinner and awards gathering. Donations will be accepted at the race. Let’s make the last race a good one with a BIG turnout!
Go Fast/Turn Left

[Go read Jim’s forum at:]

Check out Otto’s amazing video of the race.


[Some of the “Ugly” mentioned above:

Larry lost orientation and planted his T-28 (see pic below)

Frank lost power early and broke the gear off his MUS

Bil chewed the tail off my MUS just after a mass take off.  We both crashed.  (See wreckage below)

Wayne lost power and crashed his T-28

The unsinkable Bob was midaired twice during a race and, with covering fluttering loudly, he finished well.

Frank’s T-28 was hit during a race and his right main gear was knocked off also receiving prop strikes in his wing.

And finally, someone lost his T-28 canopy.  -ed]




T-28 Mass Take Off


T-28s Rounding First Pylon


How Many Guys Does it Take to Pick up the Wreckage of One T-28?


MUS Mass Launch


MUS Mass Rounding First Pylon


Jim's Great Kids


Some of the Day's Wreckage


Survivors at the End of the Day

Jet Day by the Bay Report


The Cooks

Start with mounds of tender trip tip perfectly seasoned and cooked, add chicken tenders with a taste to die for add orzo side dish and Caesars salad with baquettes and top that off with piles of cookies of all sorts.  We had to go back for seconds, there were still piles of delicious food and chefs said if we didn’t eat it they were throwing it away.   You can figure out what happened we sacrificed ourselves and cleaned it up.  Larry…….WE LOVED IT AND WE THANK YOU!!!

Going back to the Jet Stuff we started with a pilot’s meeting covering the rules etc.  The main fun was going to be the THROWDOWN consisting of one judged flight for each aircraft/pilot. 


Jared flew his Cougar first and set a high standard for the 5 tasks to complete which were

1.    Flight realism
2.    Slow dirty flyby
3.    Full throttle high speed downwind pass
4.    Pilots choice of one maneuver
5.    Quality landing

Each task was worth one to five points…..five being what you wanted.  Total possible then…25

Up next came a Habu flown by Bob, Jim Bonnardel with his F-18, Rays F-18, Steve Dente’s Habu, and F-86 with Jeff on the radio, then Bob Stinson with a C-17, Bob Mosely with his F-16, and L-39 flown by Frank Gagliardi.  Up right after was Steve Neu pulling out another Habu and Scott G had one too and soon after Carl Cox brought out his F-4 Phantom.  Some good flying occurred, and some not quite as good.  Carl had a little mishap and had to hit the weeds but all others recovered their aircraft on the runway.  The twelve pilots completed their run and we had some dead time and so I prepped my Blackbird with what I thought was my best battery.  It barely got airborne and struggled to make a downwind turn and it eventually sank slowly into some friendly weeds unharmed.  Everyone was laughing sympathetically so later I tried a different battery and I performed the 5 tasks…..for a perfect 25.   Well, as the one and only judge I should get some sort of compensation doncha think?  The real results of the pseudo contest were quite close:

Bob Stinson’s C-17 was outstanding in appearance and performance….bomb drop was great and he won with 22 points…..(don’t forget my SR 71 got a 25) 

Bob & C-17


In second place with 21 points we find the Habu’s of Steve Neu and Bob and Jared’s Cougar.



Jared & Cougar


In third place Steve Dente’s Habu with 20 points.   BTW I saw Larry the next day and he rushed to Discount and bought a Habu and had it half finished that night.

The People spoke on their choice and the Cougar by Jared and the C-17 by Bob were tied so I gave the plaque to Jared  (it flew really well in his hands) it looked good too.   My SR 71 got no votes…..damn.

The BEST FLIGHT OF THE DAY PLAQUE was to be my most difficult bit of judging but the SR 71 adventure was at the top of the list until Jim Bonnardel went up with his F-18 and went zooming around the sky, twisting and turning and rolling every which way and the crowd was entertained especially when in a 3 second gyration he narrowly dodged the ground/weeds while completely out of control and won the plaque for best flight.  A close second was the very smooth aerobatics done by Steve Dente with his Habu.

Jim B


Tim….chairman for fun, sefsd 2011


Bob & Jets

Eurofighter & F-18





Frank & Viper