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Morgantech’s 3D Printed P-38 Build

By Steve Belknap

About a year ago I bought one of Mike Morgan’s 3D printed P-38 kits.  I had seen several of the 3D printed kits he was producing and really wanted one.  He offers several models to choose from including a Zivco Edge 540, MIG 15, Piper Pawnee, Corsair F2G, Spitfire, P-51, P-47 and the P-38 (https://morgantech.com/).  I always wanted to build a P-38 so here was the perfect opportunity.

P-38 with “Honey Bunny” markings.  Graphics from Callie Graphics.


About  Morgantech:  Mike has up to 4 printers going at any one time in his garage/shop.  Mike is a master of organization.  He has to be.  His entire shop fits into 1/2 of a 2-car garage!  There are planes hanging from the ceiling, printers going, a full size laser cutter, CNC router, band saw, shelves, tables, storage, etc.  There is more stuff in there than you would believe possible (think TARDIS).  And all of it is clean, organized and easily accessible.

My P-38 parts atop two of Mike’s 3D printers.  Mike makes his own printers as well.  See link above.

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