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President’s Corner for Dec 2021

Merry Christmas SEFSD Members and family!  I can just remember when it was summer time, flying our airplanes all day long and it was great, then as quick as flipping a switch, here we are in December.  We have had an interesting year with the pandemic and I was happy how we all took the right steps to keep all safe!  Thank You Members!

“It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the AIR”

My Wish, For You

Is that this life becomes

All that you want it to,

Your Dreams Stay Big,

And your worriers stay small,

You Never Need To Carry More Than You Can Hold,

And while you’re out there

Getting Where You’re Getting To,


And wants the same thing too

Yeah, this is my wish.

Club membership is now open alone with our banquet tickets which are going fast.  We also have a great line-up of prizes that will be given away at the January 15, 2022, Banquet.   I look forward to seeing as many of you on the upcoming event. 

From MotionRC we have the following aircraft:

  • XK X520 VTOL 520mm (20.4”)
  • Flightline Hawker Sea Fury 1200mm (47”)
  • Freewing Avanti S 80mm EDG Ultimate Sport Jet
  • Frewing Vulcan High Performance 70mm EDF Sport Jet

From Tower Hobbies, (Horizon Hobby) we have the following aircraft:

  • MXS V2 Green PNP, 1100mm
  • Twin Otter 1.2m PHP, Includes Floats
  • ASW-17 EP Glider PNP 2500mm
  • Timber X 1.2m PNP
  • Night Radian 2.0 PNP

We are also going to have a bunch of smaller items:

  • iCharger X12
  • assortment of batteries
  • Related items.

And not to forget our spouses, I hear Lisa, Brad’s wife for those who don’t know, has fantastic prizes (lotions, etc.) from Victor’s Secret. This will be a fun event with great food and beverages.  So 2021 members get your tickets SOON!

We have had a situation in which a past member was flying out at the field without AMA or SEFSD membership. His last membership date was 2018…. The way this was found out and he has been flying at our field this year and all thought he was a member.  The way I found this out was, unlike the rest of us, calling out our intentions in “Taking-off, Low fly by and Landings”, he failed to do so, and he was asked many times to call out his intentions.  I approached the pilot and I noticed he was not wearing a badge. We are all required to wear our badges at the field, and I would like to invite any member to approach a pilot who may not be wearing a badge and ask to see the SEFSD badge or AMA.  You as a club member have every right to ask if the pilot is a member.   It is most important that everyone who flies in our field, must have AMA and be a member of SEFSD.  If you come across a situation with a pilot, I ask that you bring this to the attention of any BOD member so we can act accordingly.  We cannot have pilots flying at the field who are not members.  This can and will cause us to lose the field.   Even at the Rotorplex everyone must be a member to fly at the South Shores Park on Mission Bay.

This past year was a blast being your club president.  It was fun holding meetings, planning the events, giving out the prizes, talking with a lot of you and getting to know you even more.  This of course will not stop as being the Chairman of the Board, replacing Brad Bender who we all can say did one hell of a fantastic job in keeping our club safety and interest first and foremost.  Thank You Brad!   Steve Manganelli will be our President for the coming year.  Filling his position as Vice- Pres, will be our former Treasure, Quan Nguyen.  Taking Quan’s position for Treasurer is Dave Youssefi.  Replacing Eric Shapiro as Secretary is Ken Dresser.  Remaining as Safety Officer is Steve Neu.  Also remaining as Editor is Steve Belknap.

Special thanks to the Member at Large, Carl Cox (Chef Carl), Jeff Struthers (holding our Glider events, including marking the circle and the center line) and now joining the Member at large is Larry Kosta.   Also deserving Thanks are the following members:  Dennis LaBerge with all his efforts in taking care of the field and helping out a lot of new comers to the hobby.  Mark Davis and Fritz Logan with they help in providing the lunches we have at our meetings.  Jim Bonnardel will be our Contest Director for our Fun-Fly for 2022.  And we have Frank Sutton to thank for all the great pictures he has and will be taking!

 “It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the AIR”

Maybe that’s why it’s Christmas every day in this hobby!

Merry Christmas to all our members and to their family’s!

Treasurer’s Report for December 2021

We closed 2021 with 341 members, which is on par with pre-pandemic levels. I’m grateful for your support, and your membership allows us to do great things, not just for the club, but for the community. First off, we only have a few seats left for the holiday party on January 15th at Edgewater Grill (near the old Harbor House restaurant), so don’t delay in securing your tickets.

I was able to visit Carl last weekend at Balboa Nursing and Rehab in Hillcrest. As you can see, he’s doing great!

On December 2nd, I went to the St. Paul’s Motor Mingle to drop off 40 blankets that SEFSD purchased for a great deal (thanks to Lisa, Brad’s wife). These blankets will go to seniors in their PACE program, an all-inclusive medical program for the elderly. St. Paul’s Senior Services is very grateful for the club’s support, and it’s the 2nd year that the club has helped with blankets.

Lastly, in case you don’t know yet, I’m stepping down as Treasurer in 2022, to assume a much easier role as Vice President, especially since Jim Bonnardel has formally agreed to help run the contests that the VP normally has to do. I’ll be helping incoming Treasurer, David Youssefi, to provide as much (or little) support as he needs to ensure a smooth transition. Thank you for entrusting me all these years to handle the club’s finances.

SEFSD Treasurer 2021

My First and Only Out-Of-Sight Flight

By Steve Manganelli

The term OOS or “Out Of Sight” is a Free Flight Model Aviation term referring to a model catching a thermal that carries it up and out of sight, generally never to be seen again.  I can’t imagine the melancholy feeling of watching the product of your hard work disappear before your eyes. On one hand, you have validation of your model building skills; on the other, sadness at the loss  of your creation. I’ve heard stories of models turning up in a cornfield some miles downwind of the field years later or what not, but that is nothing like my OOS experience!

For my story, turn the clock back to about 1971/2, before I could afford the luxury of Radio Control. As a geeky 11/12 year old, with friends of similar ilk, if it flew, floated or ran, we had to play with it…or destroy it. My friend Jeff and I had a motto : “cure it or kill it”. All of our experimental unguided air vehicles either had to fly successfully or be demolished in some spectacular fashion.

One day, a foam wind-up rubber band powered airplane with a span of maybe a foot and a half had reached that point of no return.  It was doggy as a rubber powered model and by then I was experienced with balsa, dope and tissue and knew how to do better.  This foamy was called “Major Roscoe Hawks Amazing Flying Machine” (MRHAFM).  Actually I remembered the name a little differently but with the miracle of Google I actually found one under vintage toys, circa 1971 and no, I didn’t buy it so I could relive the soon to be described stupidity!

MRHAFM  has roughly the proportions of a high wing Cessna. Clearly if a rubber motor was enough to fly it, a Cox .049 should be oh so much better! At least we had enough sense to chop off most of the nose and epoxy on a scrap of 1/8 plywood for a firewall; surely it would need some up thrust so we did that too! Next, we bolted on a cantankerous Cox “Golden Bee” 049, the kind with the larger gas tank for a 6 or 7 minute run.  In control line models, this particular engine never did more than couple laps before it quit, but for MRHAFM, we figured 10 or 15 seconds would be more than long enough to pile drive this wannabe ice chest into the ground in some spectacular fashion! In retrospect, the fuel pickup of the engine was probably on the bottom instead of the outside as needed for control line, but no matter. A final check out of the flying machine suggested it might still be a little nose heavy (ya think?) so a couple of cox glow plug wrenches were taped to the tail. Perfect, off to the nearest vacant lot we went.  No need to ride our bikes to one of our control line fields (aka the nearest school field), no landing was expected on this flight!

The tank was fully fueled, the engine started and the needle valve was peaked to screaming pitch. MRHAFM was released gingerly into the wind. A steep climb ensued as the unreinforced foam wing bowed to foretell anticipated disaster, but instead she arched over on her back, we figured heading for a glorious “figure 9”. Our anticipation of a full power, straight in crash was quickly dashed.  Instead, the 100 foot loop was completed missing the bushes by mere inches and another giant loop was begun, still tracking straight into the wind! This time, the bottom of the loop was maybe 20 feet off the ground and another loop started. By the third loop, Jeff and I looked at each other in unstated disbelief : “why is this thing still running?” . But run she did. Successive loops gaining more and more altitude and for some reason, continuing to track straight into the wind. She climbed higher and higher until after about 3 minutes or so, we lost both sight and sound of her; MRHAFM was gone, out of sight!

Our ecstasy quickly turned into consternation as the thought of what will happen when she ran out of gas began to go through our heads. Unlike a lightweight well-trimmed free flight model which will lazily glide down to a soft landing when it’s OOS thermal lost it’s hold on it, we knew MRHAFM would come down like a rock when our now best-engine-ever ran out of fuel. A car windshield or hood? Someone’s roof? Our chosen event venue was a vacant lot in the middle of a populated area. When last seen it was more or less over a cemetery, but we decided not to chase after it to find out where it came down, instead left the scene smartly with mischievous grins on our faces and in at least my case, a grand model airplane story to remember and recount nearly 50 years later.

T28 Racing Report for December 2021

Last T28 race of 2021!
We closed out the 2021 racing year with some of the tightest racing ever—4 plane heats with nearly all the planes within 25 feet of each other for the entire race. On a whim I took my backup T28 with me when I headed out to the field. As it turned out that it was fortuitous as in the second round Alex and I had an epic midair—both planes came down in in parts. Alex managed to do a rapid repair with duct tape and CA to put his busted fuselage back together along with a servo and other parts borrowed from my crashed plane and got it ready for the next round. I had it easier as I just picked up my second T28 and flew it.
Click the Pic above for the entire album of Racing Pics
After the dust settled the order for the silver and gold cup races was set as follows:
Bob Stinson
Steve M
Bob Simon
Steve Neu

The finals had 4 plane heats. 
The Silver cup was a good battle with the lead being swapped several times. Quan came across the finish line first, Alex second and Logan third—but wait! The initial order did not have the pylon cuts included—after they got factored in the ranking was reversed with Logan in first, Alex second and Quan in third—with a race leading 6 cuts counted. 

Bob Simon, Otto, SteveM and myself were in the gold cup race with every lap being contested—The finish was Otto, Steve Manganelli and me and then Bob Simon—after the cuts were counted Otto and Steve M slipped positions. After the cuts getting factored in the finish order was as Steve N, Bob Simon, Steve M and Otto. 

We will continue our T28 racing series in the new year on the same monthly schedule. All pilots should get a number to help identify their plane—you can pick your favorite number by emailing me—I keep the list and will tell you if the number is available or not. Numbers up to 99 can be picked but all the numbers below 20 are already taken.

Discount Hobbies got a good sized batch of FMS T28s in stock. The new ones come with some upgrades including a stabilization system—the sale price has increased but what hasn’t. If you are new to T28 racing go back and read up on the SEFSD web site on the rules and suggested modifications and setup tips. 

Go fast and turn left!
Steve Neu

SEFSD BOD Meeting Minutes for November 2021


Quorum at 7:10 PM, meeting convened.

In person participants: Brad, Jovi, Steve N., Steve M., Quan, Eric
Online participants: Steve B., Carl, Jeff, Kenny
Visiting member online: Dave Yousefi
Not present: N/A

Meeting held at Brad’s home.

Brad: Discussion about banquet prizes.
Spent time preparing future board members with details about club operations.

Steve M.: Steve will be our 2022 Club President.

Steve N.: Steve will remain in the Safety Officer position.

Steve B.: Steve will continue as Editor for the next year.

Carl:  Carl will return as Member at Large.

Jovi: Jovi will replace Brad as Club Chairman.
The January banquet still on schedule, but we continue to monitor Covid-19.
Jovi is helping acquire prizes for the banquet.

Quan: Quan will become Vice President for 2022.
341 members as of 11/9/2021.
Bank balance sufficient and financials available to club members.
Banquet reservations made.
Membership and banquet ticket will be automated.
Membership and banquet ticket applications will be online and live at the first part of December.

Eric: Eric will be stepping down as Club Secretary.
Has new referrals for the DG project.
The project will be revisited during weather related work slowdown.

Kenny: Kenny will replace Eric as Club Secretary.


Upcoming events:

T-28 racing demo on Saturday, 10:00 AM on 11/13/2021 @ Weedwackers.

Motion made and seconded to retain current trailer storage agreement at $600/year.
Motion made and seconded to maintain membership dues at $50/year.
Motion made and seconded to spend up to $300 for donated blankets to the elderly.

Next BOD meeting date 1/12/2022.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 PM.

Eric Shapiro
SEFSD Secretary 2021
P.S. – I’d like to thank the club for letting me be a member of the board for the last 3 years.  It has been a privilege.