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President’s Corner for September/October 2018

As we finally move into Spring I am really looking forward to some cooler weather.

The Santa Ana wind patterns may keep us warm and dry over the next few weeks, but as long as it cools off shortly after, I will be good with it. The outer field areas are very dry and there is still some fire risk – I appreciate your diligence when it comes to fire safety! We are into our seventh month with no measureable rain, and the runway is extremely dry. There has been a shortage of water trucks during fire season, but it sounds like we will have one available to rent this weekend. I Have my fingers crossed!! This means a possible hour or two with no flying each weekend afternoon while laying down water and rolling the field.

We are coming up on the end of the year which means a few things. Our monthly series events – pop wing racing, and electroglide are coming to an end. October 13 and 20 respectively will officially end 2018 for these events. A BIG thanks to Jeff and Jim for spearheading these events yet again this year. If you would like to get involved in next year’s series, please see them and ask what you can do to help us carry the fun into 2019.

Also, we are again at that time of year when we are looking for new blood in the Board of Directors. I am at my term limit and will be passing the presidency on to the next shining star that wants to steer the club into his own vision. I believe Randy will throw his name into the hat for this. The other board members have stated that they would be willing to carry on into next year – but I need to point out that ALL positions are open for competition if anyone else would like the opportunity to give back to the club by serving

On the BOD. Our current members:

Chairman – Vacant

President – Brad Bender – will automatically become Chairman and vacate Presidency

Vice President – Randy Wynant

Treasurer – Quan Nguyen

Safety Officer – Tony Blackhurst

Secretary – Ken Dresser

Member at Large – Jim Bonnardel

Member at Large – Dennis Benitez

Member at Large – Carl Cox

We will be accepting nominations all of October for positions. It is acceptable to self-nominate if you would like to run. Nominees must accept their nomination (to avoid being railroaded while on vacation…). On November 1st we will officially announce nominees and send absentee ballots to 2018 members that have other plans on voting day. The vote will occur at the field during the monthly meeting on NOV 17th ( held one week early to de-conflict with Thanksgiving travel). If you want to see the club safely into the future, or even change the vision of the group as a whole, Now is your chance! I look forward to the future with someone else at the helm!!

Jim will announce shortly a new banquet fundraiser through custom ink that will offer more variations of club wear – responding to requests by members. If you have enjoyed the banquets over the last couple of years, please support the process by helping us fund it and get some nice items. Bumper stickers are also in the works!

Last October we lost our dear Friend and Candy Man – Fred Duffy, after a short illness. We still miss the way he welcomed strangers to our site, and I know a lot of current members talked with Fred before joining the club. For the last year the BOD has been carrying on the tradition of ensuring Fred’s candy cooler was stocked with goodies and on site over the weekends for those that wanted a sweet treat. Randy has the cooler now, and I will finish it next month and give the cooler back to Fred’s son, Mike.  Also, in conjunction with the October Meeting/Fun Fly, I am going to take 10 minutes and do another Fred Duffy Flight in which I would like members to fly their various models representing T-28 Trojans, which was one of Fred’s favorite planes.

If you are a member, and do not have a key for the gate and the porta potty, please take action and get a key.

We are charging our cost for keys – which is only $3.00. If you absolutely cannot afford a key, come see me and we will figure it out… DO NOT relieve yourself at our site outside of the porta potty – PERIOD!! If credibly reported, I will remove you from our club, and possibly inform the authorities if you made an obvious display… There is absolutely no reason for it.

There have been a few occasions this year when members have submitted stories about a plane they are proud of, have on their project list, or just an aviation related experience from their past. I have REALLY enjoyed these additions to our newsletter, and encourage you to keep it up. Steve Belknap, our editor, works hard to provide you a quality newsletter – and every bit helps! Also, a few more people have had success buying/selling in our “for Sale” area. You have better odds of getting a quality item from a member than from a random stranger on craigslist or RC groups…  Check it out!!

Just to bang my safety drum… There were more accidental flights over the pits and over the folks at the rotorplex area the last couple of weeks. I am not sure what is causing the trend, but we need to rectify. One way to get this under control is to remind folks that the runway is for taking off and landing only. High speed passes should be performed no closer than the edge of the grass at the other side of the runway.  This ensures a better view, and if a Dumb Thumb or Fat Finger pulls you closer to the fence, you have time to recover without making people dive under the table! Call your landings, take offs, touch and goes, and low passes. Please remember we try to fly a pattern that is dictated by the wind at the time. Into the wind over the edge of the grass – 50 feet out, and downwind 100-200 feet out. This minimizes head on collisions. Also, there is risk any time there is not blue sky between aircraft – depth perception being wildly different between individuals.  Lastly, more people are bringing larger planes and enjoying them. With larger motors and planes with multiple blade props, there is more rotational mass at the front of the plane which will increase the tendency of the plane to torque left as the tail wheel comes up. Then this really gets bad if the pilot nails it to try to get out of trouble… A nice smooth throttle coupled with being ready to apply right rudder is the key.

To close up for the month, I want to say thanks to the members for keeping drama low! Thanks for keeping the politically charged conversations somewhere else.  This month’s fun fly event on the 22nd will be Micro Madness. Between 10:00 AM and Noonish there will be events at 3 of the runway gates designed for Micro planes. Any of the UMX line will qualify to enter. There are a couple of other brands that should qualify – but Randy will have the final word. Following the fun fly we will have the monthly meeting and hot dog lunch. Dennis is trying to convince me to make Chili…

Have a great, SAFE Month!


UMX Flea Circus

Club Event

UMX Flea Circus

Come one, Come ALL to the SEFSD FLEA CIRCUS !!

Saturday, Sept 22   Events start at 10am

Bring your UMX or Ultra Micro Aircraft and play in this 3-ring CIRCUS!!!

There will be 3 different events scored, and the top 5 scores will win the appropriate Gift Certificate to Discount Hobby Warehouse

There will be 3 stations:

1- UMX Looper

2- UMX Spot Land

3- UMX Glide

Points for each flight, total high points wins.

Details at the pilot meeting.

Come on down and FLY FLY FLY

Meeting and Lunch to follow the event!!

Peik’s Airport Was Here

We fly near consecrated ground. . .  There once was an airport located just slightly East of our flying field called Peik’s Airport.  It was located South West of the intersection of the I-5 and Sea World Drive and existed from 1934 till 1957.  Although it changed in appearance over the years, it was an important part of San Diego’s aviation history.  Before mission Bay was a gleam in the San Diego’s planner’s eye, this little airport served many roles including flight training and military.  The air safety advocate John Nance’s father was a part owner of their flight school, Nance & Cooper Flight Academy.  The airport’s demise came in 1957 as a result of the expansion of Mission Bay.

Past SEFSD member Doug Nichols showed me a wonderful website called Abandoned & Little Known Airfields.  On that site are references to all the old airfields in San Diego.  Peik’s Airport is shown with plenty of documentation.  Please take a few minutes and peruse this interesting story about some of the true aviators who came before us and helped usher in aviation as we know it today.

One of the planes used at the Nance & Cooper Flight Academy was a 1947 Cessna 140.  Amazingly this same plane is still flying today.  You can read the history of this little plane here.

Finally, here is a reprint of an article published in 1967 about the airport.  This was also published in Peak Charge some time ago.  I thought it was a good idea to include it here.

If anyone has more information or stories about Peik’s airport, I would love to print it, thanks.