Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Strange Kraut Doings


The first is a gentle man who did what we wondered,  he put a fuel burner in a Fun Jet.  It flew well,  wasn’t really much louder then the electrics,  was comparativly slow (and just the same fast as they had some maxed out Fun Jet Ultras there) and had about half the duration.

Gasser Funjet


The second  is a $3000 jet turbine fitted to a Multiplex Twin Jet,  a now obsolete airframe.  A year later he was featured in the national magazine Foamie.  Yes,  we could have duplicated the flight profile with electric,  but part of the fun of it was getting a jet into the air without a big investment.  I have seen a couple of others,  that sound is irreplacable.  In different words then I use,  but the same message,  so what that I didn’t spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours,  this thing flies great.  We aren’t in this to make a profit,  it’s to live.  And that jet was fun.  If he had bought an unnecessarly luxerious car or took an expensive vacation would anybody take notice of that?

Turbine Twinjet


It might have originated in Holland,  but fiberglass cows are now a part of the cultural landscape here.  This one is in front of a vintners near Mainz Germany,  where I presume is serves as a locator.  Turn in at the red cow sort of.  The way I see it if God had meant for there to be fiberglass cows,  he would have made fiberglass grass.  We see them in all kinds of different paint schemes scattered around.



Yours,  Carl W Murphy