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The Next Big Thing 14

I can imagine myself in such a machine. It is so cool looking you could totally shut down any jerkoff in a Farrari.
I mean, come on, set down in a parking space. Open the canopy and step out with “attitude”.
You are totally “happening”, no doubt about it. James Bond WILL have one of these in his next movie!

There are many examples of tricopters throughout the years. Here is an example of a concept from
The former Soviet Union’s Mi helicopter division. It was a concept for a heavy lift helicopter to
service the needs of the expansion of Siberia. Siberia has no good roads and runways are very
difficult with the permafrost and freeze/heave and other geological issues. Hence, vertical lift
is a viable mode of transportation. This Mi 32 concept is absolutely MASSIVE in scale. It is
actually viable from an engineering perspective!  I am doubtful as to the cost-benefit ratio.


MI 32 14

On the other end of the spectrum, is a concept for a personal tricopter. I can see this as falling
into the FAA’s  Light Sport category. Intriguing idea for the adventurous. Low cost, high risk…

Light 14

Now , there is a fantasy element for on-line gaming and this Heavy Lift TriCopter is awesome.
I just love the leaking oil and “used”  look. A real “work horse” of a TriCopter.

Fantasy 14

I will wind this up with a dichotomy. This next image is the oldest image of a TriCopter I could
find. It is also , by far, the most futuristic concept as well. A tricopter saucer!

Future 14

I mean, come on!  Do you want to be on a bus?  I will PAY to be on THIS bus!

Until next month, on ” The Next Big Thing”

Rocket Bob Kreutzer