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Otto’s Awesome Planes!

The second picture shows my 3 F-15s; the micro 1.5oz, the mini with retracts at 8oz and my 1973 8.5 pounder.  The big F-15 is my design.



The third picture is of my mini Kaos at 6.5oz and my two 5 pound 1971 Bridi Kaos’s, both electric, one with retracts.  The 5 pound Kaos’s were built from Bridi kits originally available in 1970.


The fourth picture is of a Parkzone P-51 with my Micro F4U built from a Sukoi.

P-51 & F4U

The fifth picture is of my 1965 Marksman that I converted to electric last year and first flew in 1968 with a 60.  The 1965 Long Nose Marksman was a competition plane designed by Paul Ennis; my 6 oz Marksman was the 1969 (fourth) version Paul flew at the Nats.


My 1987 Suprafly 25 with retracts.



My micro (2.5oz) and mini (15oz) P-38s.  The mini P-38 has retracts and counter-rotating props.



My 5 oz Kwik Fly 3 (Phil Kraft’s 1967 International Champion design).



Two more planes for your collection, my Falcon (6.5oz) and Micro Hawk (1.1oz).

Falcon 1





Not pictured but I’ll send along soon are my micro Bonanza, P-82 Twin Mustang, 2.5oz pattern plane with retracts.