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President’s Message for May 2014

Tim     I hope this finds members having a great day and with Summer fast approaching and perhaps some fun in the sun with a club fun fly this Saturday.  We plan to start at 10 AM and conclude at around 11:30 AM.  A general Meeting will be called to order to review any new developments with our club and future plans will be discussed.  The Fun Fly  will have 4 elements that will entail putting beans in a holder cup on your airplane and you will fly 3 simple tasks and land with beans still in the holder.  Jim VP of Fun will conduct the event and prizes will be awarded.  It should be fun stuff to do or watch!?!
     Hot dogs  ( Large Nathans) etc. will be provided to all in attendance at around noon.  Hope you can and will plan to attend to participate or spectate and then partake of some good eats.!!!
    June 28th will be Jet Day at the Bay so fair warning if you have been thinking about that new jet……or have one that needs to be prepped…..it’s time to go for it; buy it, build it,  test fly it and maybe we will have a speed gun.  (We are looking for one if you or someone you know can lend it to us for the speed runs June 28th….. we would appreciate hearing from you?) We will have some other activities too.   Regardless, make plans to come!
    Ray Fulks, our City of San Diego and Parks and Rec. public relations officer (expert) reports that “signage” warning walkers about low flying aircraft on our West  end, has been approved and the “Parks” will get 2 signs made to advise  walkers going North or South at the West end of the runway.  Power poles( non-creosote) are coming soon to finish the barrier system to our entry way thanks in great part to Don Griffin and Jim Bonnardel….they have the sources.
    Paul Guidice has secured a $ 402.00 bonus for our bank account by filing for an AMA grant that is retroactive to last years fencing, etc. expenses that totaled  $4020.00….Great Job Paul and THANKS !  BTW…we have 312 members and counting.
    Dogs Dogs Dogs…….at SEFSD… Beware of bringing your dog because owners are at risk of getting a ticket from the Park Ranger.
    Much more to come as the year goes by so be sure to check the club calendar for all the listed events and possible updates.
    Lastly, please fly safely, stay away from full scale, be courteous to all (THE GOLDEN RULE)  and fly all downwind ( and upwind passes) “OUT BEYOND THE NORTH EDGE OF THE RUNWAY”, especially if you are low altitude…….  this pattern will reduce tension, blood pressure and anxiety in those attempting to land aircraft….thanks for doing that.
See you Saturday?!!!

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Modification for Carl’s Radio




The next thing was to tackle the throttle.  Carl was having to hold the throttle stick with his pinky finger which made it difficult to have complete control over the primary stick. Off to Solid Works again to design a throttle lock out plate. The first iteration was printed and test fit. Some tweaking was in order, so back to the CAD software and then the printer. One hour latter and we had the final part.  The plate has the diameter and the bevels built into it, so it just dropped right in and was secured with a couple of micro screws. Now that the throttle stick can only move up and down we needed to design an adjustable lever assembly.  The lever assembly took a bit longer to find the right mix of feel and adjust ability. Four iterations were needed before the final parts were installed.  The stick on the transmitter has threads.  These were used to lock down the lever in the desired position.  Our biggest problem centered around the distance between the primary stick and the paddle of the lever.  The paddle ended up 2 inches farther away from his other transmitters throttle location. It also ended up 1 inch above. Carl can adjust the side to side movement of the paddles position by 1 inch.





The final hurdle was the primary flight controls. Carl’s first transmitter had and off-the-self enclosed potentiometer mounted to the primary stick.  The wires exited cleanly thru a piece of copper tubing. The problem was that the tubing was bending and caused a pinched point at the base. I am not sure how many more flights he had before the inevitable flight of the phoenix would occur. It could not have been long. The DX8 has a robust gimbal and a solid stick. Carl and I looked at each other with doubt as we started to drill the stick out. This was the moment when I asked myself why I get myself into these jams.  It all worked out and the wires were feed thru the new stick. An outer support column with a square base was designed and printed. Once this was glued over the gimbals stick, the rudders enclosed potentiometer was attached. The wires from the DX8s rudder gimbal were cut and the new wires were soldered into place. The throttles spring tension and ratchet tab needed adjusting, as did the primary control sticks. The weight of the rudder potentiometer would not let the stick center. this proved to be a problem for awhile. The final fix is a helper spring and a lot of tension.



Final Config


The transmitter was buttoned up in preparation for testing. It did not work!!!! The radio wouldn’t even turn on…. This is when I vowed to never stick my neck out again; Ha Ha!  It took some cursing (which always helps) and a little time away to figure it out. It turns out the SD card was corrupt and wouldn’t let the radio turn on. After removing the SD card all systems were GO.  The final item on the list was to design and print a holder/handle that could be attached to a board that Carl sits on. The transmitters handle is used to click the transmitter into a groove in the handle and the bottom is located with a strip of velcro.  When Carl stands up after flying he has a handle that allows him to carry the transmitter and the board.  Well, that’s about it. 3D printing is just the beginning of the desk top manufacturing boom. There are tabletop CNC wire benders, and desktop CNC milling in my future.  Hope you are inspired to bring some of these new affordable technologies into your model building.

Great Storage Ideas


Slat Board


The above photo shows how I store my models using slat board and slat board hooks with a short length of PVC conduit. This works good for models under 10 lb. and 48 inches in wing span.



Storage 4 & 5


For the bigger airplanes I modified some retractable garage storage systems (http://www.sears.com/shopzeus-racor-ceiling-storage-lift-heavy-lift-overhead/p-SPM5140622501?prdNo=32&blockNo=32&blockType=G32) and mounted them to the rafters.  I use a drill with a length of rod that has a hook on the end to raise and lower the airplane.  This works really well because I can use this as a lift while working on the electronics or airframe.  Makes it easy to get underneath and fix gear issues etc..  I hope this is helpful info.  See you at the field.

BOB Minutes for May 2014

Alliant – Last collection of $90 was done
Field Condition:
·         Looks great, but it’s a bit choppy in the middle.
·         Going to push any anything off until next month.
·         Consider hitting it with water and roll.
·         No dragging, no rakes, or anything that cracks the crust!
·         Foam Frenzy – Scrubbed
·         May fun fly – Four part task, something about beans, Dixie cup, loop, spot landing and a limbo line. Four prizes left over from last month.
·         June – Jet Day (Need Helpers) – Possible speed racing…
·         July – Bomb Drop (Start planning)
EMAC – It was two weeks ago, about 5 people were there. There doesn’t seem to be much interest. This will be going on hiatus until further notice.
F5J – Steve Neu is going to run the event.
F5B – They were having practice and the field was open. The field is open during their practice.
FPV Spotlight event – End of December.
Other Ideas – None at this time
Safety Issues – Not flying the pattern aka flying down the runway downwind. For downwind runs please keep them over the weed line.
Shifty Mike – Discussed (Don’t feed the trolls).
Garrow – Discussed (Stay away order).
OMBAC – Jim emailed OMBAC. No reply back.
Guest Policy:
·         Delay in getting the project started.
·         Jim will work with Brad in regards to the sign.
New Business:
Dog Reminder – It’s a $300 fine if you have a dog at the field (even more if you leave your windows up). Rangers are watching.
Grant money from the AMA – 10% for fence and tables from last year. We can submit every two years. Thanks to Paul for writing it up.
AMA Article on SEFSD in a couple months – Laurence Tougas asked Tim to write an article about Hi Tech High School. Should be in MA Mag in about 2 months.
Thomas Moeller – Looking to train 25 sUAS pilots.
Next board meeting – June 20th 2014 – 7pm, Paul’s House.
Meeting over – 8:45