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Jack’s Micro Mambo

Enjoy some pictures of Jack Hix’s latest creation “Micro Mambo”.

TD? Tee hee. It’s an electric powered Micro Mambo (16″ span)  and needed nose weight. It’s just the cylinder and carb mounted

on 1/64″ ply slats just above the ParkZone Micro P-51 motor and gearbox.

Micro Mamba Side

Micro Mamba Nose


And here is Jack’s idea for a small B-29:

Micro B-29

AMA Expo

Some years ago when the event venue was first changed from Pasadena to its present location at the Ontario Convention Center I was flying demonstration duty for GWS. That first year was a disaster for the demo pilots as the “flight venue” as it was generously called was a spot against an interior wall measuring what seemed to be approximately the size of a postage stamp. Undaunted, we attempted to fly such craft as SlowStiks, Tiger Moths and such but finally gave up when one plane darn near took out a very expensive sailplane well out of the “flight area”. To make matters worse, many others were flying aircraft all over the place over the crowd’s heads with absolutely no frequency control in existence. A disaster waiting to happen. Event Organizer Jay Mealy who himself was had been drafted for the job that year was in real life the AMA/FAA liaison with no prior experience with organizing the event. I approached him with my concerns…a bunch of times over the course of the weekend. It was decided that we could try to get an adjoining ballroom for flying in the following year. Cool!Motley Crew

The following year I was halfway to the GWS booth when a hand was clapped on my shoulder spinning me around. It was Jay. “Glad to see you, Mark.” “Likewise, Jay.” “I’m REALLY glad to see you, Mark.“ Something was up. “Why??” “I need your help. I’ve got no frequency control, no organization but we do have a bunch of vendor pilots that want to fly. Can you help?” Oh, brother. I gave him a short grocery list of things we’d need and informed GWS that I’d be back, if possible, citing my conversation with Jay and headed for the ballroom. I grabbed a couple of friends on the way that I recognized and drafted them as extra eyes and called a pilot’s meeting over the PA. The flying area was better but half of what we use today.

Oh, boy. At least two dozen pilots stood there excited and wanting go get to the flying. The frequency board was a dry erase board on an easel with an eraser and a marker. The pilot’s meeting consisted of this short speechMatt

“Hi. I’m Mark. We’re going to call this next couple of days ‘organized chaos’. You MUST be a current AMA member to fly here this weekend. This dry erase board is the frequency control pin board. When you get ready to fly, write your name down with your frequency number next to it. When you are finished, erase it so the next guy can fly. If you can’t deal with that, please leave now because you’re too stupid to be here. Try to avoid the sprinklers in the ceiling as knocking one off will end this weekend very quickly. Share the air and have a good time.” Absolute carnage ensued. Thirty-five planes showed up and three were left standing Sunday afternoon with the trash cans full of small foam pieces and orange chunks of GWS props. I’m not sure who had more fun…the spectators or the pilots but apparently the ballroom smelled of foamsafe CA kicker for days afterwards.

– A vid of me flying the Champ along with many pics by Mike Heer: (scoll down) http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1368641
– Videos from 2010 including Jason Krause’s (in) famous wall landing: http://www.vimeo.com/pgr/videos
– Matt Stringer vids from 2010: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14133734&postcount=65
– 2010 flying venue crew: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14133734&postcount=65
– Pete took this while flying his Gaui quad around: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=17057774&postcount=1

Alex Smith is an 11yo Black Sheep Squadron pilot that we “adopted” on Sunday while his grandfather worked next door at the Make and Take exhibit.

Mark and Alex

The following years saw me becoming a permanent fixture in the ballroom, the doubling of the flight area, addition of a floor-to-ceiling safety net which showed its value early on and pretty much the same bunch of crazies that have graced the place since Day One. We also enjoy the appearance of many of the hobby’s notables. We have had such pilots flying alongside us as Mark Leesburg, Jason Shulman, Andrew Jesky, Alan and Danny Szabo, Tim Jones and Jason Krause amongst many other great pilots. We also see flight teams from vendors such as Align, DW Foamies (Thanks, Mike!!), Futaba, Castle Creations and others. Carl Rankin of RC Trayman.com always brings along something new and wonderful made of Reynolds Wrap, soda straws and sewing thread that always fly so gracefully.

That’s how the goings-on in Ballroom A/B started and it continues to improve each and every year. Our regular venue guys are: Pete Rissman (PGR on RCGroups) is from Costa Mesa and is our very capable DJ. He prides himself on a great mix of music that somehow often matches what is going on in the air. Jim Scott (Pismo) is from Penasquitos has a great eye for detail. Joey Cass is a Giant Scale pilot from the Claremont area. I met him at the Chula Vista field late one evening and shamed him into flying my Air Hogs Sport. His dad is a retired weapons designer with the Sidewinder air-to-air missile and Phalanx ship defensive system to his credit amongst others and quite a character. Last and certainly not least is Fred Bronk. He’s the e-heli guru on RCGroups. Fred and I have been doing this stuff together since the first days of RCX  at the Anaheim Convention Center now at the Los Angeles FairPlex. Fred hails from the Sacramento area and got me my first gig at RCX flying for GWS and I hold him somewhat responsible for starting the whole mess. The faces change sometimes depending on schedule but most make plans a year in advance for the occasion. I thank each and every one of them for their efforts, talents and time invested in making the flying venues at both events safe and fun for everyone.

Safe flying!



Electroglide Scoresheet

San Diego Electroglide

Date_____Pilots Name_______________e-mail___________

This LMR/F5J event is designed for any model powered by an “outrunner” with flux ring dimensions not to exceed 28mm in diameter and 16 mm in length. Either 2-cell Lipos or 7-cell Nicd/Nimhs may be used.
The contest consists of three, consecutive, mass launches. The total score will determine final placing. Motor runs will be determined at the flight line before the first launch and will be the same duration for each successive launch. No interlaunch battery charging will be allowed. Scoring will be 6 points per minute (one point per 10 seconds, rounded up). Bonus points for accurate, full-stop landings, are to be assessed from the nose of the aircraft — 10, 20, or 30 points per flight. Landings off field, flights longer than 15 minutes, or the use of additional motor run time will result in no points for that launch.

Launch 1

Duration________ minutes ________seconds. Points__________
Bonus Landing Points__________
Launch 1 Total Points__________

Launch 2

Duration________ minutes________seconds. Points__________
Bonus Landing Points__________
Launch 2 Total Points__________

Launch 3

Duration________ minutes________seconds. Points__________
Bonus Landing Points__________
Launch 3 Total Points__________

Contest Point Total__________

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Thanks Bill

Thank you Bill Fee

On behalf of all the members of SEFSD, I would like to thank Bill Fee for his many years of service to the club as Peak Charge editor.  Bill produced the finest newsletter this club has ever seen.  The editorship is all too often a thankless job spending countless hours creating something attractive and informative.  Please show Bill your appreciation for his years of service next time you see him, he has more than earned it.

Steve Belknap – editor


Indoor Flying

The first Sunday afternoon session had several Orange Co. and Riverside Co. pilots drive all the way down only to find that due to a mixup in communications there was no Rec. Ctr. person available to open the gym for us. They had a nice time flying in the Patio anyway and said they’d be back anytime we had a scheduled Sunday flying session. Our Jan. 2nd Sunday flying session did not get the word out soon enough for the out-of-towners to make it down, but 17 pilots and 26 planes did come and had a great time, with all saying they’d come on Sundays again if we held a flyin.

The Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM have had 20 or more pilots, except the one right after the AMA Show in Ontario, poor communications on it being held kept the attendance down, and an average of 31 airplanes of all types at each session. The most amazing was Jack Hix’s SIG Demoiselle which flew at a very scale walking speed, and has a 44in. wing span, and only weighs 7.8 oz.

At first we had several midairs when too many planes were flying at once, but that seems to have sorted itself out and lately we’ve had very few and they’ve been very minor. Mike Morgan has given us a aircraft grouping that gets similar and smaller groups flying together and has worked out very well the two times we used it. It and the general flying rules are also included in this edition of the Peak Charge.

Many thanks for your enthusiasm,


President’s Corner

This is a very serious issue for several reasons; the first is that this was the first that the club leadership had heard of either landing or contact with the SDPD and Lindberg Tower. To say that several of us were stunned is the least you could say! This issue is so serious that to try to ‘Bury It In The Sand’ is beyond reasonable thinking. Issues like this must be addressed and dealt with as quickly as possible or they WILL ESCALATE and become major issues forcing closing of the Sea World Drive Field in no time at all. To point out that we are now on thin ice with the management of Lindberg Field Tower until we can remedy the situation and create a positive working relationship with them is understatement and only one of many tasks facing us in the near term. We must still get on good terms with the FAA and SDPD Helicopter operations to assure the long term use of our flying field.

Currently our Board of Directors is formulating a plan to address these issues and remediate any animosity created in the past. They will need the 100% cooperation and assistance of all our members this year and in the years to come. If you feel you can not give 100% of your effort to saving our flying site, please quit now and go somewhere else. Thank you.

On another note.

I fear that the latest developments with the Lindberg Tower, SDPD, and FAA would prove to be too much for me to handle in the job as President. With the revelation that there was in fact a very serious problem with the Lindberg Field Tower, who controls the airspace around the city from 0-500 ft + the Class B airspace, I have decided that I can’t be President of the Silent Electric Flyer of San Diego any longer.

After spending the weekend thinking about the newest twist to our club predicament, I’ve decided I must resign the SEFSD Presidency as of now for personal health reasons.

Not an easy thing to do, but I am just not up to leading a battle to get things fixed up and creating a proper response the Lindberg Tower, FAA, and Parks and Rec. etc. And getting them to all allow us to continue on in a meaningful way while getting rid of the elements in the club that pull it down and create this kind of mess.

I wish you the best of luck and of course will support you and the club as best as I can in the future.

I will continue to host the Indoor Tuesday night Fly-Ins for now, and work to get Mike Morgan & possibly someone else to take over this responsibility.


Wayne Walker