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Chairman’s Corner for Aug – Sep 2020

Hey Flyers!

 It’s been over 10 weeks since we have been able to use our field again. I would like to thank everyone that has utilized the site for following the rules as put forth by the county and practicing social distancing. Some of you have decided to stay home and not fly, that doesn’t stop us from missing you at the field! It’s understandable though, I hope everybody is staying safe and keeping your family safe!

 I want to thank Dennis LaBerge for his efforts and weed abatement around the edges of the field. When you have a chance please thank him also – he puts in some serious hours keeping the wild brush under control.

 This weekend on Saturday- 22 August, we are hoping to have decent participation for a field sweep between 8 AM and 9 AM in preparations for soaking the field with the water truck next week. The clay will absorb the water and compress, the sand will not. Thank you to all that show up!

 Following the sweep down we will have our first official Pylon Race of the year, thanks to the event owner, Steve Neu, we will be racing FMS 800 millimeter T-28 Trojans. Starting this late in the year, with an event series that completes in October, we are just going to race for bragging rights – and have invited members from local clubs to participate.

Electra Glide is still on hold for now. We traditionally have 12-15 participants and Jeff wants to stay within the current guidelines for gatherings of 10 or more. We await approval from Jeff Struthers to start. It may not happen this year we will just have to see how it goes. Along the same thought, the monthly meeting/fun Fly event is still on hold. Sorry, no Hot Dogs…

With the heat wave upon us, I would like to remind everybody to bring plenty of liquids with them to the field and also to be mindful of the fire hazard in the outer field area.

For now membership is down more than 80 people below where we were last year at this time, and may not improve. We are still seeing new members join, but there are still quite a few prior members who have not renewed for 2020. If you’re not flying, that’s fine. If you are flying, please renew and finish out the year as a member.

Finally, I want to toss out a bone and ask people to think of what they could personally contribute to make our club a better place to enjoy our great hobby. In a few months we will be voting for the 2021 Board of Directors. Quite a few of the current Board have agreed to continue on next year but a few are on the fence. Right now we are down one club president, and may be looking for one or two others to fill out the board of Directors. Your input is valuable in providing guidance to the club!

Have a great month!


New Article – R/C Flying Photography Tips

SEFSD is extremely fortunate to have Frank Sutton as a member and contributor.  He has provided thousands of high quality photos and videos that are shared on our SmugMug gallery.  He puts a lot of time and effort into this so please thank him next time you see him at the field.

By Frank Sutton

               It is my hope that you, the Pilots, Families, and Friends of Silent Electric Flyers San Diego (SEFSD), enjoy viewing and sharing the photos I send to our SEFSD Editor, Steven Belknap, for publication on the SEFSD Website’s Gallery. Steven puts a lot of time and effort into not only the outstanding SEFSD Peak Charge Newsletter we all enjoy each month, but also posting the many photos that I send to him for the Website. I salute Steven and all of the SEFSD volunteers that unselfishly contribute so much towards making SEFSD the best Radio Control (R/C) Club in existence today!  Thank you!

              Steven asked if I would write an article on any tips I could share on taking photos of R/C aircraft. I told him that I am not a professional photographer (or a professional videographer for that matter), however, I would write the article because I very much enjoy taking and sharing photos and the occasional video of not only Alex’s R/C adventures, but the flying adventures of all the SEFSD Members too – and that leads me to Tip Number One!


               I’m certainly not a lawyer, but in a public area such as SEFSD Field, anyone may legally take photos and videos of others without their consent so long as they are not minors (less than 18 years of age). Be advised though, if anyone requests their photo (or video) not to be taken, do not take that person’s photo or include them in a video!

              If anyone that requested their photo not to be taken should inadvertently be included in a photo or perhaps appear in the background of a photo, then the photo must be cropped so the person no longer appears in the photo, or that photo must be deleted entirely. Similarly, video with that person should not be kept.

              You may ask the person if they’ll give permission to take photos/videos of their aircraft only (but not to include the Pilot flying the aircraft), and then respect and follow their directions.

Read the Entire Article

Treasury Report for Aug 2020

The board is busy behind the scenes making sure your club is running smoothly. As of 8/21, we have 288 members. We are in the process of diversifying our accounts to different banks to take advantage of more competitive interest rates. Our field maintenance is coming up, and our club is on the waitlist now to get a 2000 gallon water truck. With the heat wave going on, our rental equipment provider said all the water trucks are rented out. Our target is to get the field watered down on 8/28. We’ll keep you posted.

NEW! – The FAA Launched a Podcast

Meet The Air Up There, a podcast for people who are curious about aviation
The Air Up There Podcast

Meet The Air Up There, a Podcast for People Who Are Curious About Aviation

It’s no secret that we at the Federal Aviation Administration think aviation is incredible. We want to share this passion with the world, through stories that will inspire the next generation of aviation professionals.

We’re excited to share the launch of our first-ever podcast, The Air Up There. Read more about the podcast launch on our blog.

The COVID-19 public health emergency changed the way that many Americans do their job. Curious how it’s affected the way we move traffic through the sky? Listen to Episode 1: Air Traffic Amid A Public Health Emergency.


In Episode 2, we talk with TJ Kim, a 16-year-old student pilot who has spent the last several months using his training flights to deliver PPE and other medical supplies to rural and community hospitals in Virginia. Listen to Episode 2: Operation Supplies Over Skies.


You can listen to the show on our website at or find it on Apple Podcasts. If you like it, please rate and review it on Apple Podcasts – it will help other (new) aviation geeks find us, too.