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Safety Report for March 2019

By Steve Neu

With the weather warming up and the rain threat declining more people are out flying at our field. In the next few weeks the yellow flowers will be in full bloom with a resulting increase of visitors to our flying site to take pictures and walk among the flowers. Please take a few extra seconds and take a look around the field before starting your flight and adjust  your flying to stay safely away from our visitors(minimum of 50 feet).

On the subject of taking off—I often see members just set their plane at the nearest gate with the nose pointed across the runway. They may or may not announce takeoff then punch the throttle and head across the runway heading north. While this may be fine when you are at the filed by yourself it is a bad habit with others flying in the pattern.  If someone who is landing to the west happens along as the plane heading across the runway blasts off to the north there is a greater possibility of a collision. Please try to make your takeoffs and landings to the west unless there is an east wind. A little bias to the north is fine to help deal with a north cross wind but just blasting across is just not safe.

Lastly a reminder—the last member leaving the field needs to close the gate AND lock it. If there are members of the public there let them know that you are leaving so they don’t get locked in.

Have fun and be safe.

Steve Neu

Safety Report for January 2019

Safety counts!
As your new club safety officer I get to hear and see all sorts of calamities, some are simple excusable “dumb thumb” errors and some are a result of more serious disregard of common sense safety procedures. I would like to use the monthly newsletter to provide some insight into the safety concerns related to our activities at the field. 
With over 300 members operating a wide range of aircraft flying by VLOS and FPV there are lots of things that need to kept in mind. We have had several reports of some FPV flying getting too close to joggers on the paths along the water. While we have not been able to verify the facts in the incidents we ask all members to take extra care to be sure that they keep well clear of members of the public at ALL times regardless of where your craft is being flown. 
We will likely be updating the field map with some additional information so as to make it clearer what the operating boundaries are for the various aircraft type.
My goal is to preserve our right to use our field safely with the fewest restrictions possible—to this end it is important for everyone to exercise common sense and not do something that gets our activities on the radar of the city officials in a negative way.
Each member has a right and duty to ensure others operate their craft in a safe manner. If you see a unsafe practice let the person know in a calm and civil wha the problem is. If the issue is not resolved then please let me or an other board member know of the problem and we will try to resolve it.
Safe flying!
Steve Neu

Safety Report for December 2018

Hey pilots,

Another year down with more fun on the way. I want to thank everybody for a successful year we had very minimal injuries and that’s a great thing. And remember this is your club, you’re the ones that deal with the safety on it first hand basis. if you want this to be successful you have to do the work. We are all members of safety for this club. Remember the runway is for takeoff and landing’s. And also remember to call your landings and takeoffs we do have people that are deaf in our club so make sure that you don’t hurt them or yourself in the process. You are all amazing and I look forward to serving you in the best capacity I can. 

Safety officer. 
Tony Blackhurst.

Safety Report for November 2018

Hey Pilots,

Thank you for an amazing year. We have had a few incidents and thankfully no major injuries. I would like to reiterate that the runway is for take off and landings. And remember to call loudly taking-off, landing and especially when crossing the field. Look both ways and make sure you are not stepping in front of someone’s airplane. Don’t just assume people hear you because they don’t. As some of you may know we have a hearing impaired pilot and he can’t hear you screaming at him, he knows to look both ways before crossing the field to keep himself safe, as should those that can hear. Bottom line don’t be in such a hurry that you get yourself hurt. Take time and be aware of your surroundings. And remember to have fun.

Thanks, your safety officer
Tony Blackhurst.

Safety Report for May 2018

By Tony Blackhurst

Hey pilots,

It’s been a great time to fly. The weather isn’t to hot and the sun is hiding behind clouds till about noon. Please remember that as we move into summer, days will get hotter and the sun will hurt you if you’re not prepared. Sunscreen is a great thing to have in your flight bag to protect you from the sun. And water is essential at any time while at the field and especially as we head into hotter months, dehydration is a real threat as we move into summer, so do yourself a favor and bring water and stay hydrated. And remember the most important part have fun and stay safe in the air.

Safety Report for March 2018

By Tony Blackhurst

Hey fellow pilots,

I wanted to start off by thanking all of our members for not walking on the wet spots on the field the last few weeks. Rain is still in the forecast so be kind to your fellow pilots and keep the feet prints in the field to a minimum. Again the pits are not to be a fly over zone. If you are flying over the pits on purpose then you will be asked to leave. Huge safety issue so don’t do it. Remember to fly over the weeds and use the runway for takeoffs and landings only. And continue to have a fun time flying.

Safety Report for Jan/Feb 2018

Happy new year!

This year is going to be great with lots of flying ahead. I would like to start off, one of our members was cut pretty badly on his finger while landing his popwing. A gust brought it close to him and when he beached to stop it he was cut. Fortunately other members had firs aid kits on hand to help. I hope you keep one in your flight gear. Lastly mixed use space is being infringed upon between the rotorplex and the west end of the run way. Take offs and landings are the most critical time for a fixed wing aircraft. And don’t have the maneuverability during these time to dodge a midair. Please allow the space for fixed wing. And stay in the mixed area pattern. 

Thank you,

Tony Blackhurst. 

Safety Report for Nov 2017

By Randy Wynant
Overall, we have had a great month of folks paying attention and being very considerate of others in the air.
We did have 1 midair that I know of, however that was, as agreed to by both pilots, “Just one of those things”.
No hard feelings, which is good…..but broken planes not so much.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,
Randy Wynant