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The bank account began the year at $21,852.38 and I estimate it will close the year at approximately $21,737.27.

So our net income minus expenses for 2011 will be approximately $ -115.11.

Our only income is from membership dues, from which we received $10,405.00 from our approximately 250 members.

Our most significant expenses have been operations at our two flying sites – Sea World at $4,360.09 (field maintenance, signs and Spanky’s) and Hour Glass at $1,841.00.  Other significant expenses were the 2010 Holiday Party ($1,483.10), setting up our new website ($1,220.13) and our flying events ($926.04).

Please feel free to call me or email me at anytime if you have any questions about the club finances.  I deliberately keep my annual report short so everyone can understand the clubs basic financial situation but I don’t want any members to think that they can’t find out more if they are interested.

Enjoy a safe 2012 flying season.

Michael Neale, Treasurer SEFSD.

12V & 120VAC Charger $35 & Blenderm Tape $2/Roll

B6AC LiPo charger, runs on 12v or 120VAC. SkyCharger brand. Costs $60 new at Amazon or HobbyPartz.
About 18 months  old but only light use – I upgraded to HiTec.
Asking $35 or trade.  

I bought a box of a dozen rolls of 3M blenderm tape, which I’ll need 5 years to use up. 1 inch wide x 5 yards.
Asking $2 a roll (at the field) or will trade for other consumables.

If interested contact Roger B    Rbohn@ucsd.edu