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On Nov 23rd, the SEFSD General Meeting and election was conducted at SEFSD field at 10 AM and 40 or so members were in attendance. Agenda items discussed were as follows:


                  Introduction of Andy Norbeck, a Nazerene University film student and we talked about how he wanted to incorporate our flying club with a band video production. This filming will be on Dec 7th and will not interrupt the normal flying too much and feel free to bring you most interesting aircraft, rotor etc. and be ready to “ham” it up for his videographer.


                  SDPD helicopter Able has been in our airspace lately and due to an incident involving yours truly on Saturday after the electro glide we are strongly recommending that when the black and white approaches our airspace all aircraft should land immediately or stay as low as possible to provide no reason for our club to be in the log book of SDPD air wing.


                  Paul Guidice, treasurer of SEFSD, explained to all the need for patience in getting the renewals done and the cards for 2014 out to everyone.   Please use Paypal if you can and be ready for an event on the first Saturday of January 2014 to come to the field and eat good food, fly in a little event and pick up your new badge for 2014. Thanks Paul!


                  Information pertaining to the Grand 2013 SEFSD Banquet was shared and sign-up sheets were out to look at and money was being accepted by Tim Attaway to reserve your banquet attendance. See much, much more on line where you may sign up for a variety of supporting roles. December 8th is the tentative cut-off date to sign up for the Dec 15th Sweetwater Women’s’ Club BASH. 330 members plus family means that those reservations for the 115 seats may go away sooner than later.


                  New tables project have been conceived, planned and now constructed principally by Don Griffin, Tom Erickson and John Gibson plus a few others have got involved in installation. We appreciate this can do attitude and owe them and anyone else that steps up to help a Big THANK YOU. The BOD has approved the funds for 12 total at a cost of 110.00 each so that means making our site much nicer for around 1400.00 dollars. Thanks again Don and Tom! (Note) it really is part of being in a club to step forward and volunteer to get involved and help out with projects and events….you will find that it feels good too. So, next time you see something that needs to be done, just say “yes….I can help with that.”


                  Jim Bonnardel, BOD member and Electro-glide boss, explained to the members present that a special Electro glide event is being planned so if you have done even one event come down to the last one of 2013 to see what he has in store to reward your participation. Don’t miss this…you could be sorry.


                  The Election of SEFSD executive board and members at large for 2014 was conducted and the following gentlemen have stepped forward to lead the club through the next 12 months, congratulations to them and a thank you for those clubmembers that attended the meeting and voted:  President, Tim Attaway, Vice President Jim Bonnardel, Treasurer Paul Guidice, Secretary Scott Fuller, Safety Officer Quan Nguyen     Members at Large: Dr. Ray Fulks, Brad Bender and George Rebello. Continuing on as out-going president and now Chairman of the Board Frank Gagliardi.


These nine people will all have a vote as the amendment to 4.1 was passed unanimously by those present. Isabel Guidice was introduced as our new membership person, she volunteered to help in this capacity and we are so lucky and happy to have her to help us with this very important job. 333 members and going higher I predict!!!   (I only know of one other club in S. California that is bigger.)


Play Nice, Play Safe and be Happy.



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