Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

The Gallaudet Seaplane Project, Pt. 5

By Allan Flowers


The main float was built up starting from a basic plan view panel and covered with .001” Fliteskin sheeting.

The top, being a compound surface, had to be planked with balsa. It was then stained and skinned with light fiberglass fabric.  Edging each plank with a brown marker before gluing them up created dark lines in the finished “deck”.


A servo drives the water rudder through a pull-pull setup, the cables being restrained by little eyehooks to keep them away from the propeller.


The wing floats were made from laser cut lite-ply and covered with Fliteskin.


Laser cut aluminum struts will support the floats from the lower wing surface.


In anticipation of the eventual need for nose weight, I made the mooring fitting from 3/16” steel. That is about as far forward on this model as any weight can be placed.