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Your New 2018 Board of Directors

We had a fair turn out at the monthly meeting on Saturday and the plane gods cooperated to make it a great flying day!
For the voting, there were only 2 positions that were contested – Safety Officer and Member at Large. I will remain in the President seat as no one threw their name in the hat. I pass on my personal thanks to all that went for a board position, remember that it is YOUR club and the way to make your voice matter most is to place a hand on the rudder and help steer the club for a year or two as a board member. Thanks Paul and Dennis for grabbing Pizza and Soda!

Your 2018 Board of Directors.
President: Brad Bender
Vice President: Randy Wynant
Treasurer: Quan Nguyen
Secretary: Ken Dresser
Safety Officer: Tony Blackhurst
Member at Large: Jim Bonnardel
Member at Large: Dennis Benitez
Member at Large: Carl Cox

It will be open flying (no contests) through December, so bring what you have! Start prepping your popwings, gliders, and FPV racers now, January will kick off the new contest season with a possible pre-Christmas fun event from the drone folks.
Over the next 2 weeks we should send blasts on how to get registered for the Jan 13th Holiday Party at the Harbor House. This will be for valid 2017 members only – no exceptions. Also, expect to receive the e-mail announcement when we are accepting membership submittals for 2018. Please wait until the new form is up and working before attempting to renew, do not print and mail in old forms as the format has changed. Dues for 2018 will be $50.00. Now is the perfect time to renew your AMA membership if you have not already!
Have a great month!


Welcome to the New SEFSD Website

I hope you enjoy the look and feel of our new website.  The navigation should feel familiar.  I tried to put everything where you should easily find it.  I will be adding back old content over time.  Please be patient as it is very time consuming.  Look around and let me know what you think.  If you find something wrong or have a question/comment, please email me: -Steve

Brad’s Corner for Nov/Dec 2017

To begin, I would like to mention that we are moving this month’s meeting/board member voting from our usual fourth Saturday to Saturday the 18th to avoid conflict with Thanksgiving holiday travel. We will have the meeting/voting around noon with pizza provided by the club for attendees. Jim has sent out absentee ballots for those that cannot attend, please ensure that if you do vote absentee – you fill in your full name as it appears on your membership card. If we can’t verify that you are a member, your ballot will not be counted. No cemetery voters please…
Finally, it has cooled off a bit! It is crazy that we had to wait until November to get a break this year. Still waiting for some rain to smooth the field out and reduce the risk of fire at our site. We really haven’t had many fires this year, and I want to thank all of you for being careful and having your extinguishers ready as needed.
Jim and Dennis have started replacing the worst of the tables at the main runway. Please throw them a thank you for giving up a few flying days to work for us instead. They started with the worst four and will continue into next year as the existing tables give out. Not bad, we have nearly 4 years on tables we expected to last one.
A reminder on etiquette at the field, safety concerns, and just plain common sense: In the last 2 weeks I have observed folks walking out past the fence without letting other pilots know they were stepping out. Please call loudly, there were a few VERY near misses! Also, please look and verify no one is on approach before loudly announcing take-off and landing. Also judge the point at which you call your landings, calling too early can leave others stranded with low batteries waiting for a landing that should have been called thirty seconds later. Finally, after landing, if you taxi – please do so near the fence to reduce risk of others coming in after you.
One of our club members, Butch Bucciarelli, heard my call in September that we were looking for a venue to have our Holiday banquet in Jan. He came through for us in a big way, and our Banquet Committee ( Randy and Quan ) are finalizing the details. It sounds AMAZING!  Plan for a blast to all 2017 members to come out in early December with all of the info. Details will not make the web page or be posted to Facebook ( Pictures will post AFTER the event) to avoid the party crashers/freeloaders as we experienced the last 2 years. If you are a member, and do not get the club e-mails, email your friendly editor and he will make sure you get yours:
As I look over the newsletter for the last few months, I notice a great amount of content provided by members. Thank all of you that have hopped on board! Steve Belknap has been doing a great job of putting it all together for us, and it makes his life a bit easier if he does not have to search for all of the content himself. If you have a neat project, please share!
The Board has voted on and approved a small increase in membership dues starting 2018. Dues will go up to $50.00 a year when we start accepting 2018 applications next month. The club costs have been going up over the last few years and this will allow us to keep even. One exciting thing you will see next year is a new style of badge we will be issuing to take some of the load from the membership coordinator – THANKS GEORGE SULLIVAN! We failed to realize how much of a load we had put on Isabel as we took the club from two hundred to four hundred members. Thanks again to Paul and Isabel Guidice for the service to the club for the last seven years.
Please join us on Saturday for the meeting and vote. If you want to give back to the hobby you enjoy, I greatly encourage each of you to spend a bit of time on the board so we can all benefit from your ideas and experiences.
Have a great Thanksgiving, and please be safe. I think I saw a video on YouTube of Skip trying to deep fry a turkey. It was scary! I will be having ham now…

Safety Report for Nov 2017

By Randy Wynant
Overall, we have had a great month of folks paying attention and being very considerate of others in the air.
We did have 1 midair that I know of, however that was, as agreed to by both pilots, “Just one of those things”.
No hard feelings, which is good…..but broken planes not so much.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,
Randy Wynant

BOD Minutes for November 2017

By Quan Nguyen
November 10th Board Meeting
Present: Paul, Jim, George, Dennis, Randy, Brian, Brad, Quan
Commenced: 6:58pm-Discussed board nominations for 2018
-Badge printer: Authorized for purchase.
-Costco Pizza for Election Day
-Voted to increase 2018 dues to $50.
-Thank you Butch Bucciarelli for providing Harbor House for this year’s Winter Banquet.
-Discussed possibility of International Drone Day for 2018.
-Discussed bringing back MWE (Mid Winter Electric)
-Jeff Struthers will continue Electroglide in 2018
-Jim will continue PopWing in 2018
-Treasurer’s Report- Thank you Paul for your service! Paul will help incoming Treasurer.
-Safety Report: Safety is good, just some people flying over parking lot.
-Brian to collect funds for holiday banquet.
BOD Dinner Dec. 16th @ 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned: 8:46pm

Editor’s Notes for June – July 2021

Newsworthy Items:

1.  Please check the calendar for the schedules for: Meetings/Events, Electroglide, Float Flying, and Indoor Flying.
2.  The Torry Pines Gulls have their outstanding newsletter available online.
3.  Please check out all the other great items for sale in our “For Sale by Members” area.
5.  Please check out these fine newsletters from other clubs:
The Harbor Soaring Society has a wonderful newsletter here.
6.  There is now a complete list of club instructors under the “Resources” tab.

Brad’s Corner for Oct./Nov. 2017

I open this month’s newsletter with some sad news.

Last week our official Candy Man and unofficial club greeter, Fred Duffy, passed away. Fred was a welcoming member of our weekend crew over the last several years. 50-60 of our newest members thanked Fred for his approachability, and willingness to help a new guy out. Fred passed following a brief illness the morning of the 17th. He was where he wanted to be – At home with his loving Family. Freds son, Mike, has expressed his gratitude for the supportive texts, mails, and comments I have passed to him. Freds home life was very private and Mike said there will not be an open service per Freds wishes. The family will commemorate his life and their Mothers life together in private at a future date. We will miss Fred, and will do something to remember him on Veterans Day – November 11th. Mike will take a few weeks off, but we hope to see him back out at the field when affairs are in order.

Fred and Mike


As we approach the end of the calendar year we have finished up our monthly event series – Popwing races, Electroglide, and Multirotor FPV racing. If you would like to propose an event for next year, or run one of the current events, please let Jim or myself know.