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BOD Minutes for April 2019

Board of Directors Meeting

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

Meeting starts at 7:17 pm

For this month’s meeting we talked about Jim becoming the liaison for the rotorplex.  We thank you for stepping up.   Two wind socks were bought to replace and or ad to the field.

We are also working on an article for the AMA magazine.  As the second largest district and 4th largest club, with 289 members, we should have more articles and mentions in the AMA magazine.

The bathroom lock keeps going missing.  We approved a GPS tracking system to follow its whereabouts.  Just kidding, we are going to install a chain.  Long enough to bring inside for those of us who have seen too many prank videos.

We approved fixing 3 tables.  Please do not sit on the tables.

We also talked about the AMA rules about instructing your non-AMA friends at the field.  If you have a buddy box and or are standing next to your friend and you are the Pilot in Command, you are allowed to let your friend take the controls.  However, if your friend is going to be the Pilot in Command you cannot share your AMA with him or her.  There is an AMA workaround.  Look into getting an AMA IP instructor ad-on.

We also discussed putting some of the clubs money in an interest earning account, instead of just sitting in a checking account.

We are on budget with everything this year, and to be even better. we have volunteered George to handle the raffle sales this year.  Personal or virtual, George will take your money and handle all the logistics.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

We the Board of Directors thank you, the members for making this the great club it is.

Your Humble Secretary,

Ken Dresser

BOD Minutes for March 2019

By Eric Shapiro

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The meeting was convened at 7:10 PM with 8 of 9 voting members present. The Secretary, Ken Dresser, was not present and the notes were kept by Eric Shapiro.

First on the list of topics was mutual agreement to replace the dilapidated Popwing pylon flag bag.

We then affirmed that club equipment was being properly stored and the payments up to date for the year.

The Rotorplex liaison position received further discussion and one member has considered stepping up to take the lead – thanks! Announcements will be made when the roll and duties are solidified.

A club member brought up the poor condition of our field windsocks. We agreed that we would be picking up two new socks in the future. They should pep up the place nicely. But, we’d also like to pep up the looks of our Rotorplex area and gates. We would be open to reasonable beautification ideas you have in mind.

Member-at-Large, Carl Cox, is writing an article about SEFSD for a quarterly update in Model Aviation magazine published by the AMA.

To date, we have 275 members which is about par for this time of year. It’s exceptional considering the long spat of poor weather we’ve had recently. However, this run of wet weather has spawned a lot of new, green brush and we anticipate that the growth will provide a lot of new fire fuel in the coming drier months. That’s why we are monitoring the field and considering the need for more fire extinguishers. We are also working on a weed abatement program at the field’s perimeter and pits to mitigate the abundance of fuel.

We still have a need to control the front gate and the flow of non-members onto the premises when we are not there. “Last person out locks the gate” is a club rule and we are looking into signage upgrades that remind members to close the gate behind them. This brought us to gate keys. New keys are on order since we are running out. They remain $3/each if you need a replacement.

And, as ever, we are continuing an ongoing replacement program for tables as their condition worsens.

Lastly, another Sweep Day may be upcoming as was discussed the last month.

You, our loyal club member, will be kept up-to-date and in-the-loop (enough cliches already!) with all things relevant to the club.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 PM

Enjoy yourselves and enjoy our club!
Eric Shapiro

BOD Meeting Minutes for February 2019

Board of Directors Meeting

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

Meeting starts at 6:47 pm

For this month’s meeting we talked about the gate found opened. It is very important to close the gate if you are the last one out. We brainstormed ideas on how to prevent this in the future. Maybe installing a bigger sign or even having a closed gate policy. We have a open to the public policy and welcome spectators. I personally enjoy talking with and hearing spectators clap during my flying time. However leaving the gate opened over night, leaves the field vulnerable to vandalism and destruction of the runway. When I fly in the afternoons during the week, I close the gate behind me if I am alone. When I leave, if there is still someone there, I remind the member to close the gate.

Please close the gate.

Next we talked about the sweeper truck and roller, schedules and budgets. Another member sweep day is also on the works.

And now for the fun part, we talked about the coming events and prizes. With 257 members this year will be full of exiting contest.

The final topic was the Drone members. We are looking to create a BOD seat to represent all the FPV drone pilots at our field. This person will have a voice and help us manage the Rotorplex area. “Free pizza for the volunteer”

We the Board of Directors thank you, the member for making this the great club it is.

Your Humble Secretary,

Ken Dresser

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

SEFSD BOD Minutes for January 2019

Meeting starts at 6:57 pm

For this month’s meeting we discussed the incident with a drone flying recklessly through “trees” at high speeds and then being reported by a civilian to everybody and their grandmother.  We find it hard to believe that a club member would endanger people and our field by this type of behavior.  It could just be a non-member flying from a park bench.  Regardless, we have to police ourselves and other non-members flying at our filed or close to it.  We advise taking pictures and documenting any reckless behavior, otherwise we may lose our flying site. 

The Palm trees are out of bounds.  The other trees are within our bounds, however FPV thru these trees requires common sense, like a spotter at the trees maybe?  Also, remember our field has no fence and people do walk through it all the time.  I personally fly at palm tree top height near the palm trees.   Never fly lower than 10 ft AGL everywhere else because I have been surprised to see people walking right where I just flew.  People and full scale aircraft have the right away at any height and at any point on our field.  It is your responsibility to avoid people and animals crossing the runway.  Take a look and or have a spotter.

The next topic was field maintenance and setting up dates for rolling the runway.  Then we talked about AMA grants for the club.

And finally we talked about organizing the club events for the year.  Between bomb drop and limbo we are working on a great year full of fun events.  Please bring your badge to the next club event.

We the Board of Directors thank you, the members for making this the great club it is.

Your Humble Secretary,

Ken Dresser

Meeting Adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

BOD Minutes for November 2018

By Ken Dresser

Board of Directors Meeting
Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego
Meeting starts at 7:00 pm
For this month’s meeting we discussed the Mission Bay report.  Please feel free to read it, you will find a link on previous new letter.  We did not find this report alarming and don’t see any changes in the foreseeable future to our flying site.  
Our next topic focused on elections, voting via email will have started already.  Check your email for further instructions. I am receiving the emails and some are not fallowing instructions, however I will manage.  Expect some spam for those who voted wrong. Just kidding, I will acknowledge you email here shortly that I am receiving them.
Jim will once again manage the club’s trailer and we authorized fixing two more tables and the sweeper truck.
As far as events go, we talked about doing a New Years BOMB DROP event.  So stay tuned and get them fuses ready.
The next topic is our Holiday Party set for January 12 at the Harbor House.  Tickets are set at $20.00 per person; sales will start on the first of December.  This year we will have over $1,300.00 in raffle prizes.

Our final note, and probably the most important, is safety.  Some of our safety rules are designed as to keep novice pilots from hurting other people and/or themselves.  But this rule has to do with our equipment. Our hobby grade equipment is not designed to last hundreds of flight.  From cheap airframes to almost zero inspections and maintenance procedures, we must fly as if our equipment will fail at any point, because it does.  So flying at high speeds towards the pits is a big NO NO. Slow down, turn toward our huge flying area away from the pits and then full power.

We the Board of Directors Thank you, the members for making this the great club it is. Your Humble Secretary, Ken Dresser

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

BOD Meeting for October 2018

Oct 12, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

Meeting starts at 7:25 pm

For this months meeting we discussed the Board Member Elections to be held on November 17, the same day as the war bird fun fly.  If you have someone in mind for a position please nominate this person. Self nominations will be accepted. It’s very important for the club to keep this process going.  

For our annual Badge image we discussed the option of making it vertical as to be more statically pleasing.  We are looking for vertical images, if you have any suggestions, please send them our way.

We discussed buying the field conditioner in bulk to get a better price.  This conditioner has worked well in the past and have no problems approving it again.

The fence contractor has been given the plans to proceed with the approved change at the rotorplex.  We are still waiting on a date.

The purchase of forever stamps has been approved as to prevent a future price increase next year.

We also talked about the holiday dinner, location and date.  We so far have penciled in a date of Jan 12, 2019. All 2018 members plus guests are welcomed.  So if you don’t join for 2019, you can still participate, however if you join for 2019 and not 2018, you will be eligible for the 2020 holiday dinner.

And Last but not least, Night Fun Flying is coming.. So stay tuned.

With 379 members as of today we the Board of Directors Thank you, the member for making this the great club it is.

Your Humble Secretary,

Ken Dresser

Meeting Adjourned at 8:36 p.m.

BOD Minutes for June 2018

By Ken Dresser


BOD Meeting

Call to order: Brad, Randy, Quan, Ken, Carl, Tony


July 4 raffle

Lunch truck 11am

First 80 people

Paypal sales 5$ per ticket

Scale day this month..

Big truck wet field.

Fill hole at the gate.

338 members

Custom ink..

Meeting adjourned at 852pm

BOD Minutes for May 2018

By Quan Nguyen

Present: Jim, Carl, Randy, Dennis, Brad, Quan
In Session: 7:17pm

 -4th of July raffle. $5 per ticket. Will get some nice prizes. Approved $2.5k in raffle prizes.
-Collect club gear from George R.
-Steven Scott has new charity. Carl to send out email blast about it.
-Drone event coming up. Will require Driver License to participate.
-Bathroom lock working well.
-326 members.
-UAS4STEM is Jun. 23rd
-Temecula Council asking Jim for input on starting RC field.
-Meeting adjourned: 8:25pm.

Meeting Minutes for March 2018

By Ken Dresser

Call to order 7 pm
Brad, Randy, Quan, Ken, Tony, Jim
Idea to make available store to buy club merchandize like t-shirts mugs etc.
Jim to buy materials approved.
If you are buying new chairs please bring your old chairs to the field.
If you used a club fire extinguishers please replace it.
AMA insurance information for ranger.
Please return keys for none paid members.
March 24 Jet day
April 23 photo day.
April 28 poker fly.
May beans 4th sat
June scale 4th sat
July bomb drop
August limbo
October 18 T-28
October 4th Foam and freaks
Tony gets Fred’s candy box.
P and L
293 members

Next meeting at Brads

Meeting adjourned at 844 pm

BOD Minutes for Feb 2018

SEFSD BOD Meeting by Ken Dresser

Call to order 720 pm

Brad, Randy, Quan, Ken, Carl, Tony, Jim & Dennis

Verify membership app is up and running.

Helicopters are flying at landing pattern. Need a solution.

272 paid members so far, ..will email to non paid members and ask for keys back ..

Feb 24 club meeting and spot landing

March 24 jet day

April 15 photo day

Feb 17 FPV Race day 5 dollars for non club members, AMA required.

Please close the gate last one out

Friday March 9 BOD meeting.

Ken proposes Sunset/Night flying every first Saturday of the month.

Meeting adjourned at 8:34 pm

BOD Minutes for Jan 2018

SEFSD BOD Meeting by Ken Dresser

Call to order

Brad, Randy, Quan, Ken, Carl, Tony, Jim & Dennis

Today runway it’s rolled today

3 Guys to help roll the runway

Drivers for the roller

Jim, Dennis LaBerge, Dick Beeman, Carl

Ken has attending list ticket only and need to pay list

Charge for gate keys for 3 dollars each as of today.

224 paid members

Jim store and handle trailer and equipment

4 Saturday club event with meeting and lunch

Altitude quest 27 Jan 10 a.m.

AMA wants us to host event UAS4 stem

Next Meeting Schedule for February 9 6:30 pm at Brad

Meeting adjourned at 910pm

BOD Minutes for November 2017

By Quan Nguyen
November 10th Board Meeting
Present: Paul, Jim, George, Dennis, Randy, Brian, Brad, Quan
Commenced: 6:58pm-Discussed board nominations for 2018
-Badge printer: Authorized for purchase.
-Costco Pizza for Election Day
-Voted to increase 2018 dues to $50.
-Thank you Butch Bucciarelli for providing Harbor House for this year’s Winter Banquet.
-Discussed possibility of International Drone Day for 2018.
-Discussed bringing back MWE (Mid Winter Electric)
-Jeff Struthers will continue Electroglide in 2018
-Jim will continue PopWing in 2018
-Treasurer’s Report- Thank you Paul for your service! Paul will help incoming Treasurer.
-Safety Report: Safety is good, just some people flying over parking lot.
-Brian to collect funds for holiday banquet.
BOD Dinner Dec. 16th @ 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned: 8:46pm

BOD Minutes for November 2017

By Quan Nguyen


November 10th Board Meeting
Present: Paul, Jim, George, Dennis, Randy, Brian, Brad, Quan
Commenced: 6:58pm
-Discussed board nominations for 2018
-Badge printer: Authorized for purchase.
-Costco Pizza for Election Day
-Voted to increase 2018 dues to $50.
-Thank you Butch Bucciarelli for providing Harbor House for this year’s Winter Banquet.
-Discussed possibility of International Drone Day for 2018.
-Discussed bringing back MWE (Mid Winter Electric)
-Jeff Struthers will continue Electroglide in 2018
-Jim will continue PopWing in 2018
-Treasurer’s Report- Thank you Paul for your service! Paul will help incoming Treasurer.
-Safety Report: Safety is good, just some people flying over parking lot.
-Brian to collect funds for holiday banquet.
BOD Dinner Dec. 16th @ 6:30pm
meeting adjourned: 8:46pm

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BOD Minutes for Oct 2017

Quan Nguyen


October 13th Board Meeting
Meeting commenced: 7:02pm
Present: Quan, Brian, Jim, Dennis, George, Paul, Randy, Brad
-Nominations for board positions open
-Membership coordinator position may be filled.
-Still need a Treasurer.
-Trophies for FPVs ready.
-Banquet: Harbor House approx. $5k. Elbow Room, Catalina Room also considered.
-Joker to go back into the raffle pool.
-Jim picked up 20 boards and materials for 4 tables.
-Portapotty replaced. Needs camo.
-Field maintenance status: Some issues with the water trailer.
-Treasurer’s report: Raffle went well.
-Discussed improving legacy club software.
-Discussed closing out club accounts.
-Quan talked to BasicLink about migration work. Software upgrade is not an emergency. Will work on migration plan.
-FPV races for 2018: Need race management software. NewbeeDrone may run races 2018.
-Veteran’s day ideas: hot dogs & prizes.
-This month’s event is Limbo.
-Next meeting is November 10th.
Meeting Adjourned: 8:35pm

BOD Minutes for August & September 2017

By Quan Nguyen


August Board Meeting
August 25th, 2017
Commenced: 7:10
Present: Paul, Dennis, Randy, Jim, George, Brad, Brian, Quan
-Raffle tickets are on sale
-Still looking for venues. Suggested raffle items for the ladies
-Elections: Some positions may become available.
-Field conditioning: no soil additive for now.
-New Tables: Jim has plan to gradually replace tables falling apart. Voted to authorize $1,200 for materials.
-DroneX proposes moving drone race to Oct. 28th. They will make a donation to the club for using our field.
-Tomorrow’s event is spot landing challenge.
-Treasurer’s report: Finances are sound. Paul and Isabel announced they are finishing their services to the club on November 30th. Thank you very much for your service, Paul and Isabel.
-We will be looking for a new membership coordinator soon.
-390 Members as of 8/25/17.
-September’s event: TBD
-Labor day: Voted to approve Subway lunch & raffle for Sept. 4th.
-Adjourned at 8:13pm
September BOD Meeting, Sept. 15, 2017
Present: Randy, Quan, Brad, Jim, Paul, Brian
Commenced: 7:10pm
-Raised $756 from the raffle for the banquet. $4,216 allocated for the banquet so far.
-Looking for new members to take over some positions on the board.
-Please exercise caution walking into the weeds- some people get an allergic reaction.
-Next week’s event: Don’t Spill the Beans. $150 in cash prizes.
-Prizes for Special Interest Groups is $25 per person who participate.
-Will repaint new portapotty.
-Jim will work on tables.
-Treasurer’s report: got money in the bank.
-PayPal account will close Oct 31st. Payment will be by check after that.
-Bank account will close Nov. 30th.
-Dec. 1st, someone will have to update membership form.
-Planning event for Veteran’s Day.
-Discussed a member doing numerous touch-n-go’s.
Adjourned: 8:02pm

BOD Minutes for July 2017

By Quan Nguyen,


July Board Meeting
Present: Jim, George, Brian, Brad, Paul, Dennis, Randy, Quan, Isabel
Commenced: 7:13
-EMAC: Jim followed up with David from FAA. Have not heard back. Voted to suspend EMAC due to altitude conflicts with FAA. Discussion will be had with event contest director.
-Field Prep: Paul to look into field prep. Randy presented product from Desert Mountain Corp.-
-Raffle: So far, we have about $2k worth of raffle prizes earmarked.
-Discussed giving out credit towards club membership in lieu of gift certificates at club events.
-375 members as of July 21st
-Member offered to volunteer web design skills
-Discussed probable club membership fee increase
-Treasurer’s report: we currently have $3,200 for holiday party. Our budget this year for venue & food is $5,500.
-Club ordered a new porta-potty.
-Safety: Please fly north of the runway.
-Damaged tables will be replaced soon. Approved motion to replace 9 – 10 damaged tables before the end of the year.
-Meeting adjourned: 8:38pm

BOD Minutes for June 2017

By Quan Nguyen


June BOD Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2017
Meeting Called to Order: 7:30pm
Present: Quan, Randy, Dennis, Paul, Brad, Brian
-July 4th Raffle postponed due to less vendor support this year
-40 members short of last year
-Consider charging $15 per head for holiday banquet
-Club to provide gas BBQ for July 4th event
-Reviewed last month’s field meeting. Club will continue to serve hot dogs.
-Treasurer’s report- club still making more than we spend.
-Porta-potty price increased by $10
-Still considering raising member dues.
-Possible runway sweep in July
-359 members as of today
Adjourned at 8:33pm

BOD Meeting Minutes for May 2017

By Quan Nguyen


SEFSD Board Meeting Minutes:
Called to order: May 12th, 2017 7:15pm
Present: Paul, George, Jim, Brad, Dennis, Quan, Brian
-348 Members as of today.
-Discussed purchasing AMA windsock. Deferred due to concerns about it getting stolen.
-Discussed raffle to fundraise approx $3k for holiday banquet.
-Motion to authorize $1,200 to purchase raffle prizes. Approved.
-Quan to donate Joker into prize pool.
-Reiterated charging a fee for admission to holiday banquet to compensate for decrease in revenue.
-Planning potential increase in dues for 2018 proportional to increased operating costs.
-Treasurer report. All is good.
– Discussed website & Porta Potty costs.
-Replacement keys $3 each.
-Previously expelled member submitted payment without application. Board to return payment.
-Field will be closed during Rock-n-roll marathon.
-Field condition. Discussed dust control additive after sweeping. Approved $1,000 to recondition field.
-May’s event is Poker fly
-Still working on letter of agreement with Lindbergh
-Meeting adjourned: 8:30pm

BOD Minutes for April 2017

By Quan Nguyen


April 7th

Present: Brian, Dennis, Jim, Brad, Randy, Paul, Isabel, Quan


Meeting Commenced: 7:03pm


-Altitude related incident reported to Lindbergh on 4/1. Will discuss with member when full scale aircraft are nearby.

-Discussed member hovering over the runway. Board will talk to member.

-UAS 4 Stem May 13th.

-Discussed food for July 4th.

-This month’s event is Altitude Quest. 4th Saturday.

-Jim showed new FPV badges.

-Safety Report: No major issues. Pay attention to your setup before you fly. Look into throttle lock.

-Paul discussed budget. Membership down 20 from last year.

-Discussed more raffles.

-Port a potty is in bad shape.

-Discussed membership fees. Last price increase was in 2007. Increase is imminent. Will discuss at future meeting.

-Voted to approve $50 donation to AMA Scholarship foundation to reinstate our Gold Leader status for 2016 and 2017.

-336 Members as of April 7th.

-Brad proposed scheduling night flying date after meeting.

Meeting adjourned 9:05pm

BOD Minutes from March 2017

By Quan Nguyen


March 10th BOD Meeting Minutes:


Present: Paul, George, Randy, Brad, Jim, Quan
Meeting Commenced: 7:20pm


-Trim clinic & Emac was a big success. Great turnout.
-Right of entry submitted to park ranger
-318 members as of March 10th
-Discussed Constant Contact list having over 500 emails
-San Diego City to propose new regulations to enforce existing FAA rules. SEFSD is already in compliance.
-UAS4Stem May 13th.
-Approved lunch for kids at UAS4Stem.
-Thank You Dennis LaBerge for helping maintain the field
-Offer was made to Brian from DME to brand tables with The DJI Store logo.
-Paul discussed Porta-Potty service charge increase
-This month’s event is Spot Landing Challenge
-Randy discussed prop strike on hand of non-member.
-Discussed alternative food preparation practices at monthly field meeting.


Meeting Adjourned 8:45pm

BOD Minutes for Feb 2017

By Quan Nguyen


Present: Paul, Jim, Brad, George, Randy, Dennis, Quan, Brian
Meeting to Order: 2/10/17 7:27pm
-Isabel’s Report: 295 Members
-EMAC clinic on Feb. 19th. Field remains open. Thanks to Steve Belknap and Neu for hosting.
-Discussed board purchasing chairs for the field. Board has concerns over chairs being stolen/damaged. No vote.
-Jim proposes purchasing weed sprayer. Motion to propose purchase of battery operated weed sprayer for up to $200. Approved.
-Brad proposes someone take over hot dog duty. Dennis volunteered.
-February’s event: Don’t Spill the Beans.
-Randy brought up metal fans on EDFs.
-Paul’s Treasurer report: Showed budget year to date.
-Discussed non-member referencing SEFSD at city council meeting.
-Discussed letter of agreement. Randy to print letter of agreement template and submit to board for review prior to sending to Steve Nelson. All voted yes.
Meeting adjourned: 8:56pm

BOD Meeting Minutes for Jan 2017

By Quan Nguyen


January Board Meeting Minutes
Present: Paul, Randy, Brad, George, Dennis, Brian, Quan, Jim Also Present: Isabel (Membership Coordinator)
Commenced: 7:10pm
 -Vote on sign. Sign design was approved with minor changes. Already approved $400 budget from last year.
 -Discussed prizes for holiday party. Will raffle $1,500 of prizes. Thank you John Weaver for your support with the gift certificates.
 -FAI/F5B/D Event Requests. Field closures requested from 12:30 – 5:00pm on Feb. 26th, March 19th, April 30th, June 25th, July 23rd, Sept 17th. Approved.
 -Renewed relationship with FAA to get a Letter of Agreement with Lindbergh. Randy and Brad to assist.
 -Voted to approve purchase of Yeti 400 Solar Generator for $400 to replace broken generator.
 -Voted to approve $210 for trailer maintenance.
 -Voted to have George dispose of inoperable generator and old RadioShack PA horns.
 -234 members as of 1/13/17.
 -Discussed pruning club mailing list.
 -January 31st is end of the grace period for flying without 2017 badge.
 -Discussed budget. Same as Actual Budget 2016.
 -Reiterated 3 day pass rule for guest fliers. Discussed AMA IP instructor program.
 -Mr. Thompson donated hobby equipment to the club, including a new Apprentice. Thanks!
Adjourned: 9:08pm

BOD Meeting Minutes for October 2016

By Scott Fuller


Jim, Brad, Quan, George, Paul, Scott, Isabel, Randy


  • Jim handed some receipts to Paul in regards to the banquet

  • Jim talked to KOZ events about road closures

  • Jim talked about Weed Wackers membership drive video

    • Hire a professional to do a video for us for $500

    • 4 – Yes votes, 2 – No votes, 1 – Abstain

  • Sign at the entrance at the gate. Folks were asked if they want to help make a sign. No one came up with one. Move the 5mph sign.

  • FPV Racing Budget for next year – Scoring Software, Flags, Bags. $500 for next year.

  • Runway – Talked about conditioning options. More wetting of the runway next year. One or two rollings.

  • Paul went over the Budget

    • Paying for Banquet items

    • Keys need to be made

  • 428 New members

  • Talked about Board dinner

  • Next meeting – Friday Nov 4th

BOD Meeting Minutes for Sept 2016

By Scott Fuller


SEFSD Board Meeting – Sept 2016

Jim, Randy, Brad, Paul, Quan, Scott, George, Dennis, Isabel


  • We have 417 members currently

  • Have a issue with a previous member that is no longer a member. He is trying to fly. He has no AMA or club membership.

  • Paul went over the budget

    • List what groups are getting prizes and $$$ amount

    • Talked about banquet

    • Talked about Trophies, and surplus transponders ($30 each)

    • Roller and water, Fence and tables

  • Mid week water truck and roller.

  • Site reserved for the party. January 14th. 6pm to 10pm.

  • Org asked Frank G if there could be a fly over at a Del Mar golf course. Individual would assume financial responsibility, not the club or AMA.


Friday Oct 7th – Next Meeting