Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

The Gallaudet Seaplane Project, Pt. 6

By Allan Flowers


The laser cut parts for ribs, etc. were the basis of the wing construction. This design has L-cut steel fittings at the strut & rigging locations. The main spars are 10mm carbon fiber tubes and there is a 3/4” wiring tube in each wing (thin wall aluminum on lowers, paper tubes on uppers).

The aileron servo housings were a special task and each one is wired with high capacity extensions and capacitors. I am using Hitec standard size servos (HS-645mg). Right hand wiring separate from left side to allow exponential throws. The wire leads eventually will be routed through junction boxes and into grooves on the insides of the cabane struts to the RX in the fuselage.

There is a triangular lifting frame on the upper wing, based on the Gallaudet D-1. Steel fittings for this were necessary in the top wing’s center area.