Electroglide Results for October - Final Contest for 2016

EG 1

Calling all Scoresheets.

By Jeff Struthers


What started out as an overcast and cool morning changed into some great weather conditions for the final Electroglide of 2016. A slight breeze was blowing in from the east at 8:30 am. Lindbergh Field was reporting N.E. winds of 5 mph by 9:00. By 9:30, and the first launch, the sun had come out and the wind had shifted to N.W., with the wind speed increasing only slightly.


On the first launch, eight aircraft charged into the sky, most headed to the north west. Three of us kept our Radians high enough in the transit to find lift in the far north west corner of the flying area. It was a solid lift; we could see our aircraft climb, even on the downwind leg in the circling pattern. I had the longest flight at 9:22 with Bob Stinson close behind at 9:19. Roger Ball came in third with a flight of 6:24. I picked up a 30-point landing bonus, Bob scored a 10-point bonus and Rich Rogers got a 20-point bonus.


For the second launch, the word was now out about the location of the lift. All of us tried for the north west corner, but the lift was up high. This meant the climb out on launch was critical. Keeping our aircraft from pitching up too much and stalling while still heading west in that 20 second motor run time, was difficult. Four of us found the lift in that same north west spot. George Sullivan had the longest flight of 9 minutes, 50 seconds. Bob Stinson came in at 9:48, Roger Ball was at 9:46 and I had a flight of 9:22. Bonus landing points were earned as well, as Roger, Steve Gobele and I each picked up 20 points. Bob and Fred Daugherty picked up 10 points each. A fun round!


The third launch had us all heading north west again. The lift we had just experienced on the last round was a bit harder to stay in this time. Bob managed to stay with it, earning the longest flight of 9:08. George came back down at 8 minutes even, Roger flew for 7:39. Bob and myself earned 20 point landings, Fred and Rich Rogers both earned 10 point landings. Another fun round.


The fourth and final launch had almost all pilots finding the lift, seven of us having flight times above 8 minutes. Fred had the longest flight with a time aloft of 9:42. Bob came in with a 9:28, Steve and I both had a flight time of 9:15. Bob and I both had 20 point landings. Roger, Fred, Rich and Jon Graber all picked up 10 point landings. A really fun round on a great glider flying day.


After some hurried totaling of this day’s scores with the year’s totals, the first, second and third place winners were announced. Some nice gift certificates were about to be handed out.


Bob Stinson whooped us all with a year’s total score of 1250 points. That represents individual contest scores in the mid to high 100’s and competing in all but two of this year’s contests.


In going over the scores again later that day, I realized I had made a mistake in totaling the scores for second place. Scott Vance actually had amassed a total of 897 points putting him in second place. Vince Gonsowski came in third with 723 total points.


We also held a free raffle for all Electroglide pilots. In addition to the larger gift certificates that were awarded for first, second and third place, there were four $ 40.00 gift certificates handed out to the winners of the raffle, with one going to Roger, Fred, Jon and Bob.


The Electroglide contest will now take a vacation for the months of November and December. Mark next year’s calendar for January 21st, the third Saturday of the month and the first Electroglide for the 2017 contest year!   




EG 2

First Place Bob.


EG 3

Announcing Winners.


EG 4

Raffle Winner Jon. 


EG 5

Raffle Winner Fred.


EG 6

Raffle Winner Roger.