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Brad’s Corner for April/May 2017

WACO TOHey Fliers!


I hope you are having a great month! As we finish out April, I would like to make a few comments related to safe use of our site.


First, most of you have noticed the amount of new growth at our site due to the wet start to the year. In some places it is over 8 feet! This raises a few concerns. For those of you (like me) who suffer from pollen allergies, be sure to use your medication of choice before you head for the field, sneezing and watery eyes do not make you a successful pilot! Next, there has been a plethora of people coming off of the street to take pictures of the pretty flowers (weeds). People are all over the place, and we need to avoid flying over them with planes, or ‘taking a closer look’ with multi-rotors. Please give them the courtesy of safety. Also, all of this growth is going to raise our fire risk greatly. Last weekend I saw a couple of people grab extinguishers and run to a smoking aircraft. That is the response we need as we move into the summer. Thank you all for being vigilant!


Next, I need to touch on full scale aircraft in our vicinity. Under NO circumstances do we have the right of way when full scale are overhead. Yes, I understand they are not supposed to be below 500 feet. However, they are sometimes vectored through at 300 or 400 feet due to other concerns. We were reported to the tower at least twice this month, and need to get this under control. Please get to 50 feet or below any time there are full scale around. If you are practicing for an event that requires you to momentarily go above 400 feet, like electroglide or the F5 competitions, please ask someone to spot for you so you have another set of eyes looking out for issues.


Finally, take a few minutes to review and replace items as necessary in your first aid kits. We hope to never need them, but there are some items that expire. I ended up having to replace a large number of band aids that just wouldn’t stick due to age.


Membership is proceeding at a decent pace. We are a bit behind last year’s numbers, currently at 336 members. Not a surprise that things are a bit slow, we are not hosting drone day this year, so some of that member base did not show up. Keep looking for folks flying without a badge and encourage them to join the club. Remember that no one is allowed to fly at our site without AMA, and potential members (not prior members) are allowed 3 guest days with AMA before we require them to join the club.


I am still getting a lot of prior members asking for keys to the gate. We have NOT changed the lock, so you do not need a new key every year. From this month forward, keys will cost $2.00 unless you are a new member. Along with the privilege of having a key goes the responsibility to close the gate if you are the last one out. Almost every night this month the gate has been left open with no one around. This leaves us open to all sorts of bad things. PLEASE lock the gate!


Our fun fly on the 22nd will be altitude quest. A fun event that only requires you to fly to your designated altitude and land. $150.00 in gift certificates from Discount hobbies will be divided amongst the 5 pilots closest to their mark. This will be followed by lunch and a brief club meeting. Being discussed will be some fundraising ideas for the 4th of July event at the field. Without drone day, we are way behind where we were last year fund wise, and need to generate revenue to support our end of year banquet. It you have ideas – please share!


Brad Waco Waco To Roll

Click to see Randy’s pics and a vid                                       Click to see more pics and a vid


The pics this month are a few of the big Waco I picked up at Don Rice’s estate sale and had the honor of finishing. I am using one of Steve Neu’s new large outrunners, which pretty much prove the fact that there isn’t any plane that cannot be converted to electric power. At 54 (ish) pounds, it is the heaviest plane ever to fly from our field.


Have a great month!




P.S. Skip and Dave- I know you did scary things this month, I just let you off the hook…

SEFSD Member Profile – Mike Morgan


1st Plane

“this is my first plane, it’s a scratch built stick and paper towel”


There were no die cutters or lasers in the early days; I often cut out the parts from a blueprinted balsa sheet or off a set of plans.  During high school I found other interests and stop building. In 1998 I joined the SEFSD club, brushless motors we just starting to become popular and Aveox was the motor of choice. I’ve been involved in the hobby ever since.


Late in 2003 Pandy purchased Sureflite, he approached me to help him run the company. Pandy came up with the bright idea of taking on a dealership with GWS. We had 1,000’s of items in stock, but things did not go as planned. Controlling inventory was a very time consuming job, we even designed an inventory program to help but I decided that office work was not my cup of tea and after a year we departed.


Soon after, I built my first CNC router which I used to build and repair kits.  



“the machine that made DWFoamies famous”


A local club member asked if I could cut some Depron foam, he wanted me to copy and cut a “Shifty” which was a popular foamie from Charger RC. I told him to design his own, he came up with a YAK 54.



Pedro Brantuas


In 2005, his YAK became the first kit that I sold under the DWFoamies name. I have cut and sold over 15,000 kits through the years. In peak times I was cutting up to a dozen kits a day, today it’s more like a kit or two a week. Because of manufacturing demands in the housing industry, Depron is no longer imported into the USA. Our supplier has enough Depron to carry us through summer of 2017. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever and the DW era will come to an end.


Multirotors started getting popular in about 2012, using my CNC router I started designing and cutting frames.


V Tail

“Our small 220mm V-Tail frame”



“Our large 1200mm Monsoon frame”


Learning to program the flight controllers was not easy. We were on our own programming for both autonomous drones and 3D quads. The industry was moving very quickly and the suppliers could not keep up with the demand. Without hardware it made it very difficult to sell kits and I decided to move on to another venture. With the knowledge I gained in programing drones, it was a natural progression allowing me to program controllers for CNC machinery.


3DimensionalTools is my current company, many of the tools that I manufacture came from previous tool designs I used in earlier business. I build production grade 3D Printers, CNC routers (16” x 32” tabletop size) and small format vacuum formers for the hobbyist. I often have 2 or 3 printers on the bench for testing purposes.



 “3D Printers running tests”


This allows me to print some of the latest designs that are becoming popular in the RC market. There is a company in the Czech Republic that produces some great quality 3D files for printing on FFF style printers, typical printing times around 70-80 hours.



“3D Printed 48“ Edge”


My newest addition to my shop is a 60 watt laser with a 16×24 cutting area. I can see some classic balsa short kits coming to your local hobby shop!  The laser has rounded off my tool collection allowing me to create proto-type designs for customers and keep it all in-house.


Pano Shop

 “The Shop”



Electroglide Report for April 2017



 Lucky Dog again


Second launch had short flight times as well. The longest time aloft again going to Steve and Tom at 2:50 and 2:32 respectively. Only Tom picked up a landing credit (20-points), for that round .


For the Third launch only Tom Erickson found the lift, staying aloft for 3:35 and scoring a 30-point landing credit. Rich Rogers had the second longest flight at 2:25 and picked up a 10-point landing credit. Fred Daugherty, flying for 2:08 picked up a 20-point landing. Stephen Treger flew for 2:11 and scored a 10-point landing.



 Fred, Stephen and Rich


Fourth and final launch found Tom Erickson above and alone from all the rest. With a flight time of 4:40 his closest competitor was Fred Daugherty at 3:20. Fred being the only pilot of that round earning a landing credit, 20-points.



30 points for Tom


Winner of the day is Tom Erickson with total points of 137. Second place goes to Fred Daugherty at 85 points. Third place is Stephen Treger at 79 points. Kudos for the day go to Tom for finding lift when others could not and Jim for keeping at it when the motor in his aircraft was so weak.



Going for extra points


Next Electroglide is scheduled for May 20th. Until then let’s fix our airplanes, practice and hope for lift.


BOD Minutes for April 2017

By Quan Nguyen


April 7th

Present: Brian, Dennis, Jim, Brad, Randy, Paul, Isabel, Quan


Meeting Commenced: 7:03pm


-Altitude related incident reported to Lindbergh on 4/1. Will discuss with member when full scale aircraft are nearby.

-Discussed member hovering over the runway. Board will talk to member.

-UAS 4 Stem May 13th.

-Discussed food for July 4th.

-This month’s event is Altitude Quest. 4th Saturday.

-Jim showed new FPV badges.

-Safety Report: No major issues. Pay attention to your setup before you fly. Look into throttle lock.

-Paul discussed budget. Membership down 20 from last year.

-Discussed more raffles.

-Port a potty is in bad shape.

-Discussed membership fees. Last price increase was in 2007. Increase is imminent. Will discuss at future meeting.

-Voted to approve $50 donation to AMA Scholarship foundation to reinstate our Gold Leader status for 2016 and 2017.

-336 Members as of April 7th.

-Brad proposed scheduling night flying date after meeting.

Meeting adjourned 9:05pm