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Bill’s Deltas

Bill Allen has been a club member since the 90s and loves delta wing jets.  He’s made the coolest jets from some of the most mundane materials.  His early jets were made from Dow Blue Foam and the recent jets are now made from $1 Foam Poster Board.  Below are some of his creations from the last 20+ years:


Blue Foam A4, 2004


How some of them were launched in 2001.  Piggy backed on my Sig Kadet Sr. (Big Red).


Late 90s Skyray delta pushers.

Estes Rocket tube Mig 21 with puller prop, 2004


Blue foam pusher, 2004


FMS 64mm EDF Rafale. Flies nice. Does great high alpha.


Scratch built foam board Mig- 29. Twin 50mm EDF 4S hand launch. That’s an old Mig-21 canopy you made me years ago. Just need to get my airbrush working.


Same Mig-29 fully painted.  Just finished my scratch built foam board Slovakia MIG-29.


Signboard hand launch Skyray scratch built 50mm EDF. This is a real brain twister project. Youtube has a lot of great techniques for using dollar store foam board.


Flew maiden on my Freewing Gripen today. One click of up trim and it’s on rails. High alpha easy. Got 5 minutes on a 6s 5000 pack.