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President’s Corner for Oct – Nov 2022

We are down with Dustdown, finally!  The much anticipated process of solidifying the topmost later of our dirt to a respectable runway surface was finally completed last Friday. The real selfless sacrifice goes to Dennis Laberge who spent 7 hours on the roller getting the field just right after Quan and myself orchestrated the water truck disgorging! Thanks so much Dennis, your work is exemplary! For the record, Quan and I hucked (5) 5 gallons of Dustdown to the top of the water truck and poured it into the first 2,000 gallons of water and the 2nd 2,000 gallons completes the mix. Proper spreading is an art perfected by Quan and duly instructed to <Ms. Water Truck Driver, neighbor of George Sullivan>. One pass only, so you have to go slow, else you would make ruts on a subsequent pass; the remaining water with the dust down shared between the parking lot and edge of the runway/pit area applied with a “water cannon”. 

Other than a lot of mosquitos and moving around a few chairs, Quan and I had it pretty easy compared with what Dennis endured. If you see Dennis on the field, you might want to thank him!

Any thoughts or differences of opinion as to how the Club should be run? You still have time to self nominate. Nominations and the nominal composition of the 2023 BOD  will be announced following November’s T-28 race which will be the last Club event of the year. Those continuing on the BOD are willing to shuffle around a bit to accommodate newbies. The “Member at Large” is a good place to get one’s feet wet. All you have to do is attend the BOD meetings on the nominally 2nd Wednesday of the month participate in discussion and vote on the outcomes. The secretary position requires attending BOD meetings and taking minutes, not too hard either. Please think about it. Any questions about roles and responsibilities, please shoot me an E-mail.

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Warbird Day

OCTOBER’s Club Event: 



October 22nd 2022 10:00 am

Our tribute to warbirds of all types. 

There will be a chance to participate in an “Axis Vs. Allies” Attack of our field! 

Prizes and medals for defending our honor! 

All warbirds for open flying before the runway attack.


3~4cell battery types for Axis Vs. Allies event pls.


Participation earns raffle tickets, all raffle tickets are eligible! 

Meeting and FINAL BBQ of the year to follow.

Brian’s Huge Amazing 95″ Spitfire

The wait for my dream Spitfire is over.

After having and flying my 80” Phoenix Model P47 for a few months (my biggest warbird at the time), in May 2021, I decided to try something bigger, I ordered a 1:4.75 scale Spitfire (95”). It is also Phoenix Model and distributed by Tower Hobby. Unfortunately, it was on back order and estimated to be shipped in a couple of months. But they have been changing the shipping status month after month, and it is still on back order now.

While waiting for the Spitty to come, I spent time to collect all the electronics and power components for it. I also bought an 80” Black Horse Spitfire from MotionRC (it is still in boxes, a backup plan if I don’t ever get the 1:4.75 scale one).

Then, in mid-September this year, as I almost gave up waiting for the 95” Spitty, and was about to start on the Black Horse. I found on RCGroups, someone in Riverside who had 5 flights on a 95” Spitty ready to fly for sale. I was so excited and, after exchanging texts and messages, the wait is over! I went to Temecula and brought my dream Spitty home.

The plane was equipped with all Hitec HS-645MGs which are analog servos. I changed them to digital D-645MWs except for the rudder, I used JX PDI-6221MG for more torque and less expense.

I also custom made 9 pins quick connectors for the wings and fuselage (picture below).

Here are the specification and setup of the Spitty:

Length:                86” (2184mm)

Wingspan:            95” (2413 mm)

Motor :                 Rimfire 65cc

ESC:                    Castle Phoenix Edge HV160A

Propeller:             Xoar 23x14x2

Spinner:               Falcon 6”

(I will change them to Biela 24x10x3 and also Falcon 6” spinner for more scale)

Battery:                 2x 6S 5000MAh 55C in series (12S)

                             2x 2S 2200MAh LiFE for receiver

                             1x 2S 1000MAh for retracts

Servo:                    6x Hitec D-645MW (2 Aileron, 2 Elevator, 2 Flap) and 1x JX PDI-6221MG for Rudder.

Radio:                    Tx: FrSky X10S Express (2.4GHz) + R9M 2019 ACCESS module (900MHz)

                             RX: Archer SR10 Pro (2.4GHz) + R9 Stab OTA (900MHz) in redundancy

(In case the main RX browns out, the long range R9 will take over)

I went over and double checked everything.  Then came the exciting and also scary Sunday! The maiden day!!!         

Compared to the weight and location of the batteries (8000MAh) from the previous owner, I use much lighter batteries, but it was still nose heavy (picture below, thanks to Fredrick and Brad!). I decided to maiden it with nose heavy since the weight of the nose was reduced quite significant compared to the original setup from the first owner.

Thanks to Fredrick Lorenz for helping as a wingman in my maiden flight, and also so sorry to folks down the runway, as the Spitty created a big cloud of dust when I tested the power before takeoff.

When the plane lifted off the ground, as expected, up elevator trim was needed, also right aileron. After less than a couple laps of adjusting, it flew straight. Although, I had too much throw for elevator and ailerons so I had to adjust my thumbs movement during the maiden flight.

After the maiden flight, I moved the batteries further back and achieved the CG marked by manufacture, and reduced the throws. The Spitty seems to be happy with that. It almost flies inverted without down elevator.

Thanks to Lewis Dotson for perfectly captured both of my flight videos! Links of videos below.

Also pictures from Tom Gluggio, Pete Kwei and help from other friends!

Happy flying!
Brian Zhuang

Maiden flight:        https://youtu.be/LbpRA-AB4gw

Flight #6:              https://youtu.be/UQSIbAmVGgw

Spitfire landing:     https://youtu.be/6Tv2MEfOHlk

P47 landing:         https://youtu.be/DOhqsAPyBTc

Mark’s Big Beautiful Jet

The plane is from HSD Jets, and runs on four 90mm fans.  I fly with 4 batteries of 6S x 5000mah. The length is 118 inches, and scale is 1:23.  For comparison, attached is a photo of me standing next to the fuselage.
This plane is easy to control in the air, but difficult on the ground.  The nosewheel has very little steering authority, and there are brakes on only two of the 18 wheels.  So that’s pretty close to not having brakes.  I first flew it up at Hemet, and even there I over-ran the end of the runway.
Then I took it up to the “Best in the West” jet rally.  This takes place on a 3300ft runway, so I was able to complete many flights with no problems.  It was super popular there, even though it is not particularly large or expensive by BITW standards.   The first BITW flight was captured in this video:
I ended up winning two trophies at BITW, “Best EDF” and “Best Civilian Jet” (photo attached).  I would like to bring it to SEFSD sometime, but I think it requires some modification to do that.  Thrust reversing on two nacelles would do the trick, but I’m not sure I will get around to it any time soon.
Mostly I just flew docile flights, although after a few I got a little braver and did several banked passes (45-degree-ish partial knife-edge) along the flight line.  And on the final flight, I managed to sneak in a barrel roll.  
Thanks to Bob Stinson for helping me schlep it up to Hemet for the first flight, thanks to Victor Shamulus for the video, and thanks to Andy Davis at HSDJETSUSA who fedex’d a replacement servo to me the week of the event, which enabled me to fly it at Best in the West.

Thank You Dennis

Thank you, Dennis, for the 7+ hours maintenance you worked on the SEFSD Field yesterday!  WOW!  We haven’t seen the runway as smooth as it is now in a long time!  Well done!
We cannot thank Dennis enough for all he does, but please TRY.

Electroglide Report for Oct 2022

Some of the Contestants

 It was a pretty good Electroglide this past Saturday. Winds were out of the Southwest yet only blowing a mild 5 mph. Temperature was 69 degrees at first launch, with a partly sunny sky.

 Six pilots took to the sky on the first launch and a few found a surprising column of lift just west of our runway. Neil Zhu, flying a Conscendo had the longest flight at 6:50 minutes and also scored a 30-point landing. Scott Vance, flying a Radian, was second with a time of 6:28 plus a 20-point landing. Third place on that launch was Alex Sutton with a time of 5:19. Daric Knight, flying a Huron, also picked up a 20-point landing.

 On the second launch, the lift vanished and flight times dropped. Dennis LaBerge, flying a Radian, had the long flight at 2:33 and a 10-point landing. Scott and Bob Anson shared second place with a flight time of 2:10 and 30-point landings. Alex picked up a 20-point landing and Daric had a 10-point landing.

 Flight times on the third launch wasn’t much better with Scott flying the longest at 2:55 minutes and also getting another 30-point landing. Dennis was second at 2:10 with a 30-point landing. Neil was third at 2:06 minutes. Alex picked up a 20-point landing.

 The fourth and final launch again had low flight times with Scott flying the longest at 2:28 with a 30-point landing. Neil was second at 2:05 with a 30-point landing and Dennis was third at 2:00 minutes. I would like to point out that Alex landed first at 1:26, (earning the Lucky Dog Award), in the 30-point circle.

 Yes, the 30-point circle is not very large so where did Scott and Dennis land their Radians? On top of Alex’s of course.  Have a look at the event picture called “crowded landings.”

 I think in the future we’ll need to quickly retrieve our aircraft from the target circles if possible.

So, winners for the day:

Radian Class:

1st. Place    Scott Vance  195 points

2nd. Place   Alex Sutton  154 points

3rd.  Place   Dennis LaBerge  113 points

Open Class:

1st. Place      Neil Zhu   139 points

2nd. Place     Deric Knight   74 points

3rd. Place      Bob Anson      43 points

 This was the last Electroglide for the year; we’ll take a break for the holidays and start up again on January 21st.  2023. However, I would like to announce this year’s total point winners. This is just based on point totals, not glider class.

1st. Place      Scott Vance               1000 total points

2nd Place       Dennis LaBerge         975  total points

3rd. Place       Neil Zhu                     961   total points

Congratulations to the monthly and years end winners. This takes piloting skill and a commitment to the sport of competitive flying. 

 On October 22 at 9:00, we’ll have a brief awards ceremony and raffle drawing for all of this year’s Electroglide pilots.

A special thanks to Frank Sutton for all the event pictures.

Jeff Struthers