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Dave’s S-POU Flying Flea


I built the plane as a kit from Stevens Aeromodel <> .  I built it stock… well, OK, my wife created the one small “scale detail” – the authentic early-1900’s pilot’s scarf!  The model uses the usual Parkzone 2.4Mhz DSM2 all-in-one (rx, esc, servos) board.  It’s flown once at the Miramar College fieldhouse.  It flies OK but tends to porpoise a bit.  Maybe that’s due to the odd method of pitch control.  Instead of an elevator, the “elevator servo” changes the main wing’s angle of incidence.  The full-scale aircraft was designed by Frenchman Henri Mignet.  According to this Wikipedia article <> , “The Flying Flea (Pou du ciel literally “Louse of the Sky” in French) is a large family of light homebuilt aircraft first flown in 1933.”  There’s some pictures of the full-scale flea here <>.

Dave & S-POU 2