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In Closing. . .

Hello Fellow Members,   

2019 marks a new point in my membership as I am no longer carrying a position with the Board of Directors for the first time in 10 years. I have accepted the position of District 10 AVP for the AMA and will be giving them my attention.  During those 10 years I was a Member at large, Vice Pres., and President, each numerous times.  I met strong opposition when I was elected President, and met that as a challenge to excellence.  During my tenure I proudly watched our membership grow  more than 2X to near 400 each year and become the 4th largest club in the AMA.  We got signage up, a real fence, real tables, the Rotorplex was built, runway maintenance schedules and more. We streamlined  and modernized the membership process and club badge. We created relationships with the City, the Parks Department and members of the City Council. Those relationships solidified our permanence as a city supported facility. We brought your membership dollar right back to you in the form of monthly contests and BBQ’s, and having the club meeting on the weekends, at the field.  We had great years where our holiday banquet was zero cost.  We kept our traditions like Electroglide alive and brought new ones on board.  We have remained the host to our local educational programs, and brought in support from companies that utilize our field. We were host to the largest drone event to date, and the AMA uses our facility for their UAS4STEM program. This did not happen all by itself. We worked together. I say “We” because the Board of Directors is just that, a board of many. It took patience, understanding, and flexibility to be successful on our board (especially under me!!).  I want to thank the officers that served with me, as it was, and always will be, a group effort. I want to wish the new directors the best of success and assure them my support, and I want to let the membership know I’m still going to be there running PopWing Racing, or some other event, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily.
In closing, I want to say thank you to every member.  Our little strip of clay, our camaraderie, and our love for the sport mean everything to me. Thank you for supporting SEFSD. 

Warmest Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and bright 2019,
Jim Bonnardel

Renew Your SEFSD Membership

Here is a quick reminder that 2019 SEFSD membership is now open on our website . A couple of people have looked at their AMA expiration date on their 2018 badge and assumed their SEFSD membership was good until that date. This is FAKE NEWS! SEFSD membership is from Jan 01 – Dec 31 with no exceptions. One member claimed that he paid for a 2 year membership in 2015 and it is somehow still valid – also incorrect. There is no advantage in waiting until 11:59 PM on the 31st.  If you plan on flying next year – please get it done so George has time to get your badges made. Membership is $50.00 per year, and requires a valid full membership with the AMA. Those folks not comfortable with the online registration process can print a paper application from the web site and mail it along with a check to Quan at:

3954 Bancroft St. #16 
San Diego, CA 92104

Go to the Membership Page. 


How About A 360 View?

How many times have we all wondered what a fish would see if he were 300 feet in the air looking out the bottom of a semi-spherical bowl? Right? Well wonder no more! These links are from Randy’s quad in various locations: (Click and drag the images, pretty cool)

Randy Has Some Video Goodies for Us

I will say……the first time you fly out over OCEAN……your panties can get 
in a bit of  a bunch!! We had a whale sighting while I was out over the water and a guy spotted for me while I was trying to find it……no luck though!! Maybe next time. 
I did look up and see the water spout, twice….but could not get the right area in view…… 

I hope you enjoy!  Now that my heart rate has come down, and I am RE laxed…… pretty cool stuff!!

Girls Take Flight

Jim Bonnardel

The “Girls Take Flight” program is using our field,  let’s promote their activities!   Desiree Elkstien is the club member and I.P. Instructor with AMA.

We have granted her access to the field (she is a club member) for her program.

Here is her text:

“The Elementary Institute of Science’s newest program, Girls Take Flight, is an in-depth program to train female high school students to build and fly drones, and become FAA certified drone pilots. Launched in February 2018, this program started with an assembly at EIS where 60 girls attended to learn about drones and drone careers. 20 were selected to participate in a week-long camp where they gained experience flying drones and using computer code to control them. For the final phase, 10 girls were selected to complete 120 hours of training over 32 weeks. They are building their own drone, conducting practice flights, visiting local drone-related businesses, and studying for their FAA certification test. Eventually producing a project with drones. Girls Take Flight targets girls as high school juniors, a critical period when they are deciding whether to attend college and what topics to study.

Many thanks to the generous supporters and drone community partners that have helped Girls Take Flight to take off and reach for the sky. The program is funded by The San Diego Foundation’s Science Technology Fund, Las Patronas, Nordson Foundation, General Atomics, SDG&E, Northrop Grumman, the MIT Club, and the United Technologies African American Forum. Thanks to SEFSD for providing us with the RotorPlex to train at.”

Generous Donation to SEFSD

Mike Holland, a former but long time member of SEFSD, has decided to generously donate all the proceeds of the sale of his electric RC items to SEFSD.  There are some planes and some boat items.  Please look through the pics and see if there is anything you would like.  If you see something you want, give Mike a call at:
858 414 9142 or email him at:  You can decide on a price and arrange with him for pick up.

AMA Expo West & Morgantech’s Display of 3D Printed Planes

Please click the pic below for a page with a video about the AMA Expo.  AMA Expo West will be the largest radio-control model and hobby event! We are at a new location with all-new events taking place. AMA Expo West features outdoor flying, drone racing, RC cars and trucks, trains, a boat pond, night flying, full-scale flyovers and 105,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space! Get your tickets now at:!

Morgantech will have a huge selection of 3D printed planes on display in the center of the showroom floor.  They will have demonstrations of 3D printing and give-aways throughout the event.  Morgantech is a San Diego based manufacturer of 3D Printed Planes plus they make and sell 3D Printers & Mills, do Laser Cutting, and custom design work of all sorts.  Please check out their website.  Below are the information sheets used for some of the 3D printed airplanes they will have on display:


P-38 Video

The Dawn Patrol

By Brad Alix

This is an all important bulletin to all SEFSD members.

Within the past few months, have you noticed how the skies above and around our flying field have been free of enemy aircraft? Well think no more. Thanks to a few brave warriors known as “the Dawn Patrol”.

We are up at the “crack of dawn” preparing for the days sorties. We may even sneak in (from time to time) a “captured” enemy aircraft to entice the Axes to laurel him in to his death.

So if you think you have what it takes to fly with the, Patrol, (any airframe) we will see you at O-dark-30.