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President’s Message Jan 22, 2014

Tim at DinnerWelcome to SEFSD 2014.  We enjoy a unique, special, expensive piece of San Diego Mission Bay.  We, all members, need to be wise, responsible and vigilant to protect this treasure that we enjoy.  The new Board of Directors you elected have been entrusted do what is best for all members of the club.
    The new board of directors met just after the banquet, speaking of which, it was a very nice banquet and the cost was much lower then all of the last five banquets.  Four young pilots at the banquet  went home happily with some new airplanes.  We had enough food, a lot of raffle prizes and the Subway Challenge.  No one left early.  After Christmas, as I mentioned, the board met to discuss the San Diego Police Department ABLE situation.  The strategy we all agreed to was to lower our visibility short term, let things settle down, develop an action plant to educate the ABLE unit so we can clear the air and coexist.  More could be said but this is a complex situation and we ask for patience.  Meanwhile events that risk our lease need to be prudently curtailed for the short term.  Our lease with the city is up for renewal in September.  We need to continue to be a gold leader club and do hi profile good works like the Wounded Warrior, partnership with Hi TEch High and stay within our SEFSD airspace yielding to full scale aircraft  (ABLE is a full scale aircraft).  The Parks department has been one of our best friends through this time of tension with ABLE. Stay low or land when any full scale is in our area.
    The AMA signed linkage with the FAA at the convention and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) provision will probably mean that we have to recharter in 2014 with some understanding/relationship with Lindberg ATC.   More on this as time goes forward.
    As mentioned our flying space status is complex and opinions vary but rest assured the board will try to do the right thing with regard to events allowed in the short term. In that spirit an events committee will be formed under VP Jim Bonnardel  to address our schedule of events.  Volunteer your ideas and time if you want something to happen.
    A budget will be prepared soon and discussion about proposed improvements will take place and we will add to the 2013 improvements we all admire: good runway maintenance, new fence, appropriate signage, site security and the 12 new excellent tables installed with removal of tired spools.  Many thanks to Don, Tom, John, Jim and others for the superior look and function of these structures.
    The Alliant lease for 2014 has been offered to the club at a tentative cost of around 2000 dollars.  There is substantial support for this venue and we see some who have joined the club specifically to fly indoor.  An indoor venue was difficult to come by and it is a rare entity so we need to consider how much support to give it in 2014.  At the board meeting coming on Jan 24th we will try to come up with a solution/decision  and your voice can be heard by talking to a board member.  Many have already expressed themselves to me and other board members pertaining to this expenditure.  There are 9 voting board members and majority rules.  The decision will not make everyone happy but I hope that we can find a way to share the expense with those who have an interest in keeping the venue.
    Realizing  that this was a lengthy message, I would prevail upon you to consider that we owe it to the membership to be informative and inclusive so that 2014 will be a good year for all members.
Fly safe, have fun…

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