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FPV Race Results

FPV Multi Rotor Racing Results for 8/29/17



Click the racecourse pic for the latest FPV results:








Pop Wing Race Results 2016

Kudos to our points leaders who made were sure to make it to each race, and truly hold that competitive spirit.   Brad,  who had 6 consecutive 10 point days (broken only by the one month we skipped),  Jim, who also had 6, 10 point days (non-consecutive) and Eric & Randy who each had 4, 10 point days during the season.
Here are our final, 2016 standings:



Popwing Final Score 2016




Thank you to everyone that participated, and all the other club members who let the field have these special events month in, and month out.
If you would like to participate next year, simply visit our website and review the rules: https://www.sefsd.org/index.php/ct-menu-item-31/2015-12-04-22-48-51/popwing-rules-information
Go to Nitroplanes.com or HobbyKing.com for the aircraft.  Often they are on sale for $59,   and usually have a regular price of $65.  Just put your number on as specified in the instructions.
Racing is FREE. There are no entry or participation costs above your regular club membership.
See you next year!