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Brad’s Corner for Jan/Feb 2017

BradWOW! What a wet start to the year we have had! I think 5 out of the last 6 weeks have seen rain. If we had to have only one dry weekend though, I’m glad it was in line with the Holiday Banquet on the 14th.  A great time was had by all. The food was fantastic, the venue was amazing, and the raffle finished the evening out in a fine manner. I’m sure our editor, Steve Belknap, has some fine pictures to share. Thank you to the members of the banquet committee – Randy Wynant, Julie Njaa, Quan Nguyen, and George Sullivan for getting it all set up! Thanks also to all that attended and participated, I am glad the clubs efforts at fundraising this year were put to such great use. Please, when you have the opportunity, say thanks to John Weaver at Discount Hobby Warehouse for his support all year towards the clubs raffle prizes and fun fly gift certificates. He really helps our club stretch the fun dollars.
Before moving away from the rain conversation I want to make a cautionary statement. All of the rain has caused a growth explosion in the field surrounding our site. The short green plants seem to be some kind of stinging plant variety and caused a severe allergic response from a member about a month ago. No one expects to be walking out there, but maybe some long socks and shoes in your vehicle would not be a bad idea for those that wear shorts and sandals routinely.  Also, thanks for staying off of the main runway while it is muddy. I know it sucks to not be able to fly for a few weeks, but the footprints usually last for months if we are not careful. It helps if the last one out (any time of the day) closes the gate behind them. It deters unauthorized use, and keeps people from trashing our site. It was noted numerous times in the last month that the first person in at sunrise found an open gate, and a couple of times there was some trash dumped in our driveway.
Badge day on Dec 31st came off surprisingly well considering it was another wet day. The rain stopped just before Paul and Isabel set up, but the field was too wet to fly. We had between 60 and 70 people stop in for their 2017 badge, and a slice of pizza. A few members renewed on the spot to boot.  Right now we are around 240 members for 2017. As you read this, membership renewal has be open for 8 weeks. If you have not renewed yet, Why not?   Membership is not pro-rated and will not get cheaper if you milk it… On Feb 1st we will begin enforcing the “No Badge, No fly” policy. Remember, AMA and club membership are required to fly.  The badge style has changed slightly making it more obvious whether someone is wearing a 2017 vs. an older badge. 2 weeks ago a couple of fellows were flying with badges from 2014. When asked, they “didn’t know” that AMA and SEFSD membership required yearly renewal…   On that note please wear your badge at all times while on site and please understand when someone asks to see yours, or asks you not to fly if you are not currently a member.
As we move into the new year, please take a few minutes to ensure you are still familiar with the field rules posted on our web site, and the AMA safety guidelines posted on our frequency board at the field. The guest policy remains the same, but let me throw out a reminder that no one flies at our site without current AMA insurance unless they are holding a student radio in a buddy box configuration with the instructor having valid AMA membership. If you bring/sponsor a guest to our site please ensure they understand our safety procedures and flight boundaries.
As before, we continue to ask members not to use tobacco products on the carpeted side of the logs. The second hand smoke is disturbing to many, and kneeling next to a model right into a pile of Copenhagen spit is distasteful. In my monthly shout out to our buddy Skip – it is also recommended not to take a big swig out of someone else’s frosty beverage when you have a big wad of chew in your mouth!! For the smokers, I have noticed 60 – 70 white cig butts next to the logs between gates 2 and 4. These will take years to decompose and obviously stand out on the dark asphalt grindings. In an attempt to head this off before it gets worse, please bring/use some sort of container to dispose of these instead of leaving them lay.
We finally received approval from the city to mount the large sign at the gate that announces who we are to the public. This has taken quite a bit of effort, and if you like it as much as I do, please take a moment to look it over and tell Quan what you think of his design! Thanks to Randy and George for getting the sign up!


Due to rain the electroglide was cancelled for Jan, The Chula Vista Flyers swap meet was postponed until Feb 11th, and FPV racing was postponed until Jan 28th to occur alongside the clubs monthly meeting, fun fly, and hot dog lunch. There will also be an estate sale for Don Rice’s family on Feb. 11 and 12 in Mira Mesa with Frank Gagliardi as point of contact.   This month’s event will be FLYING FREAKS. If you have something wild, weird, or wacky bring it out and compete for a prize (one entry per pilot please) between 10:00am and 12:00pm. It should be a dry day at last!!
This month’s picture is again an example of a poor unattended plane being molested by a rascal…



Membership Report for Jan 2017

By Isabel Guidice


The all online sign up for new and renewing SEFSD members is going well. However, I must remind folks to please not sign up until you have a current AMA membership number as I cannot do anything until that number is on the SEFSD membership application form. Also, remember that if your current AMA membership expires January 31, 2017, please renew now so there is no lapse in your AMA membership which provides SEFSD with the liability insurance that covers you while flying. If your AMA lapses February 28, 2017, you need to renew as soon as possible.


To date we have 252 members signed up and another eight who either have not renewed their AMA or have not paid their SEFSD dues. Also, if you check that you are mailing a check, please do this as soon as possible. I wish I could send each of you an e-mail to be sure you know your badge has been mailed but within two weeks of renewing, please contact me if you have not received your badge.


As always, let me know if you have any questions, complaints or concerns.





SEFSD Membership

9366 Loren Drive

La Mesa CA   91942-3905

BOD Meeting Minutes for Jan 2017

By Quan Nguyen


January Board Meeting Minutes
Present: Paul, Randy, Brad, George, Dennis, Brian, Quan, Jim Also Present: Isabel (Membership Coordinator)
Commenced: 7:10pm
 -Vote on sign. Sign design was approved with minor changes. Already approved $400 budget from last year.
 -Discussed prizes for holiday party. Will raffle $1,500 of prizes. Thank you John Weaver for your support with the gift certificates.
 -FAI/F5B/D Event Requests. Field closures requested from 12:30 – 5:00pm on Feb. 26th, March 19th, April 30th, June 25th, July 23rd, Sept 17th. Approved.
 -Renewed relationship with FAA to get a Letter of Agreement with Lindbergh. Randy and Brad to assist.
 -Voted to approve purchase of Yeti 400 Solar Generator for $400 to replace broken generator.
 -Voted to approve $210 for trailer maintenance.
 -Voted to have George dispose of inoperable generator and old RadioShack PA horns.
 -234 members as of 1/13/17.
 -Discussed pruning club mailing list.
 -January 31st is end of the grace period for flying without 2017 badge.
 -Discussed budget. Same as Actual Budget 2016.
 -Reiterated 3 day pass rule for guest fliers. Discussed AMA IP instructor program.
 -Mr. Thompson donated hobby equipment to the club, including a new Apprentice. Thanks!
Adjourned: 9:08pm

2016 F5D World Championships

By Bruce Brown 


The World Championship for F5D (electric pylon) was held in Lugo Italy at Lugo di Romagna airfield, Aeroclub Francesco Baracca from Aug. 15 thru 18 2016.


  Flyers interested in competing at the W/C need to finish top three in a team selection event. The USA team selection was held at the Champaign County Radio Control Club in Sept. 2015. Top three from this event to make up the U.S. team were 1st place Jim Nikodem, 2nd place Tim Lampe, and 3rd Charles “Bruce” Brown.

  The Lugo Cup is the opening event, a two day eight round contest that is open to anyone. Important for time on the course with officials and plane set-up. Next is the World Championships, a four day event with four heats each day, best thirteen of sixteen flights count toward the final result. F5D pylon racing is a ten lap race around a triangular course with lengths of 180m x 180m x 40m for a total of 4 Kilometers race distance. The race is judged by time, your score being the number of seconds to finish ten laps, one pylon cut adds 10% to the score, two pylon cuts you receive a score of 200. Each plane has a required watt limiter, this was the first time that all contestants had to use the same brand official provided limiters in an effort to improve the racing and fair play.


  The #1 far pylon has a light system operated by officials, flashing as each plane passes #1 . The flyer has a caller to launch and then call the turn distance, difficult job because if you wait for the light you’ve then gone to far. A cadence or count works best, hopefully the light flashes in the middle of the turn each time. My caller was team member Tim Lampe, his launching and turn calling were excellent, only two cuts in sixteen heats, both my fault. Tim’s team work helped me to an eleventh place finish, Jim Nikodem finished 12th and Tim Lampe was 19th after some struggle. Weather was sunny and hot, light breeze at most.


  Of interest was the Czech Republic single blade prop, the Australian single blade prop and a single blade folding prop with spring loaded adjustable pitch flown by Russian team member Aleksandr Anisimov.

  The town of Lugo is very proud of their WW1 flying ace Francesco Baracca credited with 34 victories before being killed by ground fire in 1918. He started his military service in the cavalry in Italy 1912, with the start of war he went to France to fly with the allies, missing his horse he wrote to the cavalry commander to check. The commander wrote back saying his horse was fine but reared up everytime he tried to get close, the commander drew a picture to illustrate. Baracca amused, went on to use the insignia for his squadron throughout the war. In 1929 Francescos’ mother presented the emblem to Enzo Ferrari for good luck in a local road race with his Alfa Romeo that he went on to win. Enzo would then decide to build his own cars and forever use the emblem, now known as the prancing horse.


Contest Report USA team trial  http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=32741438&postcount=77


Final Results Lugo Cup open  http://www.f5wcitaly.it//images/doc/LugoCupFinalResF5D.pdf


Contest Report W/C 2016  http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2714963-2016-F5D-WorldChampionships-Lugo-Italy


Final Results W/C 2016   http://www.f5wcitaly.it//images/doc/WChF5D_FinalClassification.pdf


Czech Republic single blade prop  http://www.zoomport.eu/shop/RC-Kits-and-Accessories/Hotliners-F5D-and-Accessories-063130000.aspx


Australian single blade prop  http://www.bigbruceracing.com

Don’s Fight Has Ended

After the initial shock wore off and the fog cleared for me, I was able to see something incredible unfold. Every one of us instantly opened our hearts and our arms to welcome Don in for support and strength. Now, we all know Don would never ask for a damn thing (his dang pride and all) but, he never had to ask. We just rallied together and formed what he later deemed, “Don’s Battalion”. He was beyond surprised and touched by the love he saw from everyone. I even recall a conversation with him where he expressed utter shock. You see, Don was a sarcastic man who never minded telling you exactly what he thought, any time, any day. He was always right (and I mean ALWAYS), and to quote him “The world would be a much better place if everyone just did things the way I do!”. He was gruff, opinionated and demanding. But inside of that hard exterior, there was a completely different Don. I was lucky enough to know that part of him very well. He was loving, generous, kind, gentle, humble, so darn smart (too smart for his own good at times). He would do anything for you if you were part of what he called his “inner circle of friends”. Every one of us on this e-mail made his list, which says a lot. He had more friends than he ever realized and it wasn’t until he sent this e-mail out, and received the overwhelming replies, that Don was able to see how much he was loved and admired. He touched so many lives, in a multitude of ways. His flying friends, his work friends, his roommates, his gun friends, his ex’s (me), his family. We all formed this HUGE circle that surrounded him and tried our best to protect him from the enemy. And boy did Don fight. And when needed, his Battalion was right there with him, holding him up when he was tired, making him laugh when he wanted to cry, offering a shoulder when all he could do was cry, bring him food, visit him in the hospital, send him cards and flowers, text and e-mail him just to check in. His army never failed him, and Don fought hard but his last battle was just too much. Most of you already know this but, some of you may not have heard. Don’s fight has ended, his war is over. He is finally without pain and can now go back to doing the things he loved most. Eating good, no GREAT food, having the occasional drink when the moment calls for it, shooting every gun he can get his hands on, flying RC planes until his thumbs go numb, and laughing every moment of every day. I personally don’t know how to get through the days, weeks, months and years to come without hearing his voice, or reading his grouchy sarcastic texts. But, I think what will keep me strong in my weaker moments is remembering him in all his glory. And thanking him every chance I can for leaving us with the greatest gift of all. Don brought all of us together in his own crazy way. He gave us the chance to reconnect with old friends, make new ones and remember what life is supposed to be about. Don may not be fighting any longer but, Don’s Battalion will forever remain in tact. Don learned something from all of us too. We are stronger together than we could ever be alone. He would want us to honor his memory best by always and forever being Don’s Battalion.


Blue skies forever Donald Wayne Rice. You are gone but never forgotten. “I carry your heart, I carry it with my heart”


Love to all,


Kathy (I’m the ex). 🙂