2020 T28 Race Season

After some searching, the “SEFSD Racing Office” has selected a new plane for the 2020 season. Meet the FMS T28, a 31.5 inch span foam low-wing trike gear post WW2 trainer flown by both the Navy and Air Force. The FMS T28 comes with 4 servos ,motor and controller installed. Assembly is very fast with only some CA and a few hand tools needed. For racing you will need a 850-1100mAh 3S battery. Any 4-6 channel radio will do the job nicely. A 3-bladed prop comes with the plane.

I bought mine directly from the FMS web site: http://www.fmsmodel.com/fms-800mm-31-5-t-28-trojan-v2-red-pnp but it is available from several popular sources like Tower Hobbies. Our own local Discount Hobbies has batch ordered for those that want to purchase locally. The going price for the FMS T28 is $110.

The details of the racing series still are to be worked out but here are some things to keep in mind starting out:

1) Plane must use the stock motor and propeller. Battery must be  a 3S pack between 850 and 1100mAh capacity.

2) No hand launching, must takeoff from runway on it’s own wheels

3) Flying “Sailboat” start with countdown

4) Standard length 2-pylon course with all turns to the left

5) Unless decided otherwise, races will be 10 laps

6) Three rounds with up to 4 planes per heat

7) Bring enough charged batteries to fly at least 3 flights, the rounds will go very fast and be ready for a quick pit stop!

It will be wise to “decorate” your T28 since having a group of identical white and orange planes flying in close proximity could head to problems! Be creative!  A great website to help you out is Callie Graphics.  Check out their section on the T-28.  The T-28 above is 1/15 scale and Callie only goes down to 1/12 scale.  That just means the graphics will be about 25% larger than scale.

The current plane is to have a “demo event” Sunday Feb 16th then start the series in March.

The plane on 3 cells is quite lively and fun to fly, plus it looks pretty good. Get one and join the fun!

Contact Steve for more information



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