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Model Classics Magazine

The following is reprinted from the July issue of the Ampeer, the newsletter of the Electric Flyers Only.  Thanks to Ken Myers.

Model Classics, is not only the BEST but also the fastest growing model airplane magazine.

     Every issue contains COMPLETE digital issues of long out-of-print model aviation magazines and books plus FULL SIZE printable PDF files of selected plans – Magazines and books are all run through OCR (Optical Character Resolution) which means you can have your computer search an issue for a selected word or phrase and, if found, it will go directly to the selected page rather than having to search through hundreds of pages.

     On the other hand paging through the complete digital magazines on a laptop computer or a larger monitor is close to the same as going through the actual magazine without worrying about damaging the fragile pages and without having to come up with an answer to the question “When are you going to get rid of those piles of smelly old magazines?”

     Many hundreds of issues can be stored on USB Flash Drives that are the same size as a credit card.

     The included FULL SIZE PLANS files can be printed by your local office supply store or “copy shop” which means no expensive postage or shipping costs. You can also print out the plans using letter size paper on your home printer and make a wish-book of “Some day I’ll build that” projects to look at during those long winter days while the glue or dope is drying.

     If your wife or girlfriend says, “I don’t know what to get you for a gift”, why not suggest a subscription to Model Classics. It makes a GREAT gift for a modeler.

     Go to www.fullsizeplans.com to preview the current issue.

     If you set up an account you will get a notice when every new monthly issue becomes available. Even better, subscribe for only $24 for a entire year of 12 issues. Those in the know say i’s the “Best Deal In Town.”

     You can pay using PayPal or by Check or Money Order in US Dollars. We don’t suggest sending cash in the mail, but if you do, make it a 20 dollar and 5 dollar bill folded inside of an 8.5 x 11 inch letter sized sheet and use a #10Ê business sized envelope. I know, that’s $25 rather than $24 but the envelope is not as thick as with multiple bills. NEVER SEND COINS.

     If you pay using PayPal send $24 to cardinal.eng@fullsizeplans.com.

     If you pay by check, money order or cash send $24 to me at the address below

Roland Friestad
1640 N Kellogg Street
Galesburg, IL 61401


Also from the same issue of the Ampeer are a couple sources for kits.  There are not many of these folks left in the hobby so please take a look.  Click on the logo.






T28 Racing Report for June 2023

By Steve Neu

We had a record turnout for out June T28 races with 14 pilots in the hunt for the awards! With such a large group most all the preliminary heats had groups of 4 pilots which resulted in some close racing—in one case too close. In the third preliminary heat I Otto and I were running wing tip to wing tip when our planes tangled together just before the second pylon—tangled up pretty good as they stuck together all the way to the ground—both were damaged enough so both us flew our second planes for the remainder of the races. 

With such a large field we tried to work out way to accommodate everyone in the finals which resulted in 6 pilots on the gold race—I think the resulting fur ball of planes was a bit much and next time we have a large field of pilots we will figure out how to distribute the  groups so we don’t have more than 4 planes in the air at a time.

A final thing—we had a few pilots whose planes “lost their landing gear pants” at some point. Our T28 races are “spec” races which means the planes must be completely stock with all the plastic bits that come with the plane present when you place the plane on the runway. So please review what is and is not allowed for our series—the planes and motors must be the ones that came with the plane. You can change out the controller and use a APC 7x6E prop—see me for the prop adapter bits if you want to change to the APC prop. No modifications to the airframe are allowed. The compete rules can be found here: https://www.sefsd.org/club-contests/t28-racing/t28-rules-information/   Keep your pants on when racing!

See the Race Pics Here.

The results:


1) Carl
2) Cory
3) Larry
4) George


1) Max
2) SteveM
3) Quan
4) Fritz


1) Otto
2) SteveN
3) Brad
4) Alex
5) Glen
6) Fredrick

Our next race will be July 8th!  As usual if you need a racing number assigned let me know by email (sneu@mac.com)

For those that can make it the Weedwackers are hosting a T28 race this coming Saturday the 24th using the same format as our series does. See above flyer for details.

Electroglide Report for June, 2023

We had a pretty windy Electroglide this past Saturday. At the first launch it was blowing from the West at 7 mph, by 11:00, it had increased to 12 mph. There was the typical June gloom overhead but with 15 eager pilots on hand, we started the contest.

First launch had 12 Radians and 3 open class gliders climbing up and it really looked beautiful. Weather conditions dictated wind lift only so the flight times never went much over four minutes. The long flight was earned by Dennis LaBerge, (Radian), at 4:15 minutes. Jim Bonnardel, (open class), was second at 3:15 plus a 20-point landing, Bob Anson, (Radian), was third at 3:13 and a 10-point landing. Scott Vance picked up a 30-point landing. Alex Sutton, Stephen Treger and Jeff Struthers, (all Radians) had 20-point landings. Carl Cox and Bob Anson, (both radians), had 10-point landings.

I think we lost one Radian on that launch due to it looping on its climb out.

Second launch was into the same conditions but it felt like the wind had increased.  Dennis had the long flight again at 4:13 minutes. Second longest was Jim at 3:40 plus a 20-point landing and third was Scott at 3:16, also with a 20-point landing. Neil Zhu,(open class),Carl Cox,(Radian),Bob and Jeff all had 20-point landings. Alex Sutton,(Radian), picked up a 10-point landing.

Third launch had Scott with the longest flight at 4:26. Jim was second at 3:50 and Dennis was third at 3:49 and a 20-point landing. Carl picked up a 30-point landing. Neil, Alex and Stephen all picked up 20-point landings and Bob had a 10-point landing.

I lost sight of my Radian on this launch. It was surprisingly an easy thing to do with so many Radians in the sky. The aircraft was recovered but it was damaged beyond repair.

Fourth and final launch was into some even stronger winds, still from the west. Scott had the longest flight of the whole event at 5:21. Bob was second at 4:32 and Jim was third at 4:30. Alex, Dennis, Neil and Carl all had 30-point landings; landing into stiff winds I might add.

Winners for the day:

Radian Class- 

Dennis LaBerge      151    total points
Scott Vance           143            points
Carl Cox                138            points

Open Class- 

Neil Zhu                 146    total points
Jim Bonnardel         132           points

Thanks to all the pilots for coming out on a less than perfect San Diego day. Congrats to those pilots who scored extra landing points. Doing that while flying into this headwind, took skill. Congrats also to Carl Cox for getting one 10-point and two 30-point landings with his brand new Radian.

Thanks to Frank Sutton for the Event Pictures.
See Frank’s Electroglide Video Here.

Next Electroglide will be on July 15th.

See you there,
Jeff Struthers

Safety Report for June 2023 – Safety is Everyone’s job!

Please take a few minutes to review both the AMA safety code: https://www.sefsd.org/club-info/ama-model-aircraft-safety-code/ as well as our field rules: https://www.sefsd.org/club-info/field-rules-for-mission-bay/

One of the things I see happening too often are pilots flying over the fence line when making passes down the runway—doing so leaves no margin for error. The written field rules state that flight operations other than takeoffs and landings will be to the north side of the runway boundary. Flying towards yourself from the north and turning away at the last second with a fast plane might be fun but when others are present just don’t do it! 

Everyone in the club is a “safety officer” and has a responsibility to help others understand and follow the rules. If you see something that is happening that is breaking the AMA or SEFSD field rules wait until they land and politely mention your concerns to them—don’t start an argument. We have a reputation as a friendly club—let’s keep it that way—and be safe at the same time!

Steve Neu