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BOD Minutes for Feb 2017

By Quan Nguyen


Present: Paul, Jim, Brad, George, Randy, Dennis, Quan, Brian
Meeting to Order: 2/10/17 7:27pm
-Isabel’s Report: 295 Members
-EMAC clinic on Feb. 19th. Field remains open. Thanks to Steve Belknap and Neu for hosting.
-Discussed board purchasing chairs for the field. Board has concerns over chairs being stolen/damaged. No vote.
-Jim proposes purchasing weed sprayer. Motion to propose purchase of battery operated weed sprayer for up to $200. Approved.
-Brad proposes someone take over hot dog duty. Dennis volunteered.
-February’s event: Don’t Spill the Beans.
-Randy brought up metal fans on EDFs.
-Paul’s Treasurer report: Showed budget year to date.
-Discussed non-member referencing SEFSD at city council meeting.
-Discussed letter of agreement. Randy to print letter of agreement template and submit to board for review prior to sending to Steve Nelson. All voted yes.
Meeting adjourned: 8:56pm

Safe Li-Po Charging and Storage – Bat-Safe

[Editor’s comment – Although I have no experience with the “Bat-Safe”, I do have extensive experience with the LipoSack.  The article below describes “Lipo Bags”, in bullet “1.”, as less than optimal.  I am here to testify the LipoSack is quite possible the MOST optimal charging and storage solution for Li-Pos.  It was created by my friend and former neighbor Mark Wood.  I witnessed the development and testing and it contained the flames every time.  Lots of smoke came out of the vented bag but never flames.  Stay away from the knock-offs, they are not built to the same standard.  The LipoSack is made from American sourced materials and assembled right here in California.  The manufacturer will even replace the bag, if it is ever needed to contain a fire, FOR FREE – beat that!  I charge and store all my Li-Pos in LipoSacks.  I agree the “ammo box” is a terrible idea for containing a Li-Po fire, any closed and locked container will become a pressure vessel and explode.


Thanks to Rob Jahnke for submitting the following artice!  This is a very important subject for our activities. We should never get complacent about Li-Po safety.  -Steve]



Hello fellow club members,  (feel free to forward to anyone with Lipo’s)


I have been doing a lot of research about charging and storing Lipo’s. My interest was especially peaked when I heard the story of a friend in the San Diego club (SEFSD) who had a Lipo fire that burned down his shop.


My research has led me to a couple of conclusions:


1. Ammo Boxes and Lipo Bags MIGHT be somewhat helpful, but more often than not, they turn into pressurized flame throwers.


2. Even if you contain the fire, the smoke damage from a Lipo fire is significant. So you need to contain or exhaust or filter the smoke.


I was doing more research this morning and found this:




It looks like a great solution at a reasonable price ($60) given the cost of a fire.


Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8MQCatbxSY
and this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cany3qEUEYE


This was a Kickstarter project last year but now they are available (but on backorder) from HobbyKing.  They are available directly from BAT-SAFE.com as well. I talked to the inventor (Tom Mast) this morning and he has them in stock for $60 each with free shipping until the end of the month. They just started shipping these in December.


I bought three. One to use for charging batteries and two to use for storage.


Lipo fires are rare but real, and can be devastating. To me, I look at these boxes as very cheap fire insurance.


Rob Jahnke
Sartell, MN
Member of NorthStar Flyers of Holdingford MN, Madison Area Radio Control Society of Madison WI, Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego (SEFSD)