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Otto’s Awesome Antics

By Otto III Dieffenbach,


Just finished my Antic Bipe and Antic Monoplane. The Bipe has wheels, a std. Antic top wing and a Spad type nose. The Monoplane fuse uses the top wing, nose and tail from the Bipe and is on Proctor looking floats. I put LEDs along the main spar of all four wing panels. White in the top panels and red and green in the bottom panels.


First flight on the Bipe is Saturday around 9am at Mission Bay SEFSD.


I found the 40+ yr old kit talking with Frank Gagliardi. I had mentioned that since I was 15 I wanted to build an Antic and built a smaller homebrew back in 1968. He went to a storage area and pulled out the Bipe kit, a gift from Lou Proctor just before he pasted. Time passed and I decided to buy it from Frank and he threw in another partial kit he had found at a swap meet. This enabled the second fuselage.


Next stop was Don Madison’s to get some ply for the 2nd fuse. Don handles estate sales for modeler’s widows in the area and just happen to have an Antic on floats bound for a restaurant display. Well, I bought up all his 1/32 ply, traced the floats and now have two Antics after 45 days of work. 



Otto Mono Antic

Otto Antic 1

Otto Antic 2