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Chairman’s Corner for Jan – Feb 2021

Guys, let me start 2021 by saying “Thank YOU” to our board of directors! Also, well deserved Thanks to Steve our Editor, and George our membership Coordinator! Thanks for stepping forward to keep our club steady during perilous times.

We face challenges on many fronts: Thanks to everyone for continuing to practice social distancing while on site. I have seen folks keeping distance, and wearing masks when distancing is not possible. While our area qualifies as a safe, outdoor activity – we still need to project compliance with park/county/state Covid guidelines. Also, altitude limits were imposed by the FAA and Air Traffic Control and we were required to sign compliance in December of 2018 to continue operations at SEFSD…  We are 2 years in to the 200 foot limit, and while we don’t have a ruler in the sky and know some folks come close for a few seconds here or there, a few of the members will get some very pointed letters from the board about putting the club at risk by their obvious activities.  Finally, Remote ID. A proposed rule has been disseminated. While it seems likely that non-hobbyist drones in general airspace will require remote ID transponders, it sounds as if we will not have to put transponders in every aircraft that flies at our site under the auspices of Hobby club membership at a recognized FAA Blue Dot club, and membership in a community based organization (AMA). We will still be required to register with the FAA as hobbyists and put our number on each aircraft. A couple of the board members have been digging into the nearly 500 page document – and will give their impressions moving forward. The AMA is involved with fighting for hobbyist rights, and we will get more guidance over the next 30 months. It is in our best interest to keep the club open by following protocols and rules as written.

Membership renewals are moving along well. We changed the combinations at the gate and the portable restroom last week and most people have adapted to the new locks. The combination is on the back of your 2021 membership card.  If you renewed very recently and have not received your card yet, shoot me an email the night before you fly and I will send you the combo. If you have not been to the club since the new locks went on, I recommend you read the club e-mail that was sent on 14 and 18 Jan describing the differences of the new locks. Quite a few non-members have been showing up recently from other clubs. Welcome them, ensure they understand our safety protocols, and inform them that guest privileges are good for up to 3 visits. If they like the site, please join!

Quite a few people have asked me in the last year to let them know when I plan to downsize my RC fleet. I am running out of space so I will be moving 40-50 planes of all sizes and types on to new owners over the next few months. I will offer fair prices to club members before going to the forums for sales. Let me know if you want to be on my mailing list. I will send mails to that group first based on stated interest, ask Steve to put them on the web site for a few weeks, then post to forums.

Have a great month!


Brad with Mamba

President’s Corner for Jan – Feb 2021

Hello and Happy New Year 2021 to all the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego.  I hope all had a great Christmas and New Year.   2020, if we could ever have the most unusual year, I think we can say “2020” was that year when all changed.  COVID – 19 sure, it changed our world. It has taken jobs away from many and our way of life.  Luckily for me, I am one of the fortunate ones able to work from home and have my job.  Unlike many Americans currently with no income, yeah 2020 was some kind of a year.

There is a glimmer of hope, Flying RC Airplanes.  It really takes the stress off your shoulders, as you’re doing a few loops with, perhaps your new airplane that you just made your maiden flight with.  But the best part, taking it home the way you brought it out, in one piece.  Now that creates a huge smile on your face, but who cares, you just had a great flight!   We all had to wait some time before we were able to head back to the field.  During that time, I had some time to complete one of my airplanes, a Cessna 172 Skylane!   This is a TopFlite kit and it’s a real nice airplane to build.  It’s just about ready once I install the ESC, give her a test and away we go.  I have gotten so excited about my Freewing AL37, (Hawaiian Air) (ever since the field reopened) that I have set aside my Cessna…….needless to say I did bring it out to the field on Thanksgiving Day and what a day it was, just perfect San Diego weather.  Oh Ok, my Cessna, she flew very nice in the sky, the colors really look good. 

Freewing, a foamy model airplane company…..a foamy.   To be honest with you I never did think foam airplanes would be as cool, as detailed, fly extremely well and actually take a beating on landings are well, a pretty darn good flying model.   My Hawaiian Air has been a fun airplane to fly, as long as the wind is coming from the west.  Cross winds, forget it, not in that airplane.  And if you don’t believe me then check out how the Big Boys do it in the full-scale aircrafts on You Tube!   Good for me I have a very good co-pilot, when needed!!!  Now I have purchased the Corsair F4U, Birdcage version and man I tell you that is a nice airplane.  Very clean and the detail is amazing.   The Corsair just lifts off the ground in the most graceful way as it gains altitude.   She doesn’t get knocked around when she is flying in the sky and she turns ever so smoothly along the horizon. 

Now that the field has been open for some time more members are starting to come out and it’s good to see!   The club has been able to start some fun events recently and that has been the T-28 Races. Steve Neu has done a great job in getting the races ready and boy these have been a blast to watch.  Got to see some very close races, hey look out for that Frank guy…….  Our November race was one for the books.  Not only did we break a record, but in the wrong direction…Otto had a total of 9 cuts in just one exciting race.  You should have seen Alex, he was slicing up the sky with his tight turns that kept him in the lead.  He had a couple of close calls with the ground in his turns, but was closely followed, he kept his lead until the last turn in which once again got to close to the ground… I know I am looking forward for some of the other events to restart back in 2021 (Electroglide, Spill the beans and Limbo just to name a few), just as soon as this COVID-19 has left the building!!!

It is with deep regret that the Club has to cancel our Holiday Event Party for January.  Once again thanks to COVID.   We hope by next year we will continue our tradition and even make it a better one to make up for the loss of this year!

COVID-19, the best we can do as a club is to continue to use good judgment when you’re at the field.  I have seen many ware masks and also keeping social distant. Thanks and keep up the good work!

So yes, there was a Glimmer of hope last year and we all made it to 2021.  As president of the SEFSD, I hope I can rub off the energy that I have with the enjoyment of flying model airplanes. I look forward to meeting all the Club members and hoping we all can make 2021 better year! No matter the size of your aircraft (as size does matter to some and needing a Blankly to protect it… names mentioned here) just have fun in flying your model with our members.

Our Memberships are due, head to and get your membership renewed for 2021 and also make sure your AMA/FAA are up to date in order for you to complete your membership and once you have renewed, we will see you all at out the field here in 2021.   I will also like to welcome our new members who have just joined us for the first time, I welcome you to Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego!

A Huge Thank you to Jim and Mark for getting the tables completed.  Those two have done a fabulous job with all the benches.  Thanks Guys, for your hard work!

So, grab your planes, batteries, charger and don’t forget your TX and let’s go Fly!


My Favorite Jet: HSD F16 105mm New Version.

This is the jet I got to inspire me getting through the tough Covid-19 pandemic time. So far, it has been doing it’s job quite well!  This jet is very well equipped with nice quality components.
Wingspan: 1245 mm
Length: 1809mm
I use 2 6S 5000 MAH 55C from CNHL in series (I normally flight 3-3.5 minutes and batteries measured 3.8V/cell after they cooled down)
Flying weight about 15 lbs
It is preinstalled with a multi-function flight controller MFC-2085 which is my favorite part. This module is integrated with everything you need for complicated components to make it a very clean setup. It is powered by using 1 or 2 2S batteries), it can set to output different voltage to servos, and it can set to output different voltage to receiver. It can set sub trim, travel limit, reverse, center INDEPENDENTLY for each servo without using to transmitter, even though, 2 ailerons sharing 1 channel, and 2 elevators sharing 1 channel. Every electronic component is plugged into this module, and to setup your receiver, you only need to connect from this module to your receiver.  I use S-Bus receiver, so it has only 1 servo lead wire connected between MFC2085 and my receiver (supper clean and easy setup).
This model is basically a 6 channels setup. Throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder, landing gears, and brake. It’s also has Nav lights, afterburner, they can be turned on and off by assign each one of them to each addition channel. Mine, I also adding flaperon and tailerons (as you will see at the end of the video) by separating 2 aileron servos to 2 different channels and the same separation for elevators. So total, I use 10 channels.
I have found this jet, a very good excise for the heart every flight! Although, I have 40 flights with it so far. (It’s not the jet, it’s just me LOL).
Hope to see more of these at our field!
Brian Z.
Video link:

Farewell to Fred Harris, 1931 – 2020

Fred Harris was a member of SEFSD in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  “50 Watt Fred ” as we called him was the first member to really see and demonstrate the usefulness and versatility of the ubiquitous ‘Speed 400’ motor.  The “50 Watt” refers to the electrical output from the motor and full tilt.  Input was ~100 Watts but the motor was only 50% efficient.  As most of us scoffed at the idea of using the cheap little motor, Fred was applying it to several of his home made planes.  The performance was better than most of us thought possible.  Thus the age of the Speed 400 was upon us thanks to Fred.  There were more firsts courtesy of Fred.  Long before any of us were doing anything with aerial video, Fred had a complete air to ground video downlink system with a monitor and VHS recording.  I remember putting his camera in my first “Big Red” Sig Kadet Senior.  The camera went inside just behind the windshield giving the illusion you were actually flying in the plane.  Fred was a fundamental component of our club’s growth and edification in the early years.  Thanks Fred!

Please click Fred’s picture for his obituary

Steve Belknap

3, 2, 1—Done! Remote ID Rule is Final

A 499 page document from the FAA has been released (leaked) regarding the “Remote ID” rules—of note is the fact that some of the more onerous requirements for RC flying have been dropped or modified under pressure from the AMA and the 53,000 people that gave their input when the “notice for proposed rule making” was made a year ago. There is a link to both the original article as well as the text with the areas of interest to us in red. I think members of the club might like to be kept informed as to what is going on.

Steve Neu


Four days before the new year, after 53,000 public comments on the draft rule and almost one year after the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) launch, the waiting is over. The Federal Aviation Administration has released its final Remote Identification (RID) Rule. Inside Unmanned Systems received an advance copy of the 499-page document, and here’s our summary of the new rule. Expect a full review of the rule and its implications in our February-March edition.

What it Is

The rule creates a new Part 89 in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft. It essentially requires a digital license plate” for unmanned aircraft (UA) to be operated in the U.S., one that both people on the ground and other airspace users can receive. (See “Types of RID” below for details.). This rule is specifically for UA (the unmanned air vehicle itself) and not unmanned aircraft systems (UAS – which includes the control station and data link). This recognizes that manufacturers might make UAs that are controlled by another manufacturers control stations. More importantly, it ensures that the UA will be broadcasting RID and not the control station. Very important if the UA goes lost link.


The Rule is effective 60 days from the expected publication date in the Federal Register in January 2021. Operators have thirty months and manufacturers have 18 months after this date to comply (i.e., 60 days plus 30 months).

RID Is Needed For

UAs weighing 55 pounds or less that must be registered under part 47 or part 48, with few exceptions. Of note, the FAA scrapped the requirement that all UA obtain a unique registration number. Recreational users remain an exception and can still be issued a single registration number for multiple UAs.

Continue reading

Safety Corner for January 2021

The new year is here and it is a good idea to start out by reviewing some basics regarding our field operations. In no particular order here are ten things that need to be kept in mind when flying.
1) Be sure you have your FAA number on your mode
2) Be  aware of where you are flying—never fly south of the filed fence line. If in doubt check the signs posted at the pilot stations.
3) Announce in a loud voice” takeoffs”,” landings” and “on the field” so others are aware of your actions.
4) Never launch models from south of the filed fence line in the pit area. 
5) Stand or sit at or near the pilot station when flying.
6) Follow city rules and guidelines regarding the use of masks and social distancing to prevent the spread of C19.
7) Takeoff/landing direction will be the the west unless conditions warrant an easterly takeoff/landing direction. Cross field takeoffs are to be avoided.
8) If you are the last member leaving the field and there are visitors still parked in our area try to let them know that they need to  leave to avoid getting locked in.
9) Avoid flying over the water as it is out of our approved flight area
10) If a full size aircraft approaches within a mile of our field you MUST descend to 50 feet or less  until the aircraft departs the area.
We have had a brief halt in T28 races for the past two months. Assuming the C19 situation is stable or improving we will restart racing in February on the 13th. For the new season there will be some awards/prizes for those who fly and help at the races. Details TBD.
Steve Neu

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Quorum at 6:38 PM 1/13/2021, meeting convened.

In-person participants: Brad, Steve N., Quan, Steve M.
Online participants: Eric, Jovi, Jeff (late arrival), Carl (late arrival)
Not present: Kenny

Eric keeping notes.
Meeting held at Steve N.’s home.

Brad: Quan working on Right of Entry.
Don’t know what if any site fees will be expected.
Carolyn Estrada (head ranger) to receive new lock combination.
Membership at 201 (1/13/2021).
Guest welcome to 3 visits, but must have AMA Insurance.
Will be checking on watering truck and roller to improve field condition.
Some remaining dilapidated tables will be replaced.

Steve N.: Expects to restart T-28 racing on February 13, 2021.

Jovi: Freeze fly was a good event.
Webpage banner photos need rotating.

Steve M.: Installed Fly Away information sign on main signboard.

Quan: $32,500 at end of 2020 with about 306 members.
$42,000 in bank after new year membership renewal.

Eric: Watering and rolling the field is primary concern.

Jeff: Has a donation Parkzone Sportcub to offer club.
Will replace centerline stripe after field maintenance completed.

Motion to authorize Quan to get field maintenance equipment is approved.

BOD dinner delayed until Covid-19 subsides (expecting mid-year).

Next meeting date February 10, 2021.

Meeting adjourned at 8:06 PM 1/13/2021.

Eric Shapiro
SEFSD Secretary 2021

Treasurer’s Report

We closed out 2020 with 306 members, and 201 members renewed or joined so far in 2021. Last December, our club donated 40 blankets to low income seniors at St. Paul’s PACE, a medical assistance program for low income seniors. They are very appreciative of receiving a blanket, as it is usually the only gift they receive for the holiday. We look forward to a great year at our club, and hopefully we can have events again soon!


Schubeler Virtual Aeromodelling Expo

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Brought to you by Schübeler Technologies, this episode features the inventor and CEO of Smoke-EL, Gunter Zielke, who created an electrical smoke system designed for RC model planes and jets. He’s also an Engineer of IT and ET, with a master’s degree in physics, whos’ been flying electric model airplanes since he was 15 years old! 

You can watch the show in English at 9am Eastern Standard time or in German at 9am Central European Time.  Please CLICK HERE to register. 

In this Expo, Gunter shares his experience inventing a smoke system designed specifically for electric aero models and provides an in-depth walk-through of how he built his CARF Eurofighter. 

Also, we’re always looking for other enthusiasts who would like to be featured in an upcoming Expo. Let us know if you have a special Aeromodelling project we can feature? 

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