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President’s Message for March 2014

Tim & ExtremeThe year is taking shape as I write this article. The important elements  are as follows. A number of club member participation events are being proposed by Jim Bonnardel, our VP of Fun.  They will generally take place on the last Saturday of the month.  Our budget is solidifying for the year thanks to our treasurer Paul Guidice.  Isabel, our membership chairperson,  reports that we are at 282 members and counting.  Chief Griffin’s team has completed the parking lot improvement and Jim has groomed the runway to make it nice for awhile. More tables are on the way thanks to John, welder – door provider and Don the iron man with his installation crew.  These are the key things we need to be grateful for as club members…these people are working hard to allow this club to excel.
    We have been approved for AMA Gold Leader Club Status for 2014 with some elements remaining to be completed. We thank Frank Gagliardi for getting this special recognition going  in 2013 and from here on it is a matter of sending  a report of what we are doing to maintain this status of excellence.
     The board has done fine work at looking at various elements of our club to see what can be done to improve the experience at Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego flying site.   Some important policy changes at SEFSD flying site are the following.
    Number 1 …all events must be approved by the SEFSD board and no field closures will be allowed unless the board has approved of the closure.  Process is to contact a board member 30 days or more in advance of event to seek closure for special purposes.
     (Note: the events now in planning stage for each month at this time are Electro-glide on the third Saturday of the month for roughly 1 to 1 and 1/2 hour at it’s normal time.  It will be on the calendar as it has been approved.  The other field closure will be on the days we have a General Meeting  (the last Saturday of the month) and that would include some type of general fun fly activity in the morning concluding with a meeting at 11:30 AM and usually refreshments of some type.) Other happenings may be placed on the calendar to be noted by club members.  This decision about scheduling events and closing the field was thoroughly vetted by Jim when he asked for a committee to form and give inputs a number of weeks ago and the board reviewed his findings and voted unanimously to have a policy of Board approval of all field closures.  This new policy is in the board meeting minutes for all to review.  With nearly 300 members….. field closures need to be judiciously planned in advance.
    Number 2….the guest flying privileges policy, which does not formally exist, is now being formulated.  A proposal for how to handle flyers that come down to SEFSD regularly and do not have membership with SEFSD or AMA  is now being written and then a review will be conducted by the Board of SEFSD for a final policy declaration.  It should be clear to most that if you wish to enjoy this SEFSD quality flying site on a multi-million dollar piece of Mission Bay that the price of membership is a pittance.  Wearing a club badge when at the field or having it in your possession or available to see by others is a rather easy way to assure that we are in compliance with the AMA and the San Diego City Right of Entry Permit.  All members should be aware and watchful for individuals that seek to take advantage of our site as “free-loaders.”  
   Number 3….the SEFSD board is continuing to be concerned about flying outside our designated area specifically over the palm trees along the walking path and gazebo and it is in everyones best interest as club members to maintain a healthy distance in altitude when anywhere near this area.  Please….no erratic flying low over in this sensitive area….it is very much appreciated and if you like to fly low aerobatically then move to the East end of the pit area so that the larger open area is your flight area.  Finally, our adherence to the 400 foot altitude restriction and our consistent awareness of the SDPD ABLE helicopter has resulted in no known complaints in these past few weeks.  Good Job and keep it up.
   The first event of the year is now being promoted…..The First Poker Fun Fly of 2014 SEFSD….Jim is running the event with helpers and food will be coming from Costco and the event will start approximately at 10 AM on Saturday March 29th.  Any aircraft qualifies and there will be 100 dollars in Discount Hobby certificates and or product up for the top poker hands.  The meeting will be conducted by Jim at 11:30 AM following the event.  You get three cards when you sign up and one additional for every flight there after.  Don’t miss it.  Sorry I will be away in Yuma AZ competing in an IMAC contest with fellow board member Ray Fulks but we will expect a full report about the fun time we missed.


Tim Attaway

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Poker Fly This Saturday, 10 am

By Jim Bonnardel,


This Saturday,  March 29th,  10:00 am  is the first Poker Fly of the year!

The Poker Fly is super easy to play,  all you have to do is fly something!
Yup,  come on down,  get 3 cards to start. Then,  you can do as many as 4 flights to draw cards to build a 5 card hand.  Best Hand’s win!    You can fly ANYTHING!   Planes of any type including: Warbirds, Gliders, Scale, Sport, Foamie, Mini, Micro & Giant scale, Heli’s, Multis and ornithopters!

Lunch will be served,  so we will See you there!


R Flush

Claendar Events for 2014

All of these events are on the LAST Saturday of the month (sometimes the 4th,  sometimes the 5th)
All at 10:00am,  preceding the club meeting.  

April     Foamy Frenzy
May     Fun Fly
June    Jet Day
July      Bomb Drop
Aug      Scale Showcase
Sept     Poker Fly #2
Oct      Rotor Day
Nov     Warbird Day
Dec     FPV Spotlight

Meeting Minutes for March 2014

2.1      Treasurers’ Report  …… Paul
                    Move this to front of the line
                    as it seems most important for other discussions.
                    Dashboard look to see where we are /budget
Charter for the club has arrived. Taxes is next. Asphalt has been done and recorded in the budget. New windsock and field conditioning along with 5 more tables in March’s budget. Keys were made for members. Report approved.
        2.2       Parks Ranger Report………..Ray
Nothing new. Although they started to buy equipment and fly at the field. Jeff and Steve
        2.3      Trailer….Jim
Trailer is still locked with flags in it now
        2.4      Gold Leader Club Status….Tim
Notification that we have gold leader status
        2.5       Alliant Venue….  Review of Plan
                    a.  check AMA, collect $
Friday the 28th is the next event. Kite folks are flying w/o AMA but everyone needs to be. Talks about forming a indoor flying club.
        2.6        Field Maintenance Report…..Jim
                        a. Review of what was done
                        b. Sign at entry revisited
Powered broom worked but was labor intensive. Sticking with the sweeper truck. Good rain so we didn’t need the water truck and the field has been rolled. Chief has a couple ideas from the sign. Budget $350-$450. Put membership required on the sign. Ray will talk to Parks about some of the sign variables.
        2.7        ABLE..seems better, discuss ….Tim
The week crew mentioned there was able flying around the Gazebo. Might have been due to a bank robbery.
        2.8        Events……….Jim
                    a. General Meeting, Sat  Mar 22nd  
                              1. Time___________
                     b. First of two Poker fly, food, prizes
                            1. Food  === 75 dollars
                            2.  Prizes====100 dollars
                             3. other ideas
Meeting will be the 29th. Jim created a year of events. The events will be the last Saturday of the month…. Poker, Foamy, Fun Fly, Jet day, Bomb Drop, Rotor Day, Warbird Day and FPV Spotlight. Talks about getting prize certificates from Discount hobbies.  Discussion around moving two events around, Jet day #2 and Scale Day. Pylon is not listed because Jim was not sure.
         2.9        Safety report….Quan…Anyone else
No major safety issues. Followed up on 3dR’s concerns with folks going over the imaginary line. Concerns about ‘high speed launches’ in the weeds. Please let everyone know that you’re going to be flying in the outfield. Please leave the cone at the end of the field.
 3.      New Business
        3.1    SEFSD F5J Contest……?
Tim well clarify
3.2     SEFSD RAffle  planned for June or July
                    General Meeting?     Tim
This will be done at July’s Bomb Drop (Summer event)
        3.3       Soaring Area revisited
                    a. suggestions to revise or leave
Keeping an eye on
         3.4     AMA grant money any news..Paul
Applied for and see what happens
          3.5   Shuffling Mike…watch him….Tim
Story time by Brad and Jim
          3.6    Future capital improvements?
Frank: Pete Daily contacted Frank (Jim and Brad), Vince Hernandez and the North County Winds -> Need Appreciation Certificate.
Brad: Guest flying – Put in writing what defines a guest. Brad will come up with a outline.
 4. Set Date for next Meeting of the Board.
April the 25th @ Paul’s house.
8:30 meeting end.

Electroglide Report for March, 2014


The last event was missing only 1 thing… LIFT!  Yes,  spring is headed our way, but on this last E-Glide,  there were no thermals to be found by anyone.  The longest flight of the day was Ray Fulks with a single flight (round 2) of 6:22,  and although that was the longest run of the day,  it was way off our normal averages, and way short of the 10 minute limit.


It was announced that we will only have 10 Electroglide contests this year…  Taking a 2 month break was actually a real good thing for your Contest Director,  who really appreciated the time off. It is planned that we will skip November and December this year.  It is not etched in stone,  but everyone should plan accordingly.


It was also announced that this years entries will each earn 1 raffle ticket for our end of the year drawings.  So…. Even if you only get 1 point,  each Electroglide that you turn in an entry sheet will get you a ticket to the prizes at the end of the year.


Randy Wynant was the solo Open Class competitor,  so he won his class! Flying a Calypso,  he finished at 135 points


For the remaining contestants, all flying Radians,  here are the stats:


Scott Vance               196
Norm Arnt                 190
Jim Shelton               176
Vince Gonzowski        174
Ray Fulks                  173
Bob Stinson               169
Dennis LaBerge          148
Tom Erickson             135
Jeff Struthers             120
Bob Anson                 115
John Forrester             17


We will see you glider-types next month in the Spring,  as the 3rd Saturday is the 19th.