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Thanks Brad!

Please give Brad Bender a hardy, and well deserved, “Thank you” the next several times you see him.  He has tirelessly monitored the restrictions placed upon our flying site.  He stayed in near constant communication with the Parks Dept. Rangers and the SD Police.  He got the field opened up, arranged for the field cleaning and repair, and most recently, even got the Porta Poti opened back up by instituting a strict cleaning regiment that the Rangers found acceptable.  (I personally thank him from the bottom of my bladder).  It is this kind of leadership that makes our club truly exceptional.  So please, say: “Thanks Brad!”, shower him with gifts, offer to fly his planes for him, stop peeing on his wheels, or whatever you need to do to show your appreciation.

Steve B.

Mark Davis’ Latest – The 90mm Avanti

I finally finished the 1.9m Avanti XS (120mm EDF on 12S).  Everything is ready to go except for me – I haven’t flown in two months. I thought these pilots needed kindergarten-level controls, so Bert has buttons for “Fly” and “Land.”  (I don’t know why most cockpits are more complex than this, because that pretty much covers 100% of what an airplane needs to do.)  Ernie is a bit more negative in his outlook.

Steve Neu’s Prop Adapter for the FMS T-28 Pylon Racer

By Steve Neu – sneu@mac.com

After busting several of the rather fragile 3 bladed FMS 7×6 props I decided to come up with a clean solution to mount an APC 7x6E prop without having to resort to stacks of washers, as the motor does not have an adapter that will work with “normal” props. I designed some parts and thanks to the fact that my business has both a Haas CNC lathe and mill it was easy to get some of the adapters made. No mods of the motor or plane are needed—simply remove the old prop and plastic adapter and put the slotted drive plate in it’s place. Install the smallest hole reducer that comes with the APC prop and balance the prop and slip it over the shaft—then install and tighten the spinner nut and you are done—ready to go race again. I made enough so others who need them can get them—I will keep some in the car so if you need one let me know when you see me at the field. I am optimistic that we will be in a position that T-28 racing can get going again in July.

Bill Allen’s Projects for May

Here are my May projects: the Ryan STA is a 57” Great Planes ARF from Tower. Needed a smallish wheeled plane as we just got a new site at the school near my house available Wednesday evenings. Nice paved play area leading into a large soccer field. The Skyray was inspired by a foamy project in last months model aviation magazine.

Treasurer’s Report for June/July 2020

I’m very excited that we’re finally open for flying again! I went flying the last two weekends, and the field has been pretty quiet. Last Sunday, I had a nice little impromptu picnic at the field with Brad, Lisa, and Steve when Lisa brought some mouth watering chile relleno and pozole. I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday!
We have 268 members as of June 23rd, and our finances are healthy. Even though we’re not able to raise funds for the holiday party this year, we had a generous donation by John Forester’s estate and AMA grant that fully funds our events for the remainder of the year. I look forward to seeing you all again soon as the county continues to re-open.
Stay Safe!
6S batteries were strategically placed to hold down the tablecloth when the wind picked up.

FAA – Recreational Flyer Registration Renewals

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Recreational Flyer Registration Renewals

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has important registration information for drone recreational flyers whose registration was automatically extended until December 12, 2020.

Your registration expires in 180 days and you can now renew it in your FAADroneZone dashboard:

Drone Registration Dashboard

  • Once you click ‘renew’ the process is the same as when you initially registered.
  • Once you have renewed, to print an updated registration card: Login to the FAADroneZone, select the Recreational Flyer Dashboard and select Print.

How much does it cost to renew a registration?
$5 through the FAADroneZone.

Why Was My Registration Extended?
The National Defense Authorization Act for 2018 restored the FAA’s registration rule with respect to model aircraft and recreational flying. If you registered prior to December 12, 2017 and did not request to have your registration information deleted, the FAA extended the expiration date until December 12, 2020, which is three years from the rule restoration date. If you requested a refund of registration fees, you would have had to re-register again after December 12, 2017. Therefore, your expiration date would now also be December 12, 2020, or later. At this time you can retain your registration number.

Questions? Contact UAShelp@faa.gov

State of the Art in Electric Full Size Aircraft

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