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President’s Corner for Sep – Oct 2023

Hey Flyers! I hope everybody’s enjoying the cooler weather the last couple of weeks and getting lots of flying in.

As I mentioned last week, our FRIA application has been denied. But, as I also mentioned, that doesn’t mean the end is near. We still have normal access to our site, we may have to modify our usage to comply with current regulation. Take heart! Our AMA rep has already reached out to Quan to start the re-application process, providing a list of questions the FAA would like answered about our site. No guarantee that we will ever get approved – but not a final “NO” at this stage either. The nationwide enforcement date requiring remote ID transponders has been pushed back to March 16, 2024 so even though we have this extension, members should still plan on getting at least one remote ID transponder. I have already seen 2 of them that members have found online, be careful what you order – if it’s not from a source you trust 110%, you may have been duped…

As we finish off September, I am again asking for new blood on the SEFSD board of directors.  We have one or two members stepping away from the board this year, and I’m looking for a couple of members who want to get involved with guiding the club for 2024. The only requirement is that you are a member and willing to meet in person or via ZOOM for a few hours each month to discuss club business – keeping us on track. The club is in a good place right now, but there is a risk as things getting stale if we don’t bring new blood into the BOD periodically.  If more than two people feel like they want to step up, we can have elections and see who the members wants to fill the position.
That being said, all positions are actually open for challenge.

Alan will be managing the next 50/50, so a few of you who haven’t won yet may have a better chance under his management.

I will be out of town this weekend and hope everyone has a great time at civilian scale day, the club meeting, and enjoys hotdogs!


Monthly Event

Civilian Scale Day

Sat 23rd, 10am

Full scale Jovi with a 1/19th scale 737

This will be a fun fly event and each time you fly you will receive a ticket. Up to 5 tickets for a chance to win $35.00. For medals, each pilot gets one opportunity to preform scale techniques, take-off, scale turns, level flying, preform a low fly-by and of course making the perfect landing.

Thank You


SEFSD Wishes Alex the Best at College

They grow up so fast.  As you know, Alex Sutton, Frank’s son, Terror of the T28 Race Course and all round RC pilot extraordinaire, has gone off to college at San Jose State University.  There he will be studying for a career as a pilot.  As part of his curriculum he will be taking flying lessons.  And with a proud shutterbug of a Dad we will get to share in some of his exploits behind the yoke as he pilots one of the school’s Cessnas.  A couple videos here: one from the local news about the SJSU Aviation program, one from the school’s Cessna and one from a solo made while training in a glider at Hemet.

Local News


  Here’s a short video on Alex’s first two flights with San Jose State University’s two contracting Certified Flight Training Companies.
      Thank you to all who have contributed to making Alex a safe Pilot and encouraging him to pursue his Big Aviation Dreams!  We cannot thank you enough!
Frank and Joan Sutton

Solo glider flight at Hemet

SEFSD BOD Meeting Minutes for September 2023


SEFSD Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Quorum at 6:44 PM, meeting convened.

In-person participants: Steve N., Brad., Quan
Online participants: Jovi, Nick, Eric, Steve B.
Not present: Carl, Steve M, Larry

Meeting held Steve N.’s home.

Secretary note: FRIA (FAA-Recognized Identification Area) is a topic top-of-mind. Here is the link to the text the AMA blasted on Aug. 9, 2023 and the subject of the board’s interest.(


Brad: Nothing heard back about FRIA.
AMA announced that the FAA is backlogged re: FRIA.
Consider a welcome letter for new members

Jovi: “Roughly 700 sites approved by FRIA…” (see Secretary Note above)
Plan being developed to fairly distribute aero prizes among flying members.

Steve N.: No new safety issues.
Please continue being a good pilot citizen.

Steve M.: Not present (info forwarded prior to meeting)
Bank account remains adequately funded.
Membership at 320 currently.

Steve B.: Website video embedding issue being handled.

Larry K.: Not present.

Nick: Nothing new.

Eric: Happy to assist fair aero prize distribution discussion.

Carl: Not present.

Quan: Working on signs.
Water truck easier to get off season.


A vote was taken to hold off on getting a roller and water truck until later this year. The ayes have it.


Safety issues are everybody’s concern. If you see something then say something. Be kind and be civil.

Park Master Plan to continue being addressed. We are discussing how best to preserve this site into the future.

FRIA (FAA-Recognized Identification Area) is top-of-mind lately.


T28 Pylon Racing at 10:00 AM Saturday 10/14/23
Otay Float Fly at 10:00 AM Saturday 10/14/23
Electroglide at 10:00 AM Saturday 10/21/2023
Miiltary Scale and Meeting at 10:00 AM Saturday 10/28/2023
F5B Practice at 12:45 to 5:00 PM Sunday 8/24/2023 (event held in Denver, CO)

Organized field events will now include 50/50 raffles to help fund club banquets and other events. The organized events include Electroglide, T-28 racing, Bomb Drop, Don’t Spill the Beans, etc.


Next BOD meeting 10/11/2023 @ 6:30 PM.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Eric Shapiro
SEFSD Secretary 2023

Electroglide Report for September 2023

Electroglide Results for September 2023

 It was a cool, overcast day for a glider contest last Saturday. The winds were from the west, northwest at 9 mph. Temperature was 70 degrees. With these conditions, you would expect short flight times, which was the result.

   First launch had nine pilots competing, eight Radians and one Conscendo in the open class.

Scott Vance, (Radian), had the long flight at 5:08 minutes plus a 10-point landing. Jon Vanlp,(Radian), was second with a flight lasting 4:33 minutes. Bob Anson,(Radian), was third at 3:17 with a 10-point landing. Neil Zhu, (open Class), Dennis LaBerge,(Radian) and Stephen Treger, (Radian), all had 20-point landings.

 Second launch had Scott again with the longest flight at 3:36 minutes. Bob was second at 2:50 with a 30-point landing. Dennis came back in third place at 2:47 and a 20-point landing. Both Neil and Jon scored 30-point landings. Stephen scored a 10-point landing.

 Third launch again had short flight times with Scott flying the longest at 3:41 and a 20-point landing. Bob was second at 2:39 with a 30-point landing. Dennis was third at 2:32 plus a 30-point landing. Stephen had a 20-point landing and Neil had a 10-point landing.

 Fourth and final launch had the same flight times. Scott again had the long flight at 3:40 plus a 30-point landing. Jon was second at 2:59 with a 10-point landing. Stephen was third at 2:58 minutes. Neil picked up a 30-point landing, Dennis had a 20-point and Bob had a 10-point landing.

Winners for the Day:

Open Class-    1st.  Neil Zhu at          165 total points

Radian Class-  1st.  Dennis La Berge  161 total points

                      2nd. Scott Vance        157           points

                       3rd. Bob Anson         147           points

 Thanks everyone for coming out on a marginal day for glider flying, you made it fun. Congrats to all the pilots who scored extra points from the target circle, that was hard to do.

Thanks also to Frank Sutton for the event pictures.

Next and final Electroglide for the year will be October 21st.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers

T28 Racing Report for September 2023

We had a strong turnout of 12 pilots for our September 9th edition of T28 racing in spite of some of the regulars being absent. As is often the case the qualifying races were all very tight including a spectacular midair between George and Otto that looked looked much worse than it really was. In a show of great sportsmanship Otto and George shared Otto’s backup plane allowing both to compete in all the races. After the dust settled from the preliminary rounds the finals awaited. The results were as follows:
The gold group race results could easily have been reversed if it weren’t for a “race to the bottom” between Steve and Brad resulting in a “unscheduled landing” by Brad’s T28—to add insult to injury our eagle eyed turn judges awarded him a cut. The good news was that the damage was minor to his plane.
A special thanks to Frank, our official photographer for documenting our race in spite of his son Alex being away at school. In addition I also want to thank Dennis and Carl our sharp eyed turn judges.
Our next T28 races will be October 14th at 10am.
 Some good news from FMS the T28 supplier—after they got wind of our racing series using their T28s they contacted me to get some info regarding SEFSD. After some discussion FMS is offering all SEFSD members a 10% discount any airplanes and accessories. The discount is good for a single purchase by each member. The discount applies to prop and EDF models— simply use the discount code SEFSD at checkout.
Steve Neu

President’s Corner for August – Sept. 2023

Hey Guys, only a couple of quick things from me this month.

One of the best things about our club is the lack of DRAMA on site. For the most part everyone respects each other, and treats each other with the dignity and respect they would like to have for themselves. Periodically, we get a pilot come to us from another club that is used to drama and blatantly disrespecting others. It has become a habit for them to continuously fly in an aggressive manner that is flat out dangerous to other members and their aircraft, to the point where it begins to degrade the experience for everyone.

Sadly, since this has been their main flying experience to date – they don’t feel they are doing anything wrong, and get upset if anyone says anything to them or about them. There are a few new members that have come from the Chollas and Chula Vista clubs recently that are in this category. I have personally spoken to them on numerous occasions, but need some help from members. If it’s only me doing the talking, they tend to blow me off with the idea that “ Brad just doesn’t like me”. Couldn’t be further from the truth – I want EVERYONE to have a great experience at our site! A little peer pressure can go a long way if you are trying to get someone to be a better citizen at our field.  You don’t have to be mean, or angry – just mention ( often if necessary ) to them that they are being unsafe and it affects you in a negative manner. Hopefully the aggressive attitudes will relax and stop shortly. I have brought this issue to the Board of Directors. We are in agreement that since I have given verbal warning to the aggressors, My next step will be a written warning – followed by expulsion from our club.  Having a dozen members tell me “ I HATE THAT GUY!”, or “ I stopped flying because of him” is not the way to move forward.

We are at the point in the year where we start to solicit new blood for the BOD for next year. I have heard some amazing ideas from many of you. You should consider joining the Board next year and show us what you have. If you would like to sit in at the September meeting on the 6th, let a BOD member know – you are invited!

I am still collecting monies through the 50/50 fundraiser conducted on every event day. So far club members have won over $2,500 dollars – CASH MONEY! That means I have also collected over $2,500 towards reducing the ticket costs per guest at the banquet – and an additional raffle prize or two.  You can’t win if you don’t play!

The tropical storm did a great job in smoothing out some of the rougher spots of the runway, no excuses – Let’s Fly!


Addendum to Brad’s article


There was an incident at the field this week that needs a quick discussion.

An out of control plane went into the field area at the west end of the runway on Thursday, and the batteries let the flames out in a manner we haven’t seen in the last few years. Club members rushed to the site with an extinguisher and when the pin was pulled, and handle squeezed, it failed to light off. Members started stamping the flames down with their feet while another ran to his truck for a couple gallons of drinking water he had, and they were able to extinguish the flames.

A couple of notes:

While battery technology has been getting better over the last few years, it is still something we have to respect at all times- while using, and while charging.

Years ago the BOD gave out approximately 250 Fire extinguisher to members with the words to bring them when you fly – and if you use it, replace it so you still have one for the field. Where are they now?

If you have one of these, when was the last time you looked at the charge indicator and verified the needle was in the green area?

If you are fairly new to the hobby – I highly recommend purchasing a small extinguisher and mounting it in your vehicle for onsite use ( does no good in your shed at home).

If you have one of the small extinguishers manufactured by KIDDE with a plastic nozzle, they have been known to fail because the handle can break when squeezed too hard.  There is a 800 number on the label that you can call for a free replacement.

 Finally, We are the first line of defense for a fire at our site. Do everything possible to extinguish the flames without putting your personal safety at risk. If a fire does get out of control in our area, members need to evacuate the immediate danger area and call 911. Report the area as South Shores PKWY .

Be Safe!


CVMRCC Field Condition Status

The following is from an email sent by Tom Svircev (CVMRCC President) on 8/21.

“CVMRCC members & Board,

 Well, unfortunately the field has flooded again. Kaile sent a photo at 1:30 where the water was just to the edge of the runway, then Robert checked at 6 and it was a lake again. In Robert’s photo, you can just see a couple of inches of the pilots fence above water. Walter texted me a half hour later and the water was over the fence.
 So again we wait for it to dry up and the cleanup begins again. The only good thing here is unlike last time, it will have been just a one-time event, where last time we had months of repeated flooding. So I hope it won’t be much to clean. I think these are both unprecedented.
 Thanks to the guys who prepped things, and for the condition reports & photos. Now we wait for things to dry up again.

Tom Svircev”

Update:  The water had receded somewhat by 8/24.

As before, the CVMRCC members are always welcome at SEFSD.

T28 Racing Report for August 2023

The August SEFSD T28 races gave come and gone with some of the closest racing of the year. We had 9 pilots signed up by 10am and started racing shortly afterwards. How did it go you ask? Well with many very competitive wing tip to wing tip races the makeup of the preliminary rankings as well as the finals all came down to the number of cuts the leaders in each heat made—resulting in Dennis and Randy having to give Jovi the “bad news walk” many time more than usual. Surprisingly the third place finishing pilots for the silver and gold races ended up taking the wins as the first and second across the finish had collected between 1 and 4 cuts resulting in the upside down results. Just goes to show that flying safely and staying out of trouble can be rewarding. On the flip side I can personally say nose to tail and wing tip to wing tip racing is well worth a few cut penalty points against the score. Brad’s saying applies—“if it ain’t rubbing it’s not racing”! I recall that Jeff had part of one wing tip eaten away by Brad’s hungry prop! Both completed their races successfully—I am happy to report that all the planes that started were flyable at the end.

Here were the final results:

1) Jeff
2) George
3) SteveM

1) Larry
2) SteveN
3) Alex

1) Cory
2) Quan
3) Brad

The next scheduled T28 race is coming up on Saturday Sept 9 at 10am. A couple of things—if you don’t have race numbers yet please contact me and I will get you a number assigned. The assigned numbers are placed on the top and bottom of the wings to help the turn judges identify the planes. Members who want to find out more about our T28 racing can find additional information on the cub web site here: The planes are the 800mm FMS T28s that come pretty much ready to race out of the box—we use the stock motors and speed controls. They are made with EPP foam and are pretty durable. The planes are available at our local Discount Hobby Warehouse or on line at several outlets. Current prices range between $139 and 169—keep a eye out for specials and discounts.

Steve Neu

Electroglide Report for August 2023

We had a pretty fun Electroglide last Saturday. A south wind was blowing at 9 mph at first launch; this did have an effect on our flight times.

First launch had nine aircraft take to the overcast sky, eight radians and one open class glider. Neil Zhu, (Conscendo), had the long flight at 3:44 minutes plus a 30-point landing. Bruce Driver, (Radian), was second at 2:25 minutes with a 10-point landing. No other pilots scored due to off field landings, the wind being the problem.

Second launch had Scott Vance, (Radian), with the long flight at 2:51 minutes with a 10-point landing. Stephen Treger, (Radian), was second at 2:41 minutes and Lewis Dotson, (Radian), was third at 2:30 minutes. Bruce Driver, (Radian), picked up a 10-point landing as well. Again, there were some wind induced off field landings and thus, no time points earned.

Third launch had most of us finding some wind lift to the west end of our field. Flight times improved with the long flight earned by Scott at 5:54 with a 20-point landing. Second place was Stephen at 5:24 and a 20-point landing. Jeff Struthers, (Radian), came in third at 5:05 with a 20-point landing. Bruce picked up a 20-point landing as well.

Fourth and final launch had our wind lift blow away on us. Scott again had the long flight at 3:59 with a 10-point landing. Dennis LaBerge was second at 2:10 and Neil was third at 1:22 with a 30-point landing.

The south wind, played havoc with our on-field landings so congrats to all the pilots who made it back to the runway and the target circles.


Winners for the day:

Open Class,         1st. place       Neil Zhu     129 total points

Radian Class,       1st. place    Scott Vance   118      points

2nd place    Jeff Struthers  98      points

3rd. place    Bruce Driver   83      points

Next Electroglide will take place on September 16th. At the usual launch time of 10:00.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers

SEFSD BOD Meeting Minutes for August 2023

Secretary note: This was a largely uneventful meeting since everything seems to be running smoothly.

Quorum at 6:44 PM , meeting convened.

In-person participants: Steve N., Brad, Steve M., Quan, Larry, Eric
Online participants: Nick
Not present: Steve B., Carl, Jovi

Meeting held Steve N.’s home.


Brad: Safety issues rearing their heads.
There is far too much close flying at the pilot fence line.
Brief discussion about banquet menu.

Jovi: Not present

Steve N.: Please continue being a good pilot citizen.

Steve M.: Bank account remains adequately funded.
Membership at 311 currently.

Steve B.: Not present.

Larry K.: Nothing new.

Nick: Nothing new.

Eric: Nothing new.

Carl: Not present

Quan: Water trucks remain unavailable immediately.
FRIA application is heading to the FAA for review.
Facebook page inconsistent.


No items required a vote.


Safety issues are everybody’s concern. If you see something then say something. Be kind and be civil.

Park Master Plan to continue being addressed. We are discussing how best to preserve this site into the future.


T28 racing at 10:00 AM Saturday 9/9/23
Electroglide at 10:00 AM Saturday 9/16/2023
Civilian Scale and Meeting at 10:00 AM Saturday 8/23/2023
F5B Practice at 12:45 to 5:00 PM Sunday 8/24/2023 (event held in Denver, CO)

Organized field events will now include 50/50 raffles to help fund club banquets and other events. The organized events include Electroglide, T-28 racing, Bomb Drop, Don’t Spill the Beans, etc.


Next BOD meeting 9/6/2023 @ 6:30 PM.

Meeting adjourned at 8:13 PM.

Eric Shapiro
SEFSD Secretary 2023

Chairman’s Corner for July – August 2023

Hello members. July is turning into a hot month and with the Dog days of August coming, it’s going to be even hotter. I strongly suggest that you bring water out to the field so you can stay nice and hydrated. I would like to say that the Rotor Plex and Heli field got a great make over last month and I want to thank those of you who came out and gave a hand in the clean-up. Right now, all the gates are back up with a new course. We also made a boundary around the Rotor Plex. All the cones were painted including the gates and red paint was applied for the Heli limits and boundaries so they now know that they can’t fly over the Sea World Dr. The fabulous crew that helped were Andy Laberg, Brad Alix, Larry Kosta, Dennis Laberg, Mike Skube (Our only drone pilot who showed up), Joel Joldergold, Tom Fleming and Jim Bonnardel. Here is what was done, Mike and Brad set-up the drone coarse, Dennis cleaned out the area around the gates, Larry help paint (and I would not ask him to paint your airplane, unless you like runs..Lol) as did Jim. Andy, Brad, Mike, Joel and Tom all cleaned up around the pits and removed all the weeks. Dennis went back and further cleaned up the weeds. Tom brought a wheel barrow and removed all the weeds and moved them off to the side. Thank you so much guys for coming out and getting this section of the field looking nice again. And since the time we redid the field, I have seen a few more drone pilots flying. That is perfect! Photos of the crew are below the article. Have to also thank Lisa for providing us with a great meal afterwards!

Raffle, wow was that fun and how about the food that was prepared by Smoken Joe’s! We had such a great turn out of members who showed up and were having a great day. The raffle was also a huge success that for our banquet. I was able to generate extra cash for some great prizes this coming January 12, 2024. Our big winner was Dennis Laberge for winning the Spectrum iX14 radio! Way to go Dennis and congratulations. Winning the Freewing Vulcan High Performance 70mm EDF sport Jet was Ward Shelley, congratulation Ward. With the next prize, donated by Hitec was the RDx2 Pro High Power Dual Port AC/DC Charger with a bonus gift of a Hitec’s, 50th anniversary GOLD emblem, yes, it is made from Gold, that went to Kevin Shaw. Winning the ePower X6+ AC/DC Synchronous Balance Charger and Discharger was Michael Gunter. And yes, there was Larry Kosta, saying before the raffle was drawn, that he was going to win a prize as well, and he did. Congratulations to all the winners of the raffle. I want to thank everyone who participated in the Raffle, you all made it a great success. Thank You Members!
I have just one more item to talk about and that is kindness. We are a club that is kind to all members and our guests who come out to watch us fly our planes. I appreciate everyone of you who helps members when they get in trouble with flying. We are here to help and guide them to make them better pilots even if that means reminding of them of a few rules. We do not need to put anyone down and we don’t yell at them for their misfortunes when flying. There is no room for that in our club. I would like to thank those who are calling out their intension, take-off, low-fly-byes, and Landing, please keep it up. Remember to stay in the pattern when flying and not to change. Also, when practicing pattern flying for the T-28 races, do it when no one is flying, and don’t do it when the sky has airplanes flying, you could cause a midair. You don’t want to buy someone a new airplane. Thank You.
As a last note. I have 17 spots available for a tour of Collins Aerospace in Chula Vista on Wednesday August 23, 2023. If you are interested in seeing what Collins Aerospace does for aviation, it is quite impressive. Collins has a Customer Care Center in which we have on display the products we make, including the Inlet for a 787 GE engine and a Thrust Reverser alone with many other items. This Saturday, at our club meeting, I will explain more in detail and if you are interested in joining, I will have a sign-up sheet for you to sign in with.
Happy Flying and see you all out at the Field!
Jovi, Chairman of the Board

President’s Corner for July – August 2023

Hey Fliers!

I guess this heat is what we get for complaining that it was still cold and cloudy in June!! Remember, during the heatwave, bring a portable shade device, Sunscreen, and plenty of liquids to the field with you. As stated before, it’s not fair to others to arrive without and then ask others for water. They may give you theirs – then have to pack their stuff and go home.

             As Jovi mentioned, we ended a successful fundraising raffle on July First. Dennis won the Grand prize -the iX14 radio, and Jovi procured additional funds to put towards more raffle prizes at the end of year Banquet which will be held on Jan 12th. A Win for Dennis, and a Win for the club!!

             I am continuing raising money with the 50/50 being held in conjunction with the 3 monthly events. I have reached my initial cash goal which will allow me to offset ticket prices for every member as they purchase their Banquet ticket, and now I am raising funds for a “special” raffle prize. Each 50/50 day there is a member walking away with CASH and a grin! You have to play to win!

             Our plans to wet and roll the field are contingent on the schedule of the water truck operator. She is doing a lot of work around the county and cannot get to our tiny slice of heaven for a few weeks. Quan is investigating other sources, but the heat wave is making it difficult.

              We are keeping our ears open for notification that our FRIA request has been processed by the FAA. There are already online sites selling transponders for 40-90 bucks depending on your planned usage, but they will not be required at a site recognized as a FRIA. I would recommend not buying anything until we hear of the official ruling which is due on September 15th.

              There are quite a few new members in the last few months, and we find ourselves repeating some of the safety requirements – so I’m  going to state some of them here for all.  Please LOUDLY announce your take offs, intention to land, and any time you are going to step on or cross the field. LOUDLY folks means that people 2-3 gates away should hear you. If your plane is on the field and unable to taxi back, please walk in the pits to the gate closest to your plane, then call “On The Field!” and step out to retrieve it – immediately walking back to the closest gate. Lately I have seen people step out at gate one and walk down the centerline to gate 4 to retrieve their plane – then take a slow stroll all the way back while others are crashing in the weeds with dead batteries. Please respect the common sense pattern we promote at the field. Take off and land into the wind. Upwind passes should be between the centerline of the runway to approximately 30 feet into the weed area. Downwind passes should be 50-100 feet out over the weeds. Back and forth continuous passes over the weed line at full throttle is hazardous to everyone and increase the chance of a mid-air. Figure eights over the runway are extremely discouraged as downright dangerous. Don’t fly within 50 feet of people or animals in the field. At no time should you fly over the fence, pit area, or parking lot. If you have lost control of your plane and it is in an unsafe orientation YOU must call out to let others know of the danger.

We close out July with our meeting and Fun Fly event on the 22nd. The event is another club favorite – Spot Landing. Straight down counts – but you get 3 chances to earn points so don’t do the lawn dart thing on the first try…There may be some interesting changes this month so come prepared for a great time, to be followed by a hot dog lunch.

Have a GREAT August!