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AMA Expo West & Morgantech’s Display of 3D Printed Planes

Please click the pic below for a page with a video about the AMA Expo.  AMA Expo West will be the largest radio-control model and hobby event! We are at a new location with all-new events taking place. AMA Expo West features outdoor flying, drone racing, RC cars and trucks, trains, a boat pond, night flying, full-scale flyovers and 105,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space! Get your tickets now at:!

Morgantech will have a huge selection of 3D printed planes on display in the center of the showroom floor.  They will have demonstrations of 3D printing and give-aways throughout the event.  Morgantech is a San Diego based manufacturer of 3D Printed Planes plus they make and sell 3D Printers & Mills, do Laser Cutting, and custom design work of all sorts.  Please check out their website.  Below are the information sheets used for some of the 3D printed airplanes they will have on display:


P-38 Video

The Dawn Patrol

By Brad Alix

This is an all important bulletin to all SEFSD members.

Within the past few months, have you noticed how the skies above and around our flying field have been free of enemy aircraft? Well think no more. Thanks to a few brave warriors known as “the Dawn Patrol”.

We are up at the “crack of dawn” preparing for the days sorties. We may even sneak in (from time to time) a “captured” enemy aircraft to entice the Axes to laurel him in to his death.

So if you think you have what it takes to fly with the, Patrol, (any airframe) we will see you at O-dark-30.

SebArt Planes Available Again!

Neil Westdorp is taking up where the previous SebArt distributor has left off.  He is importing the SebArt planes, one shipping container at a time.  The SebArt planes are extremely high quality built-up ARFs.  I, your editor, have owned 5 of them.  I currently fly my Wind 110 on Sundays.  Although that one is discontinued, there are many others to choose from.  The time to order is running out quick so check out the website below and get in on the buy while you can.  Huge discounts too.  Below is from Neil:

  • “First container is scheduled to arrive middle of January 2019
  • I am running two pre-order discounts: 25% off all pattern airplanes and 10% off all jets. The pre-order discount window goes until November 2nd
  • Website (still being updated) –
  • Facebook: @SebArtUSA

Neil Westdorp
Seb Art USA
@SebArtUSA via Facebook

Peik’s Airport Was Here

We fly near consecrated ground. . .  There once was an airport located just slightly East of our flying field called Peik’s Airport.  It was located South West of the intersection of the I-5 and Sea World Drive and existed from 1934 till 1957.  Although it changed in appearance over the years, it was an important part of San Diego’s aviation history.  Before mission Bay was a gleam in the San Diego’s planner’s eye, this little airport served many roles including flight training and military.  The air safety advocate John Nance’s father was a part owner of their flight school, Nance & Cooper Flight Academy.  The airport’s demise came in 1957 as a result of the expansion of Mission Bay.

Past SEFSD member Doug Nichols showed me a wonderful website called Abandoned & Little Known Airfields.  On that site are references to all the old airfields in San Diego.  Peik’s Airport is shown with plenty of documentation.  Please take a few minutes and peruse this interesting story about some of the true aviators who came before us and helped usher in aviation as we know it today.

One of the planes used at the Nance & Cooper Flight Academy was a 1947 Cessna 140.  Amazingly this same plane is still flying today.  You can read the history of this little plane here.

Finally, here is a reprint of an article published in 1967 about the airport.  This was also published in Peak Charge some time ago.  I thought it was a good idea to include it here.

If anyone has more information or stories about Peik’s airport, I would love to print it, thanks.

The History of Electric Powered RC Planes – Astro Flight

Steve Belknap

Have you ever wondered how electric propulsion for RC planes get started?  (No, it was not the Chinese.)  The history of electric RC IS Astro Flight.  Shown below is one of their brushed motors that made them very successful.  Starting back in the early 70s Bob and his brother Roland developed the first practical electric propulsion systems for flight.  We are enjoying our hobby today due to the efforts and creations of these two men.  My first several electric power systems were Astro and Leisure products.  In the eighties and nineties these were the best American made motors you could get.  Our club was made possible because Astro motors made it possible to fly electric planes extremely well.  Please click some of the links below to see how this hobby all began.


Please see the History of Astro Flight.

Here is the World’s First Solar-Powered Airplane.

AMA has the Biography of Robert Boucher.

Although Astro Flight is not as prevalent in RC as they once were, they still have an impressive lineup.

Largest RC Flea Market in the U.S.

By Steve Belknap

I met Larry Wednesday at the Otay Float Fly.  Larry is from Pennsylvania and is out here for a visit.  As we talked, he told me he is a member of the Carlisle Aeromodelers and is the past chairman for the CPAA (Central Penn Aeromodelers Assoc.).  The CPAA hosts an annual RC flea market.  According to Larry, it is the largest 1-day RC flea market (swap meet) in the US.  I had to check it out.  Click on these videos:

Lebanon PA RC Swap Meet 2014

Bird’s Eye View of the Flea Market

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Fascinating Facts About WW II Aviation History

Lockheed P-38 Lightning                              10,037  Made

On average, 6600 American servicemen died per MONTH, during WWII (about 220 a day).

People who were not around during WW2 have no understanding of the magnitude.  This gives some insight. 

276,000 aircraft manufactured in the US .

43,000 planes lost overseas, including 23,000 in combat. 

14,000 lost in the continental U.S.

The staggering cost per aircraft in 1945 dollars

B-17       $204,370.     P-40       $44,892.

B-24       $215,516.     P-47       $85,578.

B-25       $142,194.     P-51       $51,572.

B-26       $192,426.     C-47       $88,574.

B-29       $605,360.     PT-17     $15,052.

P-38         $97,147.     AT-6       $22,952.

From Germany ‘s invasion of Poland Sept. 1, 1939  until Japan ‘s surrender on Sept. 2, 1945 = 2,433 days.  

America lost an average of 170 planes per day.

A  B-17 carried 2,500 gallons of high octane fuel and carried a crew of 10 airmen.

9.7 billion gallons of gasoline consumed.

108 million hours flown.

460 thousand million / 460,000,000,000 (460 Billion) rounds of aircraft ammo fired overseas.

7.9 million bombs dropped  overseas.

2.3 million combat flights.

299,230 aircraft used.

808,471 aircraft engines used.

799,972 propellers.




Yakolev Yak-1,-3,-7, -9                               31,000

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July 4th Festivities at the Field – Great Raffle!!

“After lunch will be a really great raffle purposed to raise funds for our end of year holiday banquet. You do not have to be present to win! We purchased approximately $2500 dollars’ worth of raffle prizes this year including some GREAT airplanes and a new DX9 radio system… Tickets for this raffle will be $5.00 each, and I will say that if the people that enjoyed the banquet last year each purchase 4 tickets, that will get us half way to funding next year’s event. There have been some ticket sales at the field, but for those of you that don’t make it down on the weekends – Kenny Dresser will be accepting funds via PAYPAL to purchase your raffle tickets. His PAYPAL address is:   . Please ensure you send funds using the family or friends option so that we do not have to pay the 3% fee on our fundraiser.  Ken will write your names on each ticket you purchase and respond with an e-mail stating your numbers.  THANKS KEN!”

Check out just SOME of the raffle items:

Watch SeaWorld light up the sky with this spectacular display of sparkle and excitement.


Memorial Day Weekend: Sat., May 26 – Mon., May 28; 8:50 p.m.

Fourth of July: Sat., June 30 – Sun., July 1; Wed., July 4; Sat., July 7 – Sun., July 8

Labor Day Weekend: Sat., Sept. 1 – Mon., Sept. 3

Show Duration: Approximately 6 minutes (time TBA)