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Randy’s Sea Fury Make-Over into a Reno Racer

By Randy Wynant

Here’s the link to the Reno 2012 Races…..great article going over what the NTSB found out about the Galloping Ghost Race Crash……as well as other interesting info.

Here’s the story:

I was looking to get a smaller warbird that I can just put in the car and go… assembly.  Trying to keep up with OB ( Brad and Chris ) on the weekends…..well I came across the FlightlineRC Hawker Sea Fury and for 2 bills ordered her up.

Started looking up the plane online and the first thing I saw was this!! 

O.M.G. that is AWESOME!!  Then Started watching some vids, and pretty much LOST MY MIND!

SO,  I started my warbird Project turning my Sea Fury ( pretty much the UGLIEST plane I ever bought )  into a Reno Racer…….

While looking up this bird, I did come across some RC planes that had the same/similar graphics, but didn’t seem quite right, and they hadn’t been made in 4 or 5 years.  So I’ll cut to the chase… order are the steps I took to paint this plane.  Thank you to Bob Stinson for his input on paint as well as Michael at MotionRC.

3-4-5 are of the Real Reno Racer……..

The pics are step by step……so if you have any questions, feel free to stop by and ask at the field.