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The Mighty Little Champ


After two or three over-corrections the Little Champ crashed into the ground, under full power, much to the disappointment of the young man. With its nose crushed and wings dinged the little boy was undeterred. Full power and off into the air again! The Little Champ staggered into the air with all its heart, and with over correction and mis-control once again. Too soon, it was once again nose down into the dirt under full power. Over and over again, the young man would launch the Little Champ into the sky and little by little would fly just a bit longer with each flight. Over and over the determined young man would launch the Little Champ and over and over the Little Champ would “power on” into the air.


As the young aviator’s confidence grew, he became more brave and sure in his aeronautical endeavors until one day, in the blowing winds of a bright Romona afternoon, he launched the Little Champ for one last fateful flight.  Under full power, the Little Champ struggled to maintain control as the winds started getting rough.  But in the end, the Little Champ was tossed, never to be seen by the young boy again.  The mighty Champ would be lost.


The Little Champ was blown and buffeted by the mighty winds.  Over and over again it was tossed.  The Little Champ set ground in an uncharted Romona field with no one to see it’s final flight.


The Little Champ was crumpled and crushed.  The days became weeks, the weeks became months as the years went by in the harsh Romona sun.  As the sun bleached the Little Champ he thought about the days of “face plants” and how they did not seem so bad now. The moments of soaring through the air were, well, a little more sweet as the sun bore down so relentlessly.


Fast forward to the present.


A gentleman was tending his property and stumbled upon the broken and faded remains of a little model airplane.


He saw that this was a pretty darn cool modern R/C model airplane and gently picked it up and took it home.  In the late hours of the evening he looked upon the broken and faded wings of the Little Champ and decided that this little plane should be given a better home. This is where the story gets fuzzy, as a friend of a friend, or a friend’s friend gave it to my father because he has a full scale Aeronca 7AC. Anyhow, my father gave it to me because I fly R/C.  


I now had this broken (wings folded, nose crushed, stabilizer folded, sun bleached, prop split) Little Champ in my possession. (Let’s be real, you have to pull for the underdog.)  And so, I found a random battery in my pile of stuff and after a new binding sequence, lo-and-behold, the Little Champ woke up, wiggled its tail feathers and revved its motor happy to be alive once more.



The Little Champ that could!



I have straightened, patched, and repaired everything I can. The Little Champ is beat up and dented, dinged and faded, crushed and twisted. A pretty pathetic looking little survivor. But it now has new spars of carbon fiber and every time I put a charged battery in it, the Little Champ takes off and flies with all its heart just like it did for that little boy with the big eyes so long ago.




Lil Champ1