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Electroglide Report from 4/16/11


I mentioned Zero Wind and that’s the way it was for the first toss. Four of us got landing points and the longest flight was almost 8 minutes! However, after the first toss the wind increased and really made landing points tough to get. Going from a zero velocity to about 10mph certainly makes it a challenge to get our light wing loading Radians into pay dirt.

The wind did indicate more thermal activity and several pilots had a tough time getting on the ground in the proscribed 10 minutes. All in all, it was a fun morning. We were finished the competition in 45 minutes and from the responses, eveyone had a great time! Next Electroglides: May 21st and the special one, May 28th. Check the Club web site regarding the barbeque on the 28th Don’t miss either of these events. (Open Class and Easy Star pilots are still welcome!)

The Results:
                       Toss 1      Toss 2      Toss 3      Toss 4      Total
BobStinson         47 (20)     54          52 (20)     33           186
Tom Erickson      43 (10)     55          50 (20)     28           176
Bob Anson          67(20)     58           31            0            156
Don Wemple       45 (20)     54          31           25            155
Rich Rogers        0             16          46 (20)     24             86
Jeff Struthers     16            19          19           31              85
Terry Thomann   15              0          35            0              50

MUStick Race Report from 3/20/11


The next race will be April 30th at the SEFSD Field.  More info’ to follow. Be sure to check-out the SEFSD website and Pylonairracing.com for up-to-date standings.   Steve Belknap has produced a scoring spreadsheet that he will post for all to see with current point totals.  Once again, thanks to all those who braved the weather and RACED!

Go Fast/ Turn Left


MUStick Group Chollas 3-20-11
Three Ready for Take Off
Harley & John with MUSticks / Rounding Turn Two
The Pits / Lance w/ T-28
Frank w/ T-28 / John w/ T-28
Frank T-28 TO / T-28 Land