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Editor’s Notebook for March 19, 2011

5.  There were no minutes taken at the February Meeting.  You can however see what you missed.  Bob Bandhauer took several pictures of the presentation by Hitec. 


6.  If you are a member and you need a key to the Mission Bay Field gate, see Chuck Grim or Don Griffin


7.  For the EMAC participants, your 2011 schedule is here.


8.  The SEFSD website has places where we would like to see you add information about you and your planes.  Specifically: F5B/D, Electroglide, EMAC, MUStick Pylon, & Indoor Flying.  Please email the editor at: editor@sefsd.org or use the article submission page on this website.


9.  We have added another weather website for your convenience.


10.  For those interrested in the new Spektrum radio upgrades, check out this video.


11.  Please download the excellent the AMA District X newsletter.  Check out previous issues here.


12.  The Harbor Soaring Society has a wonderful newsletter here.


13.  Tim Attaway has created a very useful calendar of sanctioned Southern California RC events.


14.  The San Diego Electroglide section has been updated with a new scoresheet and rules.


15.  The Weedwacker Aerosquadron is having a Swap Meet on April 2nd.