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The Gallaudet Seaplane Project, Pt. 7


The Gallaudet’s First Hop off the Water.  Click below for a video of the first time on water.

By Allan Flowers


With this model, all the major components are separated from each other so the struts and rigging become the heart of the assembly process. It was necessary to design and construct a large wooden fixture to accurately hold things in place during this time. Rigging is multistrand .031” stainless wire from McMasters-Carr and each element had to be made and fitted individually. Sullivan rigging connectors and clevises provide adjustment – with 75 pound fishing swivels to keep the wires from being twisted. Better and much cheaper than turnbuckles.

The dummy engine, a Sturdevant V-8, was modelled in CAD and 3D printed. It remains to be finished at this stage.

The struts are 3/16” aluminum tubes with 4-40 threaded rod segments cemented in each end for Dubro rod ends. This allows for some length adjustment of the struts. All strut shrouds are balsa to save some weight.

Other details include adding a separate RX battery and switch/charge plug unit, as well as finishing the Aces of Iron pilot. 

Remaining at this stage is the critical weight/balance efforts. Target weight is 19-20 pounds but ballast needs may affect that.  Eventually, I will need a robust model stand for the flying site.