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Events Calendar for 2019

By Ian Mckinlay

Jan 26th.   Bomb Drop 1
Feb 23rd.   Don’t Spill The Beans
Mar 23rd.   Poker Fly
Apr 27th.   Foam Frenzy
May 25th.  Jet Day
Jun 22nd.  Bomb Drop 2
Jul 27th.   Umx Flea Circus
Aug 24th.  Limbo
Sep 28th.  Scale Day
Oct 26th.   Airplane Derby
Nov 23rd.  Warbird Day

The new event “Airplane derby” will be fun for everyone. Participants and audience. Dig out your old ugly planes and come out for the first airplane derby. The object is to try to midair anyone else in the air. It’s a crash up derby, but with planes. Streamers are optional.  Will be harder than most people think.

Since we can’t score this event all participants will get a raffle ticket. Prizes will be the usual gift certs from DHW. 

Warbird Day

This Month’s Events:



Bring your warbird out, fly, and get your Raffle Ticket.

Details at the field, and even if your War Bird is beat, as long as you fly, you get a Ticket.

10 Equal Raffle Prizes

Flying starts at 10am!!  We hope to see you there!!!

Foamy Frenzy

This month’s event is:




Just fly a foam airplane and get a raffle ticket.  One per flyer.

Raffle items are coupons for Discount Hobby Warehouse.

Goes from 10 to 11:30.  Lunch and meeting to follow.

Electroglide Report for October 2018

By Jeff Struthers

It was a beautiful fall Saturday when we held the Last Electroglide for this year. The Santa Ana was still hanging around, 17% humidity, 81 degrees and a breeze from the west. That created some good lift conditions coming off Sea Worlds parking lot.

I took sick shortly before first launch. Club President Jim Bonnardel kindly took over giving pilots an entertaining banter while competing.

First launch had six pilots up and headed west. Scott Vance and Alex Sutton found the lift at the far western edge of our flight area. Alex had a flight time of 9:25 with a 20-point landing and Scott had a flight of 9:11 with a 10-point landing. Fred Daugherty, an experienced glider pilot, had the third longest flight time at 2:36. That hints of a tricky or tight column of lifting air.

Second launch had all pilots trying for the western lift spot again. Alex, Fred and Scott found a tight column and were working it well when an approaching full-size helicopter was spotted. Jim warned and then had to call all pilots back to our field. That created a “do over”. Jim reset the event clock and pilots relaunched with our flight area now clear. Alex Fred and Scott found the lift again and worked it well. Alex came back at 9:33 with another 20-point landing. Fred came back at 9:23 and Scott had a 9:15 aloft with a 20-point landing. Stephen Treger also picked up a 20-point landing.

Third launch was much shorter with flight times. The tight lift columns seemed to have disappeared. Scott had the long one at 2:35 with a 20-point landing. Alex and Fred both had times at 1:45, Fred picking up a 20-point landing. Stephen also getting another 20-point landing.

Forth launch also had short times. Scott had a 2:50 aloft with a 20-point landing. Alex had a 2:21 with a 30-point landing and Stephen had a 2:03 with a 30-point landing.

All told it was a nice way to finish up our 2018 season. I wish I was well enough to fly, the long flights in the first two rounds looked fun.

Scott Vance led the day in total points at 216. Alex Sutton came in second at 211 points and Fred Daugherty was third at 136 points.

Thanks to Frank Sutton for the pictures of this event.

The trophy awards and raffle prizes for the year will be awarded to Electroglide pilots at our next club meeting on October 27th.

See you there,


More great Pics from Frank Sutton here.


UMX Flea Circus

Club Event

UMX Flea Circus

Come one, Come ALL to the SEFSD FLEA CIRCUS !!

Saturday, Sept 22   Events start at 10am

Bring your UMX or Ultra Micro Aircraft and play in this 3-ring CIRCUS!!!

There will be 3 different events scored, and the top 5 scores will win the appropriate Gift Certificate to Discount Hobby Warehouse

There will be 3 stations:

1- UMX Looper

2- UMX Spot Land

3- UMX Glide

Points for each flight, total high points wins.

Details at the pilot meeting.

Come on down and FLY FLY FLY

Meeting and Lunch to follow the event!!

Electroglide Report for September 2018

By Jeff Struthers

It was a fun Electroglide this past Saturday morning. Blue skies, a mild WNW breeze of 8 mph, and an air temperature of 77 degrees.

On first launch seven pilots took to the skies shortly after 10:00 a.m. We all tried to find the lift, two of us found it in the NW area of our field. Flight times really stretched out with my time aloft at 9:24. Second longest aloft was Alex Sutton at 9:04 with a 30-point landing. Third place for that round went to Carlos Mercado at 3:28 with a 20-point landing.

The second launch had us all heading to the NW section of our flight area. Scott Vance got the long flight at 8:58 with a 20-point landing. I came in second with a flight of 8:49 and a 20-point landing. Alex came in third at 5:21 with a 20-point landing.

Third launch had us all in the NW corner again finding that great lift, when the police helicopter turned and started to cross our flight area. Word was immediately shouted to all and we pushed sticks forward, diving for the runway. The flight area was cleared very quickly, we retrieved our aircrafts, waited a few minutes, then reset the time clock and launched again.

This launch was into a slightly stronger wind and it was disturbing the lift we had recently enjoyed. Longest flight went to Scott at 7:28 with a 20-point landing. Alex came in second at 5:35 with a 30-point landing and I came in third at 5:04 with a 30-point landing.

Forth and final launch had us in the lift again. The NW section was working great with flight times in the 9- and 8-minute range. The longest time aloft was earned by Scott at 9:27 with a 30-point landing. I came in just before him at 9:05 with a 30-point landing and Fred Daugherty had 8:36 aloft.

A very fun day with solid lift coming our way. Many pilots scoring bonus landing points added to the high scores. This makes for great competition and the skill shown by all pilots in working the lift and lining up their landings correctly made for great day.

Thanks again to Frank Sutton for being our photographer.

The next Electroglide will happen on October 20th. First launch is at 10:00 a.m.

See you then,


Limbo Throwdown

Club Event

Limbo Throwdown

August 25, 10:00am
Any aircraft (except micro’s) can play.
Typical 3S 2200 style airplanes will probably do best.

How low can you go?  Points awarded, $150 in prizes!

Meeting & lunch to follow

Bomb Drop


Saturday, July 28th 10:00am

The club favorite returns,

it’s time for the annual 



At 10:00am,  the field is closed from general flying to allow the folks with home made, or commercially purchased bomb dropping devices to drop their own ordinance for a T-Shirt 

(sizes limited so drop early for best chance for your size)


At 11:00am, the bombs start dropping for score.
As usual, $150 in certificates for DHW are up for grabs.

Bomb drop devices, and bombs are provided.


Stay for the meeting afterwards and enjoy lunch from
Remember, don’t watch your
Watch your

Electroglide Report for July 2018

By Jeff Struthers,

The Electroglide this month happened in clear but windy conditions. There were high thin clouds painted on blue skies over Mission Bay. At 10:00 a.m., Lindbergh Field was reporting westerly winds of 12 mph and visibility of 10 miles.

Several pilots flew their gliders before the contest start time, checking on the lift conditions. Some lift could be found high up, just south of the boat launch area. There were seven pilots ready to brave the winds at the 10:00 a.m. start time. Six Radians and one open class glider.

First launch had most of us heading WNW to the expected lift area. Only Scott Vance and Bob Stinson found good lift. Scott came back at 6:01, also getting a 20-point landing. Bob came in at 5:51 and I came in at 4:13, also placing a 20-point landing. Fred Daugherty picked up a 20-point landing and Carlos Mercado picked up a 10-point landing.

Second launch seemed to be in a bit stronger wind. This must have disrupted the thermal patterns because flight times dropped. Scott again had the longest flight at 4:01, also adding a 10-point landing to his flight score. Carlos had the next longest flight at 4:00 but greatly added to that with a 30-point landing. Bob was third in that launch, coming back at 3:46 with a 10-point landing. Bonus landing points were also earned by Fred, Stephen Treger and myself at 20-points; George Sullivan earned a 10-point landing.

On the third launch I succeeded in lousing my airplane, recovering only when Jim Bonnardel alerted us that a Radian was flying near the FPV area and all of us pilots were looking towards Sea World. It was mine I’m sorry to say. I must quit flying someone else’s airplane and pay attention to my own. I had just enough altitude left to make it to the runway and score the Lucky Dog award, a whopping 12-points for me on that round.

Most everyone had a flight of five minutes or less, but Bob Stinson and George Sullivan managed to stay in the air by working the lift over the Palm trees near the boat launch area. Bob had a flight time of 9:30 and George had a time of 9:26. Nice work of flying and reading their aircraft.

Landing in the increasing wind was difficult as all aircraft were coming back without motor power. With the wind from the rear, this made the rudder and elevator response sluggish. The final turn into wind and landing took up a lot of airspace. Bob and George did make the runway but landed east of the target circles. Carlos had the third longest time of 5:06. Scott and Stephen were the only ones to get bonus landing points, 20 and 10-points respectively.

The fourth and final launch found the wind disrupting any thermals. Scott had the longest flight, coming back at 5:49. Next was Fred at 4:41 with a 10-point landing. George was third at 3:26. Fred being the only pilot to score a bonus landing credit for that final round. Two pilots couldn’t get back to the field because of the wind and thus scored no points.

Total point winner for the day was Scott Vance with 177-points. Second place was Fred Daugherty at 133-points and third place was Bob Stinson at 126-points.

Flying a glider in strong winds with only 20 seconds of motor run time is a hard thing to do. Congratulations to all the pilots that picked up bonus landing points, that was hard as well.     Challenges like this make us all better pilots.

Next Electroglide is scheduled for August 18th. 10:00 a.m. is first launch.

See you there,



Scale Day


This Month’s Club event is:



Bring your scale airplanes (Military or Civilian) down and fly for a chance to win a raffle prize, or to take the awards for Best Scale Flight

Scale Event Begins at 10:00

Meeting and lunch to follow.

Don’t Spill the Beans!


This month’s club event is:

Don’t Spill The Beans

The single time during the year

You can win CASH MONEY!


Any Airplane Can Participate.

Beans, and holder device provided.

Take off,  climb 100ft,  perform loop or roll and land.  You get 20 beans, and each bean is worth $1.  Quan your treasurer,  has lost his beans and will buy each bean back for $1.00 each after your flight!  He only wants beans that have flown!


$150 in Cash awarded to top winners!


Saturday, May 26th 10:00am

Club meeting, and Lunch to follow.