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The Prez’ Sez’ for Sept./Oct. ’13

Frank & BearcatAs the song title says “OH it’s a long, long, time from May to December, but the days grow short when you reach September”…….Wow, am I dating myself or what?.


Seriously though, In some parts of the country, modelers are preparing to “hunker down” and start building for next year……….and they envy us here in San Diego!


Why am I telling you all this?…..Well it’s because we have a “jewel” that must be protected if we want to continue being the envy of most of the nation. That “jewel” is the SEFSD field and all the others in the area.


When we as a club allow fliers to “push the boundaries” of flight and common sense, we contribute to the potential loss of our privileges………Yes, I said privileges, because access to our field IS a privilege, not a right!…….


We have 330+ members in our club, and of that you should take pride, because every time you take time to introduce a new member to the “rules of the road” you instill a sense of pride of ownership in our “little slice of heaven”………….BUT, when you KNOWINGLY break club rules, what message are you sending then?…..


Soon, nominations and election of officers for 2014  will be upon us. Please consider giving some of your time and talent and “throw your hat in the ring”………….Talk to those whom you feel would serve with the best interest of the club in mind and heart, and if it’s not you then who?


Semper Fi

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A Rose by any other name is a Rose, but is a Drone by any other name a Drone?



As of most recently, the more common use of the word Drone is related to SUAS vehicles (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems) that include the capability for Military (or Commercial) style activities, armed or otherwise. These are the systems the FAA are most interested in regulating. Typically, a Drone is capable of un-assisted, mission style flights. Such as: Take off, go to location, do something, and return to base completely un-assisted by a human. But in today’s world our military drones still have the capability of being “Mission Flown” from a human for political reasons above any other.


So, are our models Drones? Not exactly. They are however clearly SUAS’, or UAV‘s (Unmanned aerial vehicle) . Any Radio Controlled Aircraft, flown for hobby, education, military or commercial is an UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE. Where the line begins to blur, however, is when you start talking about the capability of that UAV.


This last year, the Board of Directors removed the “Autonomous Ban” on flying at the field. This meant that this rapidly growing segment of our hobby could be enjoyed per the AMA and field operational guidelines. So, we are seeing these systems at the field in growing numbers since many players are entering the hobby market. Locally, we have a company, 3D Robotics that is dedicated to UAV development, and offers one of the most advanced systems available for RC use. Many 3D Robotics employees are club members.


Systems that are autonomous allow the aircraft to fly with electronic stabilization, GPS navigation, and perform ‘missions’ like aerial mapping. They also can perform take offs and landings completely un-assisted. Isn’t that a drone you ask? Still no. Because it is not for commercial or military missions.


Electronic stabilization systems have been a key player in the explosion of Multi-Rotor Aircraft. Without them, there would be no way to keep 4 motors in sync to maintain any stability. Typical multi-rotor systems sample motor RPM over 300 times per second, and communicate that information to systems using Accelerometers made affordable by the new gaming systems and cell phones that can tell which side is up or down, and sense the RATE at which it is turning and moving (unlike traditional Gyros that could only detect changes from its original path, course, or attitude).


So back to the DRONE… is a Multi-Rotor Helicopter a drone? Not in the definitions sense, but the public is using that as a description all too often. Most hobby grade Multis do not have the capability to ‘go somewhere, do something and return’ without a human pilot. But, the more advanced systems for our hobby use GPS navigation to ‘hold position’ and certainly to ‘return to home’ as they most commonly do when activated, or if signal is lost. These hobby grade systems also do things like “Auto Land” when battery power is low. Fixed Wing RC airplanes surely do not do that.


Personally, I have to admit, using the term Drone when traveling with my DJI Phantom. Going through TSA inspection at airports, I always get the question after the raised eyebrow X-ray inspection “What is this?” Just to make it simple I commonly reply “it’s a Photography Drone” and instantly get sent on my way without any further inspection. Is it a drone, no. But the TSA folks know what I mean when I say it.


Something else to understand about these hobby-grade systems is that all of them have ‘failsafes’ built in.   With the loss of RC signal, the device will return to its take off point. When battery is too low, it will remove control from the pilot, and simply land itself (which can be a problem if you are above the wrong place). They are manufactured with the AMA guidelines in mind, and even the more advanced system’s like the APM 2.5 Ardrino board must be capable of instant pilot control simply if the sticks are moved. The PIC (Pilot in Command) does not need to ’flip a switch’ to take it out of any autonomous or assisted flight, simply moving the sticks gives the pilot control over any system. Also, the RC Transmitter is NOT shunted away from the system, but a key component. If the RC system experiences any trouble, loss of signal, interference, dead battery etc, the systems go into failsafe and either return to a set ‘loiter’ point, or in the case of a Multi-rotor, simply return to the take off location. Of course these fail safe’s cannot compensate for all failures, if you run out of battery before it auto lands, it will crash. If you ‘toss a prop‘, on a quad, it will crash (however if you toss a prop on a 6 or 8 motor multi, it will compensate and keep flying)


I can tell you from experience, that very few of the pilots at SEFSD that fly traditional aircraft bother with the Failsafe settings because they are often complicated, difficult to understand, and don’t offer any security other than placing all the servos and throttle settings to a set point. What good is a failsafe that is not set? Exactly, no good whatsoever.


For those of you that are still wondering what all these acronyms of our alphabet soup mean when it relates to our operations, here’s a small list for you to be aware a of:


SUAS                                 Small Unmanned Aerial System

SUAV                                 Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

FPV                                    First Person View (flying via a camera view)

RC                                     Radio Controlled (just in case, wink wink…)

RTH                                    Return to Home

RTL                                    Return to Land

FBW                                   Fly By Wire (maintains stability while you guide the airplane)

STB                                    Stabilize (electronic stability)

ALH                                    Altitude Hold (maintains set altitude)

LTR                                    Loiter (makes aircraft circle a predetermined location)

WP                                     Waypoint (in a set list)


The Ardu Pilot has more terms in their programming ‘modes’, you may hear some of the autonomous pilots using these terms:


     YAW_ACRO – Will not hold an yaw angle, not recommend for most flyers

YAW_HOLD – Will hold a Yaw angle

YAW_AUTO – Will point towards the next WP or however your mission requires

YAW_LOOK_AT_HOME – Always points at home


ROLL_PITCH_ACRO – Just Rate based Acro Mode

ROLL_PITCH_STABLE – stabilize the copter and try to hold user input angles

ROLL_PITCH_SIMPLE – Simple mode; corrected input based on the Z Gyro/compass

ROLL_PITCH_AUTO – Used by the auto mode to fly towards Waypoints.


THROTTLE_MANUAL – Just manual throttle, nothing fancy

THROTTLE_HOLD – Holds the desired altitude – interactive using throttle control

THROTTLE_AUTO – Used by Auto mode to change altitudes.


Where is all this going? Well there is really no way to predict. FedEx and UPS are saying they will have pilot-less aircraft in the next few years. Even today’s modern commercial jet liners have the ability to take off, navigate, and land without the pilot doing much if anything at many airports. Law enforcement and other government agencies across the USA are buying and using small hobby style multi-rotors for surveillance. One challenge is how the FAA and Government is going to keep up with Technology and its implementation as these situations grow.


Lets keep our hobby in mind here… when SEFSD lifted the “Autonomous Ban” on RC aircraft flown at our field some things changed. What is happening now is the scrutiny on these systems. It seems that any time there is any activity around them, it gets top-level attention and concern. What is being ignored as of late, are the incidents around ‘regular’ RC airplanes. No one seems to even raise an eyebrow when someone does the ‘Walk of Shame” out into our field to pick up fragments of what was once a RC airplane. A UAV crash is a UAV crash regardless of the model and should be considered equally as sensitive to our field and situation. Autonomous system or not, all field boundaries, AMA and FAA regulations still pertain. 400 ft limit, and adherence to our own field rules are essential. Autonomous and stabilized systems add a new technical aspect to our hobby that for some is quite interesting, and as for others, they could care less. I have seen opponents become advocates after a few hours of introduction to systems. It’s a wide open grab bag of perspectives.


Bottom line is, they are here to stay. Our own adherence to our own rules and guidelines will ensure that we, as a club, remain the model for operation within San Diego. We need to be vigilant in our own enforcement of these policies to prevent any negative views from city officials, the public, and the media. From the public perspective, a drone by any other name apparently is, a drone.


Electroglide Report for September 2013

So,  we had 9 pilots, but one of the forms I received back was blank… no name…. just scores. It WOULD have been good for 2nd place,  but with no name or any identifier… you get ZIP!

Jim Shelton was the only man in Open class this month as I had just returned from Hawaii and did not have any time to get my stuff ready. He did top the charts with a total score of 213.

Both Norm Arndt and Jim Shelton tied for the longest flight times of the day at 8:37.  Norm in round 3, and Jim in round 1.  Vince Gonzowski also broke our record for the SHORTEST flight as he had motor trouble in round 3 with a Lucky Dog time of 30 seconds!

So here is how it played out:
Jim Shelton               213
Bob Stinson               193
Bill Graham                151
Vince Gonzowski        137
Ray Fulks                  133
Norm Arndt               132
Jeff Struthers            113
Rich Rogers                94

BLANK FORM             189
See you next month,  and in October,  the 3rd Saturday is the 21st.
First launch, as usual,  09:30.


Expect interrupted runway availability during Oct 6-9.

Be aware that there will be field maintenance operations going on during From October 6 through the 9th, in preparation for our Rotor Days over the Bay event. Expect temporary closures.

Oct 6 Blower work cleaning the carpets
Oct 7 Sweeper truck on the runway starting 11:00am
Oct 8 Water service, multiple… times during the day late afternoon
Oct 9 Roller operations starting 08:00 and again at 18:00

After the sweeper truck and during the water service, expect a VERY ROUGH surface, littered with rocks.

Want to help? Come on down and help toss rocks from the field Oct 7. It will be smoothed out on the 9th with the roller.

BOD Minutes for September 2013

No field report from JimB

Paul presented treasures report for the month of September. Members wanting more detailed information contact contact PaulG .

Paul also discussed the new first aid kit that  was purchased by the club.

Membership reports there are 330 new members.

Future events at Sea World site:

Tim discussed EMAC. Tim suggested that we let it run as it is until the end of the year as it is then gauge interest for doing a “reset” for next year with some promotion and a clinic.

Frank discussed WW presentation for (Ventrans day) Nov9th with a WW speaker at the field —we will present the check from the club at that time. Frank says that we will have a band for the November 9th presentation.

Sept 28th and 29th for F5D team selection starting at 11am–SteveN will ask SteveB to put notice out to members.

5th of October –poker fun fly–by TimA–food and fun!

Future Alliant events for possible event next year. Frank says there are dates available for a major indoor event in August 2014. Will discuss further at future meeting.

No Newsletter report this month.

Discussed the proposal Andrew Norbeck’s is interested in a musical video project with model planes. MNeale will contact Andrew and get more information.

Elections–Tim suggested that the October fun fly can be used as a way to get nominations from the general membership for officers.

Discussed change to bylaws regarding  the voting status of club safety officer and sectuary. Frank will make a motion at the October 5th field meeting/poker fun fly to modify the club bylaws. Canceled October 15 meeting at Padre Gold.

Motion will be made by FrankG at the field meeting to change bylaws wording  in  section 4.1 to include safety officer and secretary as voting members of the board.

Other business:

On Sunday the 15th our equipment trailer had been broken into–Tim has checked the trailer for damage—the locking hardware on the back is damaged. Will evaluate options for better security and repair of trailer.

Next BOD meeting is set to October 16th at SN house at 7pm

Minutes approved.

UAV DAY at the Fleet

Join UAV Day by completing the UAV Day Participation Form. Space and tables are available on a first come, first served basis. All forms are due by Tuesday, Sept. 17.
During UAV Day, we would like to complement the displays with public talks and workshops. Both are great opportunities to educate people about the UAV technology being developed and supported locally, as well as to share information about building and flying UAVs as a hobby. If you’d like to participate in a talk or a workshop, please let us know by filling out the UAV Day Participation Form.
Because of the date change, we will be inviting press coverage for Wednesday prior, October 2.  We do not know if this would be in-studio interviews or live remote segments from the Fleet.  Please let us know if you would be interested in participating in the media coverage.  We will also have a secure area for you to store your UAVs and info until the Sunday expo.
We will be in touch within 5 business days of receipt of your information to confirm your participation. Thank you for your interest in UAV Day!




Hello multi-rotor friends!  I believe you have all been invited to join us for UAV Day, but because we realized that holding UAV Day on Saturday puts us in conflict with the Miramar Air show, we are moving our date to Sunday, October 6.
In order for the 800 lb. gorilla to not sit on our media coverage as well; I will be pitching interviews ASAP to see if I can arrange advance press on Wednesday, October 2.  Please let us know if you are still available to join us – and if you might be interested in doing advance press.
If I get enough takers, we would probably invite the morning news teams to send a live remote crew to do a two hour chunk of time; as well as going in-studio for the morning news programs.  
We can also arrange for any exhibit materials to be stored here for the rest of the week, so you don’t have to schlep it twice.
I have attached the press release for the On the Fly: Technology Takes Off! exhibit FYI as well.
Thanks for your interest – I hope you can join us for UAV Day here at the Fleet!




Sunday, October 6, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


2013 UAV Day Participant Form

Participant Name (list the name as you want it to appear in publicity materials)
Address                                                                City                                          State                         Zip
Phone                                                                    Fax                                                         Email

Contact  Name                                                                     Contact Signature
Please describe what you plan to display/do at your table or booth:                                                                           

Participation information:  

¨            We will need electricity:  ____________________________________________________________________
¨            We will be bringing the following electrical equipment: _____________________________________________
¨            We will need a table (36’ round and 6’ and 8’ available; please indicate size): ___________________________
¨            We will need a table cloth:  __________________________________________________________________
¨            We will need space for our booth (indicate booth size): ____________________________________________
¨            We would like to sell the following item(s):  ______________________________________________________
¨            Please indicate the number of people who will staff your table/booth (minimum 2): _______________________
¨            We would like to participate in a talk (describe the topic): ___________________________________________

¨            We would like to lead a workshop (describe the topic): _____________________________________________
          Scan/e-mail this form to:             schicoine@rhfleet.org <mailto:schicoine@rhfleet.org>
          Fax to:                                      (619) 685-5771  

If you have urgent questions, please call Susan at (619) 238-1233 x743.


Palomar RC Swap Meet and Open House Fly-in


Palomar Swap Meet



On Saturday November 2, 2013 the Palomar RC Flyers (PRCF) and Flying2Fight Cancer are teaming up for an RC Swap Meet and Open House Fly-in. The event will be held at the PRCF Johnson Field located in Fallbrook, CA. There is a $5 fee for the swap meet and a $5 fee to fly, with these proceeds being donated to a local children’s hospital through Flying2Fight Cancer. Of course, any money made by the swap meet participants is theirs to keep and any additional donations are gladly accepted.
This is a great opportunity to clean out the garage and closets of the old RC equipment that you haven’t been using while making a few extra dollars for yourself and supporting a great cause at the same time. You’re also invited to fly at our field all day and enjoy the company of fellow RC modelers. A valid AMA membership is required to fly. We’ll also fire up our famous barbeque and food will be served for lunch.
Both Palomar RC Flyers and Flying2Fight Cancer would appreciate it if you could distribute the attached announcement to your membership and/or include it in your clubs newsletter.
Our sincere thanks in advance,
Scott R. Dedic
Board Member
Palomar RC Flyers

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