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President’s Corner for Sep – Oct 2023

Hey Flyers! I hope everybody’s enjoying the cooler weather the last couple of weeks and getting lots of flying in.

As I mentioned last week, our FRIA application has been denied. But, as I also mentioned, that doesn’t mean the end is near. We still have normal access to our site, we may have to modify our usage to comply with current regulation. Take heart! Our AMA rep has already reached out to Quan to start the re-application process, providing a list of questions the FAA would like answered about our site. No guarantee that we will ever get approved – but not a final “NO” at this stage either. The nationwide enforcement date requiring remote ID transponders has been pushed back to March 16, 2024 so even though we have this extension, members should still plan on getting at least one remote ID transponder. I have already seen 2 of them that members have found online, be careful what you order – if it’s not from a source you trust 110%, you may have been duped…

As we finish off September, I am again asking for new blood on the SEFSD board of directors.  We have one or two members stepping away from the board this year, and I’m looking for a couple of members who want to get involved with guiding the club for 2024. The only requirement is that you are a member and willing to meet in person or via ZOOM for a few hours each month to discuss club business – keeping us on track. The club is in a good place right now, but there is a risk as things getting stale if we don’t bring new blood into the BOD periodically.  If more than two people feel like they want to step up, we can have elections and see who the members wants to fill the position.
That being said, all positions are actually open for challenge.

Alan will be managing the next 50/50, so a few of you who haven’t won yet may have a better chance under his management.

I will be out of town this weekend and hope everyone has a great time at civilian scale day, the club meeting, and enjoys hotdogs!


Monthly Event

Civilian Scale Day

Sat 23rd, 10am

Full scale Jovi with a 1/19th scale 737

This will be a fun fly event and each time you fly you will receive a ticket. Up to 5 tickets for a chance to win $35.00. For medals, each pilot gets one opportunity to preform scale techniques, take-off, scale turns, level flying, preform a low fly-by and of course making the perfect landing.

Thank You


SEFSD Wishes Alex the Best at College

They grow up so fast.  As you know, Alex Sutton, Frank’s son, Terror of the T28 Race Course and all round RC pilot extraordinaire, has gone off to college at San Jose State University.  There he will be studying for a career as a pilot.  As part of his curriculum he will be taking flying lessons.  And with a proud shutterbug of a Dad we will get to share in some of his exploits behind the yoke as he pilots one of the school’s Cessnas.  A couple videos here: one from the local news about the SJSU Aviation program, one from the school’s Cessna and one from a solo made while training in a glider at Hemet.

Local News


  Here’s a short video on Alex’s first two flights with San Jose State University’s two contracting Certified Flight Training Companies.
      Thank you to all who have contributed to making Alex a safe Pilot and encouraging him to pursue his Big Aviation Dreams!  We cannot thank you enough!
Frank and Joan Sutton

Solo glider flight at Hemet

SEFSD BOD Meeting Minutes for September 2023


SEFSD Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Quorum at 6:44 PM, meeting convened.

In-person participants: Steve N., Brad., Quan
Online participants: Jovi, Nick, Eric, Steve B.
Not present: Carl, Steve M, Larry

Meeting held Steve N.’s home.

Secretary note: FRIA (FAA-Recognized Identification Area) is a topic top-of-mind. Here is the link to the text the AMA blasted on Aug. 9, 2023 and the subject of the board’s interest.(


Brad: Nothing heard back about FRIA.
AMA announced that the FAA is backlogged re: FRIA.
Consider a welcome letter for new members

Jovi: “Roughly 700 sites approved by FRIA…” (see Secretary Note above)
Plan being developed to fairly distribute aero prizes among flying members.

Steve N.: No new safety issues.
Please continue being a good pilot citizen.

Steve M.: Not present (info forwarded prior to meeting)
Bank account remains adequately funded.
Membership at 320 currently.

Steve B.: Website video embedding issue being handled.

Larry K.: Not present.

Nick: Nothing new.

Eric: Happy to assist fair aero prize distribution discussion.

Carl: Not present.

Quan: Working on signs.
Water truck easier to get off season.


A vote was taken to hold off on getting a roller and water truck until later this year. The ayes have it.


Safety issues are everybody’s concern. If you see something then say something. Be kind and be civil.

Park Master Plan to continue being addressed. We are discussing how best to preserve this site into the future.

FRIA (FAA-Recognized Identification Area) is top-of-mind lately.


T28 Pylon Racing at 10:00 AM Saturday 10/14/23
Otay Float Fly at 10:00 AM Saturday 10/14/23
Electroglide at 10:00 AM Saturday 10/21/2023
Miiltary Scale and Meeting at 10:00 AM Saturday 10/28/2023
F5B Practice at 12:45 to 5:00 PM Sunday 8/24/2023 (event held in Denver, CO)

Organized field events will now include 50/50 raffles to help fund club banquets and other events. The organized events include Electroglide, T-28 racing, Bomb Drop, Don’t Spill the Beans, etc.


Next BOD meeting 10/11/2023 @ 6:30 PM.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Eric Shapiro
SEFSD Secretary 2023

Electroglide Report for September 2023

Electroglide Results for September 2023

 It was a cool, overcast day for a glider contest last Saturday. The winds were from the west, northwest at 9 mph. Temperature was 70 degrees. With these conditions, you would expect short flight times, which was the result.

   First launch had nine pilots competing, eight Radians and one Conscendo in the open class.

Scott Vance, (Radian), had the long flight at 5:08 minutes plus a 10-point landing. Jon Vanlp,(Radian), was second with a flight lasting 4:33 minutes. Bob Anson,(Radian), was third at 3:17 with a 10-point landing. Neil Zhu, (open Class), Dennis LaBerge,(Radian) and Stephen Treger, (Radian), all had 20-point landings.

 Second launch had Scott again with the longest flight at 3:36 minutes. Bob was second at 2:50 with a 30-point landing. Dennis came back in third place at 2:47 and a 20-point landing. Both Neil and Jon scored 30-point landings. Stephen scored a 10-point landing.

 Third launch again had short flight times with Scott flying the longest at 3:41 and a 20-point landing. Bob was second at 2:39 with a 30-point landing. Dennis was third at 2:32 plus a 30-point landing. Stephen had a 20-point landing and Neil had a 10-point landing.

 Fourth and final launch had the same flight times. Scott again had the long flight at 3:40 plus a 30-point landing. Jon was second at 2:59 with a 10-point landing. Stephen was third at 2:58 minutes. Neil picked up a 30-point landing, Dennis had a 20-point and Bob had a 10-point landing.

Winners for the Day:

Open Class-    1st.  Neil Zhu at          165 total points

Radian Class-  1st.  Dennis La Berge  161 total points

                      2nd. Scott Vance        157           points

                       3rd. Bob Anson         147           points

 Thanks everyone for coming out on a marginal day for glider flying, you made it fun. Congrats to all the pilots who scored extra points from the target circle, that was hard to do.

Thanks also to Frank Sutton for the event pictures.

Next and final Electroglide for the year will be October 21st.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers

T28 Racing Report for September 2023

We had a strong turnout of 12 pilots for our September 9th edition of T28 racing in spite of some of the regulars being absent. As is often the case the qualifying races were all very tight including a spectacular midair between George and Otto that looked looked much worse than it really was. In a show of great sportsmanship Otto and George shared Otto’s backup plane allowing both to compete in all the races. After the dust settled from the preliminary rounds the finals awaited. The results were as follows:
The gold group race results could easily have been reversed if it weren’t for a “race to the bottom” between Steve and Brad resulting in a “unscheduled landing” by Brad’s T28—to add insult to injury our eagle eyed turn judges awarded him a cut. The good news was that the damage was minor to his plane.
A special thanks to Frank, our official photographer for documenting our race in spite of his son Alex being away at school. In addition I also want to thank Dennis and Carl our sharp eyed turn judges.
Our next T28 races will be October 14th at 10am.
 Some good news from FMS the T28 supplier—after they got wind of our racing series using their T28s they contacted me to get some info regarding SEFSD. After some discussion FMS is offering all SEFSD members a 10% discount any airplanes and accessories. The discount is good for a single purchase by each member. The discount applies to prop and EDF models— simply use the discount code SEFSD at checkout.
Steve Neu