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Otto’s Famous Flyguys – On TV!

Flyguy 1


Otto’s Flyguys have made an appearance on several TV shows recently and were a big hit at the recent Torry Pines golf event.


Here is an interview with CNN on Jan 2nd.


Here is another with KUSI on Jan 9th.



Flyguys over the Torrey Pines Farmers Insurance Open


Flying Golfers at Torrey Pines


The event today was huge success. Weather was beautiful; high 70s and 5 mph wind. We setup and met/briefed golf pros Brandt Snedeker (2012 FedEx Cup Winner), Dustin Johnson (Won the first tour event this year) and Jason Day (2012 runner up in the Masters and US Open).


A welcome to the press was performed by Adidas to the launch their new golf shoe, the Adizero. Next it was announced that the three golf pros were flying in dressed in the new shoes. We launched three radio controlled Flyguys with the golfer’s faces and the shoes from a remote area and performed an arrival with several aerobatic maneuvers and then landed behind a trailer. The three pros emerged from behind the trailer tired from their flight.


The press briefing proceeded on the new shoe for about 20 minutes and then the golfers went out to the middle of the field. We then proceeded to perform low flybys with the golfers pretending to fly the planes for photos. Next we put all the golfers on buddy boxes and they flew themselves. I was amazed at how well each of the golfers flew their flyguys. They each flew for about 5 minutes with very little intervention. I’m not just saying this to be nice, they were good.


Many press interviews followed with the golfers and our flying team. You should not have to look hard to find this on the news or the web.


We then flew formation with the three flyguys over the cliffs for CBS Sports with a mounted GoPro on Snedeker. This was followed by a flight to collect our own video. Once edited, I will distribute an event video but as I said it should be easy to find on the web.




Check out Otto’s website – Ed


ps:  Had some good air time with the Golf Flyguys during play today at Torrey Pines. We fly from a ridge between the ocean and the south course with access to the #3 green, #17 tee, #16 green, #14 green and the #13 tee. We were given significant air time as Tiger came throught on his round. After play today, the wrap up show used the Flyguys for cutaways and cutbacks to coverage. We fly again on Saturday and CBS has a special 30 second clip of our Nick Faldo they intend to air. We spent about 2 hours with CBS Sports yesterday for background footage.


Video from the PGA Tour


More recent media coverage for Flyguys:


Superman on Fox and Friend


Fox and Friends: After the Show

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