Leadership Biographies

Brad Bender – President

I started with control line as soon as I could push a lawnmower and buy my own plane at age 12. My dad wouldn’t let me have any fuel for years – but the imagination went wild for planes! In High School, I built quite a few rubber powered stick and tissue models. I entered the radio control side while on recruiting duty for the Navy in Montana in 1989. That was an experience since there was snow on the ground 7-8 months out of the year! There were no ARFs at the time, so the long building season was welcome. I took a vacation from the hobby between 1993 and 2003 as military assignments and transfers made it difficult to keep fragile items from destruction. In 2003 a pacific beach neighbor asked me to help him cover a small electric (Brushed/ NIMH batteries) plane, and I caught the bug again and joined SEFSD. I started small and have worked my way up to some fairly large models. Since then I have helped many new pilots past some of the initial pitfalls, and have a good time putting in maiden flights for the members who are a bit nervous about putting their untrimmed investment into the air for the first time. I really don’t have a “type” of airplane that I prefer more than others, it is more of a flavor of the month kind of thing.

Quan Nguyen – Safety Officer

Quan first started modeling in 2001 when he was thirteen. His first airplane was a GWS Lite Stick. After many busy years in grade school and college at UC San Diego as a computer science major, Quan finally found the time to get back into the hobby. He joined SEFSD in 2012, and was elected safety officer in 2014. He frequents the field on weekend mornings and enjoys flying sports aerobatic models, and is always eager to help newcomers into the hobby (Let him know if you want to set up a buddy box with him. He’s always glad to get people flying.).  When not flying, Quan spends his time as a software engineer writing code.

Ken Dresser – Secretary

I have been flying models for 37 years now and the most amazing thing I find with fellow aeromodelers is how nice they are.  Five different countries I have meet people at the flying field and instantly bonded.  My father’s hobby was building models and mine was crashing them.  When I was a kid my father retired and opened a hobby shop in Florida.  A kid’s dream come true.  So I spent my summers flying airplanes at the local High School every day after closing the store.  I believe having a hobby, specially a hobby with such good people is very important for a balanced life.