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My Favorite Jet: HSD F16 105mm New Version.

This is the jet I got to inspire me getting through the tough Covid-19 pandemic time. So far, it has been doing it’s job quite well!  This jet is very well equipped with nice quality components.
Wingspan: 1245 mm
Length: 1809mm
I use 2 6S 5000 MAH 55C from CNHL in series (I normally flight 3-3.5 minutes and batteries measured 3.8V/cell after they cooled down)
Flying weight about 15 lbs
It is preinstalled with a multi-function flight controller MFC-2085 which is my favorite part. This module is integrated with everything you need for complicated components to make it a very clean setup. It is powered by using 1 or 2 2S batteries), it can set to output different voltage to servos, and it can set to output different voltage to receiver. It can set sub trim, travel limit, reverse, center INDEPENDENTLY for each servo without using to transmitter, even though, 2 ailerons sharing 1 channel, and 2 elevators sharing 1 channel. Every electronic component is plugged into this module, and to setup your receiver, you only need to connect from this module to your receiver.  I use S-Bus receiver, so it has only 1 servo lead wire connected between MFC2085 and my receiver (supper clean and easy setup).
This model is basically a 6 channels setup. Throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder, landing gears, and brake. It’s also has Nav lights, afterburner, they can be turned on and off by assign each one of them to each addition channel. Mine, I also adding flaperon and tailerons (as you will see at the end of the video) by separating 2 aileron servos to 2 different channels and the same separation for elevators. So total, I use 10 channels.
I have found this jet, a very good excise for the heart every flight! Although, I have 40 flights with it so far. (It’s not the jet, it’s just me LOL).
Hope to see more of these at our field!
Brian Z.
Video link: