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Chairman’s Corner for Apr – May 2021

Hey fellow Flyers!

April has been amazing for flying, and summer is almost upon us. Enjoy the cooler temperatures while you can.

This month Jovi and I are going to talk about different sides of a couple of similar items.

  We have received our signed copy from the City of our right of entry permit to enter and use our flying site in Mission Bay Park for the next 36 months. A couple of things I have to mention: article 27 in our permit clearly states that our premises shall be utilized and operated in a Smoke, Vape, and drug-free environment. The permit also states that an inspection can be conducted at any time, without notice. Please take the stated activities ( NO Drugs!) into your personal vehicle if you have to do them on site, and not in any outdoor areas of Mission Bay Park. Our permit also requires us to ensure that all persons utilizing our site are a full member of the AMA and a SEFSD club member that has signed the city of San Diego waiver of liability with SEFSD. Sometimes we get the occasional Lawyer who tells us that they don’t need to join the club to fly, and we have it in writing that they do.

 Next, I want to touch on the use of gyros, and the impression of confidence they can instill.  Jovi has a good story about his RC airliner. Recently we have had quite a few new members show up with aircraft that have safe receivers installed. While I appreciate the way new pilots can use SAFE technology to understand the basics of flight and resolve initial orientation problems, some pilots are continuing to rely completely on the Gyro to fly the airplanes, some on their 4th or 5th plane. If something happens and the Gyro is disabled, or they think to themselves that they are “ FLYING MASTERS” and buy a plane without a Gyro and take to the skies – then there’s an accident in the making. It would be a shame to destroy an aircraft, or hurt somebody.  Once you understand the basics of how to fly, please get one or two mistakes high and turn SAFE mode off and learn to fly without it. Use it as a tool, not a crutch.

Covid. Please continue to do what you feel is necessary to protect yourself and your family! As positivity rates and people suffering severe sicknesses continue to decline in the county, we will be considering returning to a more normal event routine. This month saw the return of your Electroglide contest, and we just had our fourth T 28 pylon race of the year. Stand by for more information about a possible event in July, and restoration of club meetings at the field with fun flies. Jovi is considering what event to kick off with when it’s determined safe to gather outdoors in groups potentially larger than 50 people.

One last note, as you are calling out your activities on the field such as taking off, landing, or on the runway, please ensure that you are communicating loudly enough so other pilots in the air can hear you. Sometimes I hear people whisper to themselves, and then takeoff without looking and nearly caused a catastrophe. Don’t be that person, loudly announced your intentions! If you hear someone weakly call out, feel free to pass on their information in a loud voice for them. On Race day we had a member use his child voice to say ( quietly) “emergency landing”, then come in a few feet over Franks and Brad A’s head as they were on the runway at the time.  SAFETY has to be first in our thoughts guys!

It’s again time to think about replacing your ailing lawn furniture before summer, please think of us and bring your less than ideal looking – but serviceable- old chairs to the site.

I am looking for volunteers to help me keep the perimeter rocks properly arranged. We often have people move rocks to gain access when the gate is locked and we need to keep that under control. I seem to keep hurting myself moving the rocks alone, and would appreciate help!

Thanks to Dennis for some great Weedwacker work this month, and Nico for painting NO PARKING onto the poles as you head towards the gate.

PLEASE Lock the gate if you are the last member leaving. If someone is there and you are not sure if they are a member, please take the initiative, and ask. Tell them you are locking the gate. Most of them will leave.

I have included pics of my 5th 40% plane and the motor installed. Size is no longer a limiting factor for electric flight, and Big flies better. Feel free to contact me if you want to start a big project and would like some suggestions.

Have a great month, and get your flying in before it gets too hot!


President’s Corner for Apr/May 2021

Club News:   We have received our three-year Special Use Permit to continue to operate out of South Shores of Mission Bay Park.   Special thanks go, to Quan Nquyen for renewing the club’s insurance and Special Use Permit for operation.  Thank You Quan!  I had created a Facebook account so I could post some weekend flying on the clubs Facebook page.  However, upon making my post, I immediately got locked out of Facebook and I am no longer able to get in.  So please bear with me, for when this nightmare is over with, I will continue to keep you all informed on happenings of our club activities.

COVID 19 is still continuing to shut us down for our Monthly meetings and most of all, our club Hot Dogs.  Can’t forget Mark’s Salsa sauces.  But it does look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.   That is as long as you can get an appointment.  It’s been a little frustrating in getting that appointment.  But you will get it!  Easter was great, just happened to be lucky and got our appointments.  Both my wife and I got the J&J vaccine, one shot only.  First 24 hours, just my wife got headaches during the night, next morning she was good. Me no problems.  State wants to achieve at least 70% herd immunity of Californian’s being fully vaccinated, then we just might be able open up our events fully, like our monthly meetings.

“Heads-Up”, which has three meanings:  Adjective – showing that you are very aware of what is happening around you and it also goes for heads-up football.   Noun – a message that tells or warns someone about something that is going to happen as an example, gave him a heads-up that an investigation was pending.   Interjection – used to tell someone to look up because of possible danger or to clear a passageway.   Out of the three definitions of heads-up we are more commonly known as to Interjection.   There are times out at the field, you hear heads-up and sometimes we just don’t look because someone say heads-up, especially when the voice projecting heads-up is not all that loud and, in most cases, we keep our conversation going with a fellow pilot until we hear from other pilots on what just happen.  Aircraft down….

As part of the club’s safety, we need to Shout Out heads-up when your aircraft is in danger and you are over the pits or parking lot.   The end of March there was an incident, well names don’t need to be mentioned……Ok, fine it was me and I was flying my Hawaiian Air.  Take-off was perfect, then 30 seconds into the flight I was in trouble.

On my bench I have the Top-Flite Bonanza which I started back in late 1998.  This was built to take a Satio 120 four-stroke.  Wingspan 81” and the length, 63.6” also included are the following:

  • Robart Air Retract w/scale Robart Struts
  • Scale Navigation lights that work off two 9-volt batteries
  • Scale Interior Cockpit that is all removable

As time went by, I really never complete my Bonanza.  But as of late, I got my hands back into it.   She is almost ready to go, however I have a few things that need to be done, one is to replace my flap servos.  I had to replace the v-tail servos.  When I was moving them, I notice that the servo arm was going around in oblong circle.  Not good.  Change them to newer Hitec servos and were back to perfection.   The retracts are old and not holding pressure.  It is holding pressure for a good 10 minutes in which I only need about 6-7 minutes…. Maybe some risk here…I’ll keep working that problem.

The biggest task I had was figuring a way to change batteries without taking the wing off like I have to do with my Cessna 182.   The Canopy is bolted down with four socket head cap screws, problem with that was getting to those bolts.  I removed them and now I have a quick latch to remove the Canopy.  You’ll see what I mean in the pictures.   It’s actually very cool how this works.  I can put the wing on and I don’t need to hook up the connectors or the air lines.  Once the wing is bolted, flip the Bonanza, unlatch the Canopy, remove the interior and I have access to everything in the aircraft.  Hooked it all up, connect the airlines and place the interior back into place.  Where the fuel tank would have been are where the batteries now sitting.

Balancing was next, I did a rough balance and she seemed to be good with the batteries mounted up front.  Out at the field on T-28 Race’s, April 10, was the day she was going to maiden!  Complete check out was preformed and she was now certified to fly.

Brad did the maiden flight!  She took off like a F-14 Tomcat heading towards the Sunset.  As he was trimming her out, he was noticing the balance may be off.  She acted very weird.  He flew her around and she looked very nice up in the sky, you think it was a full-scale Bonanza.  Time was running out and Brad was preparing for landing.  She came and touched down and just rolled down the runway.  I was happy, but the next flight, I am going to dial in the balance and hopefully that helps out, which it should!

Ok, I have made enough noise!

Grab your planes, batteries and radio, and let’s go Flying!


Electroglide Report for April 2021

The Electroglide has finally returned to Mission Bay after a yearlong absence. It was great to have this competition start up again at our flying site.

 The weather conditions were great with clear skies and a westerly 6 mph breeze.

 The event timer conditions however, were not so great. With a broken iPod causing a short delay in the first launch, Eileen Struthers rose to the occasion by manually announcing the launch start, motor off point, landing times and bonus points earned for each pilot.

 We were not keeping flight scores on this first Electroglide competition since the Covid lockdown; however several pilots repeatedly found great lift just North West of our runway with some flights lasting eight to nine minutes in length.

 Thanks to all the pilots who came out for the Electroglide last Saturday. The next Electroglide will be on May 15th, with a 10:00 start time.

Enjoy the pictures of Saturday’s event, supplied by club member Frank Sutton.

See you next month,

Jeff Struthers

Electroglide is Back!

Propeller and Motor-Controller Selection, Even An Unknown and Inexpensive Motor Benefits From Tuning

By Carl Murphy


This is why my RC airplane has seemingly double the power and duration of yours.  Even this unknown, inexpensive, motor turned in enjoyable performance.  Getting there required using and evaluating including a motor that burned up, a pending equipment failure motor-controller, a cheap propeller carrier collet that caused vibration, a new propeller carrier collet that didn’t just bolt together, overheating a battery and it required propeller tuning and duty cycle determination to get the best out of it.

All I knew about it was from a tag on the bell, brand Finwing, intended for use on 2S and 3S LiPo (batteries) with a kV from the data sheet on the bell and that it was about the right size to fit the RC airplane.  Is it good for anything?  As was determined, resoundingly, yes.  Most people would be delighted with it.  About the power of a sport (20) sized fuel burner on (10)% nitro-methane with a decent muffler for double the duration.  That from having watched a similar sized fuel burner at the field right against the USA/Mexico boarder.  Sometimes, this time, inexpensive and not all that efficient is still fun.  On modern high discharge 3S 3500 mAh LiPos with an APC 9X6 (fixed, not folding) propeller it flew a Reinforced Fun Cub well.  Duration was about two thirds of a preferred, lighter, more efficient motor with a folding propeller.  Or half the duration at half the net power of a more expensive motor on 4S LiPos.  Even more if glided, slope soared or thermaled, something the fuel burners can’t do.  Part of that it the better streamlining possible with electric power and an RC pilot who flies coordinated.

But it took a while, twenty flights, to get it sorted out. That is what this article is about.  I do not believe reports based on a single flying session where everything is perfect on the first try.  

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T28 Racing Report for April 2021

By Steve Neu
We had another hard fought T28 racing on April 10th with most of the usual suspects showing up at 10am. The first two preliminary rounds went off without much drama but round three shattered the calm! Heat 3 of the third round found Alex Quan and Alex  flying. Shortly after the start of the race Alex and Quan built up a lead over Randy who was playing it safe letting the other two trade places numerous times—until things got too close! As both planes passed the downwind pylon Quan’s plane decided to take a bite of Alex’s T28—leaving 2 of the 3 propeller blades embedded in Alex’s model—Quan’s plane spun to the ground undamaged but Alex managed to keep his wounded plane in the air and even made it back to the end of the runway. Trailing the leaders Randy took the win by staying away from the air battle ahead of him.

A new prop for Quan’s plane and removing the embedded blades from Alex’s plane plus some tape and both were ready to continue racing in the finals. George and Quan went head to head in the Bronze cup race with George—Quan redeemed himself with the win.
Next up was the Silver cup races with SteveM, Otto and Randy going at it—the race was clean without any accidents or problems. Otto flew a very tight race taking first place, Randy got second and SteveM third. 
The Gold cup race had Brad, SteveN and Alex in it. The race was close but SteveN got the win with Alex getting second and Brad third.
The medals were awarded to the pilots along with a pilot and helpers raffle for batteries, chargers and other electric flight accessories. A good time was had by everyone!  If you want to get involved with racing or helping please come on down for our next race which is scheduled for May 8th at 10am. For info on our racing class follow this link: https://www.sefsd.org/club-contests/t28-racing/t28-rules-information/