Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

The Next Big Thing 15

By Bob Kreutzer


It was a bright and sunny day. The winds howled  as the Santa Ana blew with its’ measured and paused crescendo, never knowing when the “ultimate” wind gust would  expose its’ self.
In San Diego, you never know when the “Ides of Santa Ana will blow”.  One can only be ready. You know they are coming. They always do.
For all my life, they always have.
It’s a odd sensation , what with the low humidity and the oh, so strange feeling of the static electricity everywhere.  I have of heard of reports from people who have lived through
Tornados feeling the same sensation.
Perhaps in that moment of madness, I decided to build a QUADCOPTER      .
I mean , think about it. One more motor , or one more servo? Quadcopter  or Tricopter?
I did a tricopter. It was nice, good yaw control. PITA for servo linkage. So, I though, let’s try a quad.


Bob's Quad


Wrong answer.
I mean,: Do you LIKE setting up control linkages?
                Do you LIKE soldering up DOZENS OF CONNECTIONS ?
                   ( DOZEN(s) of solder joints is not an exaggeration…)
Well then, cool.  The hobby of multicopters is for you.
I have over 30 solder joints and heat-shrink tube insulation on my current project :  H-COPTER!
30 SOLDER JOINTS ????   Are you NUTS ?
Well, old guys, let me tell you a story about the new age. A story about a world without “Ambroid”  ( or CYa, or epoxy, or other adhesives.l..)
This is a story about  silicon,  copper, Lithium, tin and lead.
(And, Birch Plywood.)
It’s not like it used to be …
Until next time, on…
” The Next Big Thing”
Bob K

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