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Otto’s New Sensation F3a Pattern Competition Bipe

By Otto Dieffenbach

This is a project I started on after the first of the year. The plane is Lassi Nurila’s version of the Sensation F3a pattern competition bipe. The design originated in Germany around 2012 and has captured many titles in world competition. Last year Lassi flew his version to 5th in the World Championships. I started flying modern pattern with Bruce Brown once a week with a used 2 meter plane. I realized that I enjoyed the flying as much as classic pattern and decided to up my game. Lassi was kind enough to work with me from Finland. He layer up a fuse for me and I picked it up at LAX. I had the wing/stab cores cut by Eureka and Don did a fine job. I began actual building in mid August and maidened on the 12th of October. It flies very much like a 3D indoor foamy. Effortless knife edge and tracks beautifully.