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A Tale of a Champ

By Chalmers “Chop” Kerr

My Champ arrived under the Christmas tree in 2010. It was my first RC airplane since I built and flew single channel, escapement controlled models in the late 1950s.

With the help and encouragement of experienced flyers at the gym, I taught myself to fly the Champ..After a year I’d rate my flying skill a good solid C+.

The micro Champ is a tough and sturdy aircraft, great for beginners. While honing my flying skills I I’ve flown the Champ many times, not on purpose, into all three solid walls and the curtain wall in the gym. Also, a couple of nose dives into the floor for good measure.

Damage to the Champ has been interesting. First I lost the spinner. Then the left wheel came off. Along the way the wing was dented, the nose was cuffed and dented. The hardest repairs  were the two times I damaged the rudder and vertical fin.

Then to add insult to injury, the Champ had a mid-air collision with a multi-rotor heli-saucer, which broke off the left wing tip.

But the most spectacular incident happened the evening of May 22, 2012. I flew the Champ to high and landed on top of a ceiling light fixture. The plane disappeared completely. Was it beamed up? Well, not having anything to lose, I advanced the throttle all the way , and after some noise, the Champ rocketed off of the light fixture, and I was able to land it safely, with only a few new scrapes to the finish.

Cats have 9 lives, so do Champs.

Chalmers & Champ

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